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Shop By Category. My Orders. Out of Stock. The Essential R Reference is essentially a comprehensive combination of dictionary;glossary and thesaurus for the R programming language. The book will be arranged into logical sections so that the reader can find the topic they require help on quickly.

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Each topic will be split into smaller chunks with a final entry for each command. The command entries will consist of a guide to the common uses for the command and allow the reader to type the appropriate command into the computer.

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Each entry will also link to related entries allowing ease of lookup for the reader. Return Policy.

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Whether you're in technology, science, medicine, business, or engineering, you can quickly turn to your topic in this handy book and find the commands you need. Mark Gardener is an ecologist, lecturer, and writer who discovered R while doing data analysis for his doctorate in ecology and evolutionary biology. He conducts courses in R, ecology, and data analysis for a variety of organizations.

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Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview An essential library of basic commands you can copy and paste into R The powerful and open-source statistical programming language R is rapidly growing in popularity, but it requires that you type in commands at the keyboard rather than use a mouse, so you have to learn the language of R. Comprehensive command reference for the R programming language and a companion book to Visualize This: The FlowingData Guide to Design, Visualization, and Statistics Combines elements of a dictionary, glossary, and thesaurus for the R language Provides easy accessibility to the commands you need, by topic, which you can cut and paste into R as needed Covers getting, saving, examining, and manipulating data; statistical test and math; and all the things you can do with graphs Also includes a collection of utilities that you'll find useful Simplify the complex statistical R programming language with The Essential R Reference.

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Show More. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Flash MX developers who need instant on-the job reminders about the ActionScript language will find This one file contains the example data sets you need for the whole book; it contains very few because I have tried to make all data fairly simple and short so that you can type them directly. You can download that file by clicking on the link. This one file contains all the example datasets you need for the whole book.

Most examples are simple enough to type from the keyboard but some needed to be a bit longer and more complex. These data are included in the Essential. RData file for you to load into R, ready to use. Once you have the file on your computer you can load it into R by one of several methods:. If you have Windows or Macintosh you can load the file using menu commands or use a command typed into R:.

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The Essential. RData file must be in your default working directory and if it is not you must specify the location as part of the filename. Alternatively you can find the working directory in R by using the getwd command:. R uses named objects so everything gets a name. You can see what is included in the Essential.

RData file by using the ls command:. This will show you everything currently in the memory of R. Remember that names are case sensitive so that Qty is not the same as qty. Most of the examples used in the book use data that is simple enough to type directly into R or is available as part of the R datasets package that is available when you install R on your computer. RData file contains datasets that I thought were too long and complicated to type directly into R.

This theme is concerned with aspects of dealing with data. In particular:

Learn to use R for statistical analyses: Index page. Mark Gardener Dr. Christine Gardener. Gardeners Own Home. Education Home. Other Publications. About Us. See also An essential companion in your day-to-day conversations with R R is a language with its own vocabulary and grammar.

RData file for example data used in the book Back to top. How This Book Is Structured Each of the topics is also split into subtopics to help you navigate your way to the command s you need. Each command has an entry that is split into the following sections: Command Name —Name of the command and a brief description of what it does.

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