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Etc etc Too much rock and low scrub on Cayman for me to think they should be expensive.

Tips For Cruisers to Grand Cayman - from a local!

But hey, whatever turns a person on is good. I had fun there, it's just different than other places I guess Maybe my initial post was a little strong? Cheechako, the only thing I could add is just don't forget if you are in the Cayman's it's also just an overnight sail to Cuba! Join Date: Nov To us it's just a stop, to rest up if we need it! LOL And I catch plenty of fish at sea!!

Cruising Guide to the Western Caribbean

LOL most of my diving these days is to ck the anchor and the wheel!! Re: Grand Cayman, anchorages, pets. Susancruise are you looking to keep your boat in Grand Cayman or simply passing through? We were there last year and were not made aware of any non-liveaboard rules. Picked up a free mooring as directed by the harbour master. Off seven mile beach. Stayed there until it got a bit too rolly then moved round to the other side of the peninsula. Pretty shallow entrance through the reef but plenty of boats seem to do it. There are a couple of marinas in there. We anchored in a small cut that was very protected but a bit hot and buggy.

Good dinghy access to shore though :- You won't see many cruising boats as it's pretty much off the beaten track for most. We found the place expensive but some good grocery stores to provision in if you are heading to Cuba. They are strict with animal quarantine,you need to check out whether they are happy that the cats don't leave the boat. Okay maybe if you are at anchor but a bit more of a problem in a marina.

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Microplastics in the sea. Your government at work Paper Charts or Just Electronic. SilentWind Gens Spec Update. Portable Toilet for Your Boat. All times are GMT The time now is Enter your Email: Privacy Guaranteed - your email is never shared with anyone, opt out any time. Grand Cayman, Anchorages, Pets. Click Here to Login.

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Vendors Sponsoring Vendors. Display List of Vendors. Display Vendors by Location. Display Vendors by Map. Register your Company. Members List. Mark Forums Read. Log in. Page 1 of 2. Thread Tools. Rate Thread. Grand Cayman, Anchorages, Pets Any suggestions for a marina or anchorage in Grand Cayman for a boat with a 6 foot draft?

Re: Grand Cayman, anchorages, pets We brought or dog with us and were required to have current rabies shots, a Titer test, and she had to have a microchip. Re: Grand Cayman, anchorages, pets Best anchorage is in a artifical harbor on the west side of the north bight. Re: Grand Cayman, Anchorages, Pets Cheechako, please inform me where in the Caribbean they are not set to "milk the tourist dollar".

Re: Grand Cayman, Anchorages, Pets Cheechako, the only thing I could add is just don't forget if you are in the Cayman's it's also just an overnight sail to Cuba! Boat: Now we need to get her to Louisiana!! We also took a couple of trips with Alembic through the canals to a wonderful quiet basin that is an easy walk to a major discount grocery store.

The cost was less than a mooring on the U. Camana Bay is much like Coconut Grove with shopping, restaurants, a movie theater, and the best gelato in the Caribbean. For a polar opposite experience, we traveled across North Sound to the seclusion of the Kaibo anchorage and enjoyed snorkeling off Rum Point. Guanaja is a great place to start your Bay Island experience and an easy destination to enjoy. A unique aspect of the place is that the majority of the population lives on the small island that sits one mile south of the main island. Over 4, people live on this small island in the town of Bonacca.

Helpful ambassadors will meet you at the dinghy dock and guide you through the immigration and customs process. Fees are minimal and the authorities are helpful and pleasant. After clearing in, enjoying a cold beer in one of the small bars, shopping, and exploring the busy small town of Bonacca you will want to move over to El Bight Bay to anchor among the other cruisers and enjoy this tranquil setting. Ashore there is a delightful walk to several different restaurants as well as an adventurous hike to the peak of the island.

A short dinghy ride from the anchorage are wonderful reefs for snorkeling and fishing. Roatan is an easy daysail downwind from Guanaja. From here it is an easy walk or short cab ride to a modern grocery store for provisioning. It is also an easy place to arrange transportation to other areas of the island. Roatan can be a bit hectic. After a short visit here, the mellow vibe of Utila is a short daysail farther west. Utila has a wonderful anchorage right off the main village, which is an eclectic destination for divers and young travelers. It is an excellent place to find whale sharks during the season and several reefs are a short dinghy ride from the anchorage.

Restaurants are inexpensive and it is a handy place to provision especially for beer and wine before traveling to Belize. Clearing out of immigration and customs is also very easy to complete in Utila. Leaving the anchorage at Utila in the dark can be a bit dodgy.

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If you save an incoming track on your chartplotter, following this track on departure can give you some peace of mind. The entrance on the south end of the atoll is wide and calm and a wonderful anchorage lies just inside this southern entrance through the reef. This anchorage offers a delightful sense of all Belize cruising has to offer. The reefs are healthy and are teaming with fish of many species. Spear fishing is allowed on the southern edge of the reef, while the reefs in the conservation zone offer spectacular viewing.

Clearing into Belize at Placentia is actually an enjoyable adventure. Upon landing at Mango Creek, hop into any taxi and the driver will transport and direct you through the different offices you need to visit in Big Creek including: Immigration, Agriculture, Port Officer, and Customs. Although, there may be a short wait at one or two of these stops, the officials are always courteous and friendly. While you are in Mango Creek, ask the taxi driver to take you to one of the local restaurants for breakfast or lunch.

The last time I cleared into Belize, I took the first boat in the morning from Placentia and had time for breakfast before the immigration office opened. I had a wonderful breakfast in a small local place. Eggs fresh from the chicken coop out back and fried jack, a Belizean specialty. After completing clearance and provisioning in Placentia, you are off to the many cays along the barrier reef that runs the length of Belize.

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  • In total, we have spent over 10 weeks cruising Belize and there are still numerous cays and anchorages that we have not explored! If necessary, you can easily cruise from Placentia to Belize City in one week with a short sail each day and a fresh anchorage each night. We find Belize is a wonderful place to host guests.

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    You can either meet them in Placentia or Belize City and share a wonderful week of unique sailing, snorkeling, and dining. We have spent time in the BVI as well as Belize. Our experience is that Belize tops the BVI as a destination for sailing in sheltered waters surrounded by amazing reefs and other natural wonders.

    There are also plenty of beach bars to enjoy sundowners or an occasional meal ashore. Once you near Cozumel, the favorable Yucatan current kicks in at nearly two knots. With prevailing easterlies trade winds, this sail is typically an exhilarating close reach. Mexico offers a great place to breakup the trip back to the USA.