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Originally available on mobile and via the web, The Gate was brought to Steam with the help of Steam users via Project Greenlight. Now heading into its 2nd year online, The Gate features PvP tournaments, where you can put your Card Collection into battle against other All Reviews:. Spicy Horse Games.

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Popular user-defined tags for this product:. Sign in or Open in Steam. Includes 54 Steam Achievements. Publisher: Spicy Horse Games. Share Embed. Free To Play. Play Game.

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About This Game Another soul passes through The Gate only to discover an underworld of demonic armies and infernal battles. Your journey unfolds as you capture disciples and train them in combat. Can you unlock mysterious skill upgrades and build an army powerful enough to help defeat fire-belching world bosses? Battles are rendered in hand animated 3D while collectable cards are presented as beautifully illustrated artistic masterpieces.

Solo battles provide a chance to strengthen your army, while Raids, Arena Battles, and World Bosses get your friends in on fight.

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He believes the hole in Glen's backyard is a gateway to a domain of evil gods, and speculates that their actions opened it. He concludes that the only missing element would be to deposit a sacrifice into the hole. Unknown to them, a friend of Al's dumps Angus's body into the hole, completing the summoning.

After reading a section from "The Dark Book" that is supposed to close the gateway, the boys find the hole closed and assume their efforts succeeded. That night, a swarm of moths shatter Glen's bedroom window, and Angus' corpse is found in Terry's bed. Demonic arms try pulling Al under her bed; Terry and Glen barely save her. They try fleeing the house, but are greeted outside by Glen and Al's parents, actually disguised demons.

A Gate to Lasting Conversion

After returning to the house Al volunteers to inspect the yard, but the others see it swarming with small demons and call her back. Terry leads everyone to the basement to retrieve "The Dark Book", but it bursts into flames. They then attempt to stop the creatures by reading the Bible. Terry reads from Psalm 59 and the hole begins to close, but he slips and falls into the hole. Terry is attacked by the small demons before Al and Glen pull him out. Terry reads from Genesis , then throws the Bible into the hole, causing an explosion that appears to seal the hole. That night, a wall breaks open and a construction worker's corpse falls through Terry had previously told Glen a story that when his house was built a worker died and they sealed him inside a wall.

The worker pulls Terry into the wall, which seals behind him. Upstairs, Al notices a hazy image of the construction worker in her mirror before Glen bursts into her bedroom. Al throws a stereo at the construction worker and he disintegrates into dozens of little demons. Al holds the bedroom door shut while Glen races downstairs to find their father's gun. A demonic version of Terry appears, biting his hand before Al stabs Terry in the eye.

Al and Glen hide in a closet, but the construction worker breaks through an interior wall and drags Al away. Glen realizes that Terry and Al represent the two human sacrifices that would fully open the gate. He also realizes that the rocket he had given Al for her birthday, a symbol of love, light and purity, may stop the rise of the Old Gods. He makes his way upstairs as the floor collapses, revealing a chasm beneath the house. Glen attempts to launch the rocket, but his matches keep blowing out. The wind sucks Glen onto the foyer, where a giant serpentine demon emerges.

The demon pats Glen on the head and touches his hand before returning to the hole. Glen discovers the demon's touch has placed an eye in the palm of his hand. He stabs the eye, then struggles to descend the staircase, at which point the demon re-emerges. Glen uses a battery-powered launcher to fire his rocket into the demon, causing it to explode. Angus emerges from the front closet, seemingly restored to life. He is followed by Terry and Al, also unhurt. The kids worry about how to explain the wreckage of the house to their parents. The first draft of the script was written by Michael Nankin when he was unemployed and recently divorced, basing it on "the nastiest thoughts from [his] childhood".

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The gigantic demon was originally envisioned as being made of bloody entrails. The house was a real home in Toronto , but an exterior exit had to be constructed for the production, featuring bricks, stairs, and a bug zapper. Beyond the backyard was a new housing development, so the crew erected a fence around the yard to block the construction vehicles and workers from view. The effects used to create the demons included stop-motion animation as well as forced perspective , wherein actors wearing rubber suits were made to look miniscule by their position relative to the camera and to the human characters.

Randall William Cook , the film's special effects supervisor, used his hand and eye to create the scene where an eyeball appears in Glen's palm. The Gate opened in the US on May 15, It includes commentary from the filmmakers and several featurettes. In a retrospective review, Odie Henderson of Slant Magazine wrote, "If you can get in touch with your inner year-old, The Gate is a pleasant diversion.