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Some moments are just magical. This is not one of those moments. Truth is we had to get to where we met, separately. In hindsight it was the only way it could have happened. Life knew when and where you were going to be and made sure that I was ready. Made sure I had resolved my old and musty issues and was better able to understand how little I knew.

Made sure I had learned, even if only in theory, that the person you love and commit to is not meant to be the end of the challenges and the resolution of all discomforts but rather they are your help and comfort while facing them.

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Life made sure I knew that it was my job to be that for you, too. That the dream of finding someone to love and be loved by was not the equivalent of going on permanent vacation. That it was not your pillows fluffed and your sheets turned down and rooms cleaned magically and freshly stocked paper products everywhere you looked. It was not nonstop nights of endless passion and wine and late night bathroom window cigarettes and days full of endless entertainment. Life brought us to the same place at a time when we were ready to commit.

To face the challenges and monotony and joys and unknown glories of having someone to do it all with. Someone who will love you if you never resolve them. Because this is real. You absorb my frustrations and reflect my joys. You make the bad times quick and the good times permanent. I hope I can do at least some of the same for you.

None of this could have happened any earlier than it did no matter how much later it was than either of us might have expected it. Had it been another time they would have been other people.

The math gets more unnerving from there. I did. I mean I knew people died and I knew I was a person. So, ipso facto and ergo and whatnot. But not like now. I mean, even in the best case scenarios I die and leave them behind. Not in the way they deserved. I understand how silly and sweet that sentiment must sound to them. Theirs come later. And I was their third. Of six. And there were a few more.

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I know no one is ever ready. I fear leaving them before they have any of this. Before they have roots. Through the times when we get it wrong. You have to see them for all their humanity and in that you find shortcomings and magnify them. It provides you perspective. How much I love them. I want that with my boys. I want to make it there. With great power comes great responsibility, sure.

But with middling power and autonomy there comes some amount of privilege. When that power and autonomy is exercised at great distance, and when it is accompanied by insane committment and endless hours, so many that you move to work for a few months to attack the job at hand, well, it comes with the privilege of ocassionally taking liberties.

In my case my great liberty was I skipped first breakfast. I brazenly entrusted my senior staff, their staff and the staff they supervised with breakfast for the year olds. It was understandable and in my defense I tried hard to be there by the end of Wawa breakfast to at least check in. My skills were rarely needed here and my support was hopefully felt in other ways. You see, the hours of a summer camp professional, roughly sun up to sundown to curfew to on-call until sun up, are the hours one keeps when they are a mythical creature or a college student.

I was normally right. There is a specific thing that goes by the wayside at camp. I was awash in vanity. It just looks different at camp. Vanity is masked in disgusting personal habits, lax hygeine, scattershot bouts of shaving and an overall bedraggled appearance that screams for attention with witty asides and hats that once spoke whimsy that now speak to tradition. I did all the things. I was a fully institutionalized man you could say, a camp guy.

Complete with my own unique quirks and a signature style of management. I was a guy that by all accounts was camp basic. Standard issue to all who were more than an arms length away. I was quick with a smile, easy in conflict, ready to stand up to anything and ready to help whenever asked and happy to be invisible when things were good. My day to day at the camp was as often at a desk as it was out and about. I loved getting out though. I loved stepping always from budgets, off the phone, away from my responsibility to my bosses who were based hundreds of miles away in the city.

The camp day was a race to accomplish all the proactive planning one intended to do versus the reactive responding one was compelled to do and often it left you working until all hours. This last part was my favorite. This was another one of my jobs. Making the hour plus drive to Walmart to get supplies. I was home on weekends more of that earned liberty taking and had a busy day of commitments. She said yeah, it would be good if I could go. The day proceded however it proceded.

So I did. STEP was our older guys, or so, who were capable of coming back and having a work experience be a part of their time here. We had at most room for 10 per session. Kind of a graduate level camper. They had need for support, but they had a great deal of independent skills as well. But it took me a bit too. Vacation with kids is a good way to get away from your sanity, and relax not even for a second. Come at me.

If you don't make your family "check to see if you left anything" at least 3 times when leaving a rental house…then you sir, are no Dad. Did you look in that one closet in the weird attic bedroom literally no one ever slept in? Better go check. I want to take my wife and kids on an exciting beautiful island vacation except I want to be enjoying myself on a different beautiful island.

There has to be a travel agent who can make this happen without causing too much trouble.

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Judging by the back of my car, there's little difference between packing to take kids on vacation and packing for the end of the world. He shared a side-by-side photo of himself on the account — one from and one from — to show the stark difference. In the one, he's smiling and ready to take on the day. In the , he looks sleep deprived, and pretty much over everything. Here's me, before and after I had kids!

Parenthood is Funny – developing dad

He then encouraged other parents to send their before-and-after kids photos, too. They destroy, regardless of age," he wrote on Instagram. The results are pretty damn funny — and he shared them on the account regularly to remind parents that they're definitely not alone in their struggles. Jake White is a stay-at-home dad who takes his three kids with him everywhere.

Unfortunately, the triplets tend to fight with one another when they're in the car, strapped right next to each other in their car seats. So, he put together a few foam dividers to solve the problem and placed them between the kids' car seats.

The Best and Funniest Dad Tweets of the Week

No more car fighting," White wrote on Facebook. My dad told my brother if he got another call from the physics teacher complaining he would go sit in his class.. Bradley Howard threatened to sit in class with his year-old son Bradley Howard Jr. The teenager behaved well in class for months after that, but eventually, his parents received another complaint from his teacher. So, Bradley Howard Sr. He made good on his promise and sat right next to his son as he learned about physics. I think the whole class was a little intimidated at first.

But he put two and two together," Howard Sr. He's 'Mr. When Ben Sowards heard his 6-year-old daughter Valerie was crying because she had wet her pants at school and wanted to go home, he knew he wanted to do something cheer her up. So, he splashed some water on his pants and went to her school to pick her up.

When Valerie saw that he had wet pants too, she laughed and ultimately felt better about her own incident. Her dad's silly and compassionate gesture helped to feel less sad and embarrassed about her mistake.

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Dad and comedian Chris Burr Martin wasn't happy about the comments that were being made on his daughter's selfies on social media. So, he decided to use her photos as inspiration for a series of his own. He posts photos of himself mimicking Cassie's clothes, pose, and facial expressions. Cassie and others found the whole thing hilarious and her dad's account dedicated to recreating her selfies now has over , followers. The hilarious photos helped to send a message to Cassie and her followers that he's definitely paying attention to her account.

Krieg became paralyzed from the chest down after a dirt bike crash and Diesen was among the therapists assigned to work with him. Soon after, they fell for one another. Doctors had told Krieg the likelihood of them conceiving naturally was very low, according to the Los Angeles Times.

So, they were happily surprised when they learned Diesen was pregnant. The couple decided to start off their parenthood journey with a little bit of humor. For their pregnancy announcement, they laughed their way through a photo shoot in front of a brick wall where they wrote "It still works! Bradley Herbst was tired of driving his teenage daughter to school only to have her be on her phone the entire time. So, he came up with a silly, but effective way to ensure they get to have some great conversations instead. Herbst dressed up in wacky costumes when he drives her to school every Friday and, if she looks at her phone during the trip, her dad promises to walk her into school in whatever ridiculous outfit he's got on instead of just dropping her off.