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More filters. Sort order. Jul 17, Lola rated it liked it Shelves: mental-illness , first-love. Everything I thought I knew about the illness turned out to be damn wrong and stereotyped. Boy was I wrong. See, although Sammie knew she would one day lose everything she aspired to—college, friends, her future—she nonetheless kept on giving all she had to make her dreams come true.

I may never have read anything about dementia before, as I mentioned it, but I did read many, many books about all types of mental illnesses, and let me tell you that not all of them feel authentic. But everything about The Memory Book is. Everything is convincing—even the characters—and I felt so close to Sammie I personally wanted to hold her hand through hard times.

Now I really wish I could give this book a higher rating—I really, really do—but the romance is very forced. It may only be a 3. View all 18 comments. Apr 20, C. Okay, truly, this was such a good book. It made me sniffle. I could actually feel the ghosts of tears deep in my eyeballs spoiler: I do not actually cry while reading; but sometimes I feel like it. It was so so SO well written and emotional and the characters You know how complex, dimensional, interesting characters can absolutely MAKE a book? They made this book. Yes this is an "illness" book. It's about Niemann-Pick Type C which is a disease that affects your memory and gradually shuts down your body.

So it presents a little like dementia at first, but then your body is failing and the symptoms are catastrophic. So you know, right away, this book is going to be SAD. Which was a relief. A TON of the story is made up of making memories and friendship and food and chocolate milk and falling in love and being super smart and being super nerdy. I mean, obviously, I do not have this disease. But Sammie was just such a relatable and adorable character.

Awesome, epic family. I'm just impressed, okay??!! More family orientated books! And I was really really sold on it at first. I'm not even a romantic. Their dates! They go out for iced coffee!! He kissed her on the cheek! They talk books and philosophy and about silly things!

Stuart is a writer! Stuart is fabulous! No spoilers. But the initial romance was my favourite. Friendship was handled very interestingly too. Firstly Sammy has this friend, Maddie , who she's on the debate team with. Maddie gets super offended when Sammy doesn't tell her she's sick. I mean, what even, woman. Get a grip. And then we have Cooper Cooper's like the dorky stupid pothead Well you know what?

Labels do suck and people WILL treat you differently. Sometimes you need to digest and figure out how you're different for knowing before you're reading for other's to treat you different for knowing. I didn't think it'd go there.

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I dislike that. Like, that's super shallow. I doooooon't caaaaare. Plus since Sammie is writing this book to remind her of stuff she might forget The writing was incredible. It was feelsy. There was delicious food and fantastic family dynamics and the characters Plus Sammie was just a generally awesomely intense, nerdy, intelligent creature.

Lara Avery

I couldn't stop reading! View all 16 comments. If you're reading this, you're probably wondering who you are You are me, Samantha Agatha McCoy, in the not-so-distant future. I'm writing his for you. They say my memory will never be the same, that I'll start forgetting things. Niemann-Pick C NPC , a rare genetic disorder that can affect cognition, motor function, memory and metabolism is at the heart of The Memory Book but it is Sammie's personal journey that will captu If you're reading this, you're probably wondering who you are Niemann-Pick C NPC , a rare genetic disorder that can affect cognition, motor function, memory and metabolism is at the heart of The Memory Book but it is Sammie's personal journey that will capture you and remain with you long after you have turned the last page of this book.

Plans to win her debate Nationals. But her NPC condition takes a turn for the worse sooner than she expected and we begin to see her deteriorate with each page. The story is told through us reading her "memory book"entries. Sammie began her memory book as a means to hold onto her life. When she has a memory episode, she reads back recent entries for a clue as to where she was, what she was doing, etc.

This format gives us a unique peek into her feelings, memories and day to day life. Lara Avery did an amazing job capturing her journey and how NPC changed her both at her core and outwardly via her symptoms. There were entries in the Memory Book that made me so sad. They made Sammie's "episodes" feel so real to me as the reader. I could feel her confusion, anxiety and loss. You can clearly see how the entries change from the ones written by the confident Sammie we met in the beginning of the book to the Sammie towards the end. There were also some wonderful secondary characters in this book.

