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Whether hand-knotted or handwoven, their tactile quality completes any well-furnished interior. A rug often occupies fully a third of a room and, if antique, is also often its most expensive single item, yet there has never been a book presenting decorative carpets as an integral component of interior design until now. Decorative carpet expert Alix G.

Oriental rugs, a complete guide

Perrachon has, for the first time, compiled a book to guide all interested in placing handmade carpets in contemporary spaces—from individual homeowners to interior designers and their clients. Their selections are illustrated with luxurious images drawn from their own work, revealing rugs ranging from Agras, Aubussons, and Axminsters to modern Tibetan and transitional designs in every style of interior from traditional to contemporary.

In addition to engaging, accessible text and full-color illustrations, The Decorative Carpet provides purchasing and care essentials, presents the twenty most popular types of rugs used by designers today—along with a brief description of the defining characteristics and history of each—and includes a glossary and suggestions for further reading, providing all the tools necessary for all those eager to explore the intriguing, expansive world of handmade decorative carpets to begin. The Bulfinch Guide is a classic and basic primer on the history, construction, maps, motifs and photographs of different types and styles of rugs.

It a great first step to understanding the mystique of oriental carpets.

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Birmingham Style. Paige has been regarded locally as one of the leading rug experts and has been dealing with strictly orientals for over 12 years.

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She has connections with dealers across the globe and can help find any rug that she doesn't keep in stock. Here, you will be able to learn about the styles and qualities that are available. You must only look for established and reputed businesses and dealers or carpet providers so that you can ensure buying a product of the highest quality and acceptable warranty protection. The condition, the quality and the origin of the Oriental rug is also very important.

Oriental Rugs a Complete Guide by Charles W. Jacobsen - Read Online

In the case of traditional oriental rugs, the origin or the origin country is highly important. You must ask the dealer about these details so that you can be well assured of its condition and authenticity. Another important factor that you may need to consider while buying an oriental rug is to know the retail replacement value of the rug.

Traditional Persian Rugs : Rug Education

Most of these rugs have a great value and their value improves as they age. But it is important to research on the exact retail replacement value so that you can take the decision carefully. Overview This authoritative reference contains a vast amount of information about Oriental rugs. Oriental Rugs: A Complete Guide is the first large volume on the subject to be printed in the past forty-five years is meant for the individual who is interested in purchasing his first Oriental Rug, as well as the collector, museum, and rug importer.

The volume is divided into three main parts. Part I, entitled "General Discussion devotes one chapter to each of the large rug weaving countries and includes helpful hints as to what the rug buyer should look for in an particular rug. Part II, "Description of Types," is an alphabetical list of all the names that have been used to identify rugs in the past, as well as the names that are being used at present. Each entry is followed by a full discussion and description of the rug.

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Thirty-nine of the plates are in full color. All of the plates are large, allowing the reader to see the design, and in some cases, the colors used in the particular rug.

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How To Clean An Oriental Rug: A Complete Guide

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