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Mer fra Jim Lafferty; Frank Gruber; Barry A. Sanders; Jonathan Shapiro

You can download the full edition of The Digital Revolution here. Clearly, it is the stuff of paradox — and possibly, as historians like Yuval Harari and others suggest, of Faustian bargains. Like the commercial and industrial revolutions before it, this particular revolution opens up social spaces that