Oh how I adored Cooper! There was a bit of a minor love triangle. In my opinion, it really made sense within the story and fit in with the overall development of some of the major characters. View all 21 comments. I'm not okay. I just want to sit somewhere and cry for few hours :'.

View 1 comment. It's AM and I just finished reading this What a beautifully written book with such loud and interesting characters. Not only is there emphasis on the romance, but there's friendship and family.. And good Lord the letters at the end just made me cry. I loved Sammie. I love her ambition and her drive and her passion to not let this disease take over. Such a great message to everyone.. I'm going to recommend this to everyone and their mother. She constantly writes to her future self wherever she goes.

Sammie is determined to keep her life as is. To graduate as valedictorian and to go to college. Sammie starts off as any ambitious hard worker and I love that she tries so hard to be perfect but we all know that won't last long. She is also socially awkward and I too love that she had some weaknesses. She could be a little judgemental at times: "I knew she didn't do it on purpose, but girls like her made me feel like garbage. Like, what's even the point with girls like her around. I was a little shocked she would do such a thing but obviously she made a mistake.

And she keeps making mistakes because this is what a teenager does. Stuart and Cooper were great love interests and I was cheering for both. There is a love triangle but it's so well done, that I didn't mind at all. I love that her family and friends are all a big part of her life. I love that there's a focus on them as well. Her siblings are just too adorable. Her parents are concerned but sweet. I loved how Sammie handles herself. She's so wise! I love how ambitious she is and so driven to succeed. It's a great thing to see in a teen book. She's not perfect. There are instances where she messes up and you still love her all the same.

There are also sad bits in it, so I have to warn you that with the laughter, some tears will be shed for this book. I know I pretty much lost it with those letters. Lara Avery does a wonderful job showing her decline but it's also so hard for the reader to see it happening. She knows how to write such well-developed characters that you will love and I kid you not, I'm still all teary just thinking about it. One thing that always bothers me is that the POC and the lesbian were shoved aside as secondary characters.

I might be nitpicking here as well because Sammie is written as having curly hair and glasses. There is no indication of that on the cover, just another Caucasian model. If one wants to include diversity, show it on the cover and within your main cast of characters. Sorry for getting off tangent there. A remarkable heart-felt story that will have you crying and laughing all at the same time, The Memory Book is one underrated book of the year. Sometimes life is really terrible. Sometimes life gives you a weird disease. Sometimes life is really good, but never in a simple sort of way.

Maybe we depend too much on other people for what we think of as success. Like, maybe we share too much. Maybe that's why good things lose their good feeling because we give it all away. I was going for my own goals.

‘Hope is a​n embrace of the unknown​’: Rebecca Solnit on living in dark times

I'm sort of a sponge. I have a few strong opinions, but they might change. I just want to find out everything I can. What about all the moments that surround the good things? If you can only remember your aspirations, you will have no idea how you got from point A to point B. Life is not just a series of triumphs. Do them because they're good things to do. Do them just for the sake of doing them.

All strong women are allies, and if I can't run the world, you should, and you should know I'm behind you. I've lived with you right now and those right nows are everywhere, every time, in my house, in your house, on the mountain. I love you. Home is where love is. You're my home. View all 5 comments. Oct 11, K. I honestly think the problem with this book is that I'm too damned old for it. Meanwhile, I'm a grumpy old lady, waving her walking stick at the damned kids on her lawn.

Frankly, I liked the secondary characters much more than the primary ones. Sam takes risks with her own life and the lives of others. She has a condition that I honestly think the problem with this book is that I'm too damned old for it. She has a condition that makes her forget things. What does she do? She goes out for a drive. By herself. I wanted to like Sam, I really did. But I just didn't. Yes, she was funny at times. Yes, she was unapologetically nerdy.

But oof. Stop making bad decisions that could injure other people. Stop thinking you can continue your normal life. Stop pushing your family away just because they'd prefer you not to, you know, wander into traffic. Yes, it was cute having Sam discover that her crush of several years is crushing on her too. Please do not attempt to cut through this tougher leather with only one pass of the blade, use several to prevent accidents.

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  5. Always cut using a cutting mat underneath to protect your work surface and tool blade. Tips: I found that cutting in sections forced me to use shorter knife passes and was easier to release. If you notice that little corners are still clinging, try your scissors to snip them away instead of the knife for a cleaner and safer result. I used my industrial knife with a deep curved blade as I was told by my local leather shop that it was better for detail cutting. This blade is also thicker than most so flexing is dramatically reduced. Tips: I wrap a small piece of sandpaper around a pen, pencil or craftool to clean the edges and get into tighter spaces as pictured above.

    I find this also reduces slips onto the tooled area.

    ‘Philosophically speaking, we can never fully trust our memory’ | Science | The Guardian

    As I sand, I will carefully roll over the top and bottom to achieve a similar effect to edge beveling. I used q-tips here again for a delicate touch. How many coats you need to apply will depend on your applicator and preference. Be patient: Edge treatment can be very tedious and frustrating at times. I would be lying if I told you it was my favorite thing in leather working. However, the final result is always worth it. Normally, I would use an edge beveler on veg tanned leather edges instead of or in combination with the sandpaper.

    Its time to step outside and get some fresh air and proper ventilation to spray on the top coat. And look! Its a lovely day here. It has been a full 24 hours since I applied my dye, stain, and edge paint. Tips: The faster and harder you buff the Leather Sheen, the glossier the finish. I almost always wait a full 24 hours after applying dyes, stains and paints before applying any top coat, especially if it is not a spray top coat.

    I found this reduces rub off from the dyes. Every dye I have ever used rubs off a bit, some more than others. I hate that. I love LOVE love this spray top coat! It has been a huge time and life saver on many projects and dries quickly. I think this is a "must have" for any leather worker. I always apply conditioner to my projects after the top coat for a softer more flexible touch and further protection.

    For continuous protection, reapply frequently. If you are at this point, than you have gotten through almost half of the steps. If I had added just a few other tools and extra colors into Part I, the outcome would have been that much more different and the instructable that much longer. I am sure that everyone has a different approach to tooling. So, experiment with some other tools and colors and see how it turns out for you! For more resources on tooling and general leather working check out the following YouTube channels:.

    Part II Steps will cover how to cut out all of the components for the album and spine and includes the diagrams. The diagrams can be used to mark measurements directly onto the materials or to make a template set. These diagrams are not to scale. Since I have an abundantly free supply of chipboard at the moment, I cut templates from chipboard. Yes, my templates are ugly The free chipboard was limited in size, so I had to Frankenstein them and I made a few measuring mistakes.

    You can download and print out the diagrams in order to make your very own ugly template set; the pdfs include the full diagrams, with a legend and construction notes. But, don't run off yet, below is a list of stuff I used to complete Part II. And, its time for me to take over my dining table I need more room for this! Tip: To reduce leather waste when cutting off the unused portion of hide, cut as close to your lines as possible.

    A fresh new blade will save you time later. Tape down your garment leather to reduce stretch during cutting. I used a white oil pastel stick to make my outlines because its transfers to the leather beautifully and smoothly. I noticed that my blade quickly dulled cutting the stiffener, and I had to use a bit of downward force to cut through.

    In fact, cutting leather as well will quickly dull these blades with repetitive use. Tips: Layout the panel and spine leg templates all at once to reserve material; I had a scrap piece that I used to cut my legs from. I like to use a rotary cutter since it makes quick cuts. With this material, I would suggest scissors for everything.

    If you chose to still use a rotary cutter, tape down your straight edge.

    My t-square slipped out of alignment several times with this material while I was cutting before I wised up. If you do not own a center-line ruler like the one pictured, I highly recommend this as a staple tool for any crafts person. The center-line ruler came in real handy here to square up the skinny little c pieces. Most of the edges for the front and back panel liner will be concealed, so it is not necessary to treat these edges. If the edges were not concealed, I would have added edge paint for a professional look. This video titled, " Postbound Guest Book " by scrapbookinggr, makes postbound binding look easy using paper and cardstock, if you want to check it out.

    FYI, the captions for this video are not in English, but its a great video. Tips: You can use a center-line ruler to mark the center on the spine body; it worked out perfectly that my ruler is two inches in width. Tips : Use a bone creaser on its edge to crease a line into the leather at the edge of the stiffener piece for easier folding. I used my handy ruler to square up and trim any areas that did not match up perfectly during assembly. Tips: Place small pieces of painter's tape at four equal points around the applique marked with a bold dot for easier realignment.

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    Remove the tape once the applique is pressed down and a straight edge can help you make minor adjustments. Tips: Use the barrel of the setter to slightly spread out the prongs of the spot before loading it into the setter to keep the spot from falling out before you can set it.

    I find it easier just to use scrap leather as opposed to the anvil when setting spots. Lightly tap the prongs down with a mallet after you have bent them inward to insure a secure and flat setting. Tips: Save some valuable time! Instead of measuring out at all eight corners to be mitered, cut one and use this as a guide to cut the rest. Dip your finger into a little gum tragacanth and rub into and along all of the edges of the garment leather after you make the miter cuts. This will seal the edges and compound any fuzzies.

    The edges of the garment leather will only show on the inside of the album once it is assembled but this will help them look cleaner. Smoothing the leather out radially from the center of the grain side reduces wrinkling and stretching. Tips: Try actually folding at the fold lines immediately after you have joined all parts together. This made creasing easier but also reduced "wrinkling" in the leathers at the folds. Make sure to thoroughly apply the glue into these folds to prevent unwanted gaps and wrinkles.

    Notes: Mitered corners also make a nice looking seam once the overlapped is folded and glued down later. Do to some stretching during assembly, I had to re-square some of my edges and reapply the gum before folding the lips over in the next step. Tips: I let the glue get slightly on the "tacky" side for this application for grip. Since this leather was a bit stretchy, I started affixing every lip from the center then pressed and smoothed my way out.

    I also used my fingernail to flatten out the mitered seams, if they got "pinched" onto one another. To insure a nice fold, you can use a bone creaser to gently press leather into the folds. I let the glue set up after construction overnight about 12 hours. The longer most of these glues set up, the stronger the bond. You want a strong bond before causing trauma to the construction such as punching holes and stitching. Tips: Anytime you are punching through leather, you will want to place something in between the leather and granite to protect your tool edge.

    Notes: I used photo refill pages for my memory book, but you could convert this into a scrapbook easily by inserting 12" x 12" cardstock. Most refill pages have a pretty standard spacing in between the holes, but I used a page as a guide to eliminate measuring. Tips: To insure a good bond, let the glue set up for no less than an hour before setting the spots.

    The way the spine holds the two panels together is a pertinent feature to overall structure. Tips: The two prongs of each spot should equally straddle the junction of the two leathers to visually break up the line and add reinforcement. Be careful when setting spots on top of light weight leathers such as the liner leather. If you set it too deep, it will cut the liner leather completely through. I decided to use the painters tape on the grain sides of the panels instead of pen to make my lines when attaching the legs. I really just did this for fun, to see if it worked, and ease of applying the glue.

    Tips: Be careful when using a wing divider on softer leathers; it can easily slice through and cut the leather. Occasionally press the throngs into the beeswax for easier punching. Tips: Videos are really helpful here to get a good idea of the saddle hand stitch, if you are not familiar.

    Traditionally, the saddle stitch uses a diamond chisel or punch awl to punch the holes; I have always just used the straight chisel punch as per my preference. I begin punching holes in the center so that they are spaced equally to each corner. When I lock my stitches, I will often go back in reverse once more through one hole of the previous locked stitches for an extra secure hold.

    I used my personal mark stamped on a scrap piece of leather to hide the female hardware backing. I really wanted to make sure this memory book would last generations, so I felt it necessary to add the reinforcement stitching. Afterall, the spine will be the must active element and joins the two panels. I used Eco-Flo Edgeflex in onyx to camouflage. This seemed to be a perfect match in color to the liner leather! Leather crafting has become a great and rewarding endeavor for me over the years.

    I'd like to believe that this instructable will encourage others to dive head first into the amazing world of leather crafting. Yes, leather working can be expensive to dive into. But, check out your local leather shops. Most offer an affordable annual membership that will help reduce costs on supplies, tools and materials.

    It certainly has saved me money! At times, I found it very difficult to explain procedures in written word in some of the steps. Please let me know if you come across any inconsistencies in diagrams, instructions, images, etc. I will gladly correct them! Also, I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has contributed to the Instructable Community! After this first one, I now understand firsthand how much work can go into creating an instructable.

    So, thank you everyone! Reply 3 years ago. On the contrary, explaining what you have done, how you have done it and why you did it the way you did is an integral part of a good instructable.

    Hope against hope

    If it takes three steps to do so then that's that, if it takes a hundred, so by all means go for Though at that point you might consider splitting whatever you're doing into more 'atomic' instructables, e. But only if it makes sense to do so. Also, that's just my opinion. I simply like detailed, well-written instructables with good photos as I can learn a lot from them. Thank you for taking the time to read it and post a comment.

    I'm sorry that your eyes got tired, :. Maybe I should change that font too. More by the author:. About: Leather crafting is not just something I do, it means something to me. My goal is to successfully project that in every piece I create. Even the name, 3 Parks Design, means something to me as it represents t This is how the project started for me! Safety Precautions: A few things to remember before getting started. This project requires the use of several sharp tools and cutting devices. Please mind where your fingers are at all times. With the swivel knife, the standard safety rule of "cut away from your body" does not completely apply when using proper technique.

    Maintain your tools, not only for safety but for a long life of use too. Or don't, it would be an excuse for new tools. Powerful, penetrating and "smelly" finishes, sprays and adhesives are used in this instructable project. Make sure that you apply this media in a well ventilated area or outside and take frequent fresh air breaks. I certainly don't want anyone passing out! Disposable gloves are your friend! Some of the dyes, finishes, and stains aren't good to have in contact with your skin. And anyway, do you really want green hands? Please follow all instructions provided by the manufacturer when using these products.

    Transfer the print-outs to tracing or vellum paper first. Layout the printed patterns on a flat work surface and overlay a piece of tracing paper on each. Tape down both the pattern and overlaid tracing paper to avoid shifting. Simply outline all of the lines from the pattern onto the tracing paper with a fine point permanent marker. Using the tracing paper, transfer the patterns to the leather. Thoroughly wet the grain side smooth, pretty side of the veg tanned leather piece. It is important to wait until the leather begins to turn back to its non-wet color before overlaying the tracing paper.

    Once the leather is ready, about mins, overlay the patterns on the leather. Use painters tape to secure the leather and patterns to the work surface. Take care not to stick the tape to the grain side of the leather, only to the work surface. With a ballpoint stylus in hand, begin to outline the patterns. There is no shame in going tortoise slow here; once a mark is make on the leather, it cannot be taken back. All you can do is try to disguise it later. Stabilize the leather to prevent stretching during tooling. Lay the quilter's template plastic sheet stabilizer flat onto the work surface.

    Place the piece of leather onto it and then draw an outline around the perimeter of the leather piece with a permanent ink marker. Apply a very thin even layer of rubber cement inside the outlined area on the stabilizer. It is very important to let the cement dry to its "tacky" nature. Report response as inappropriate Thank you.

    Book of Memories

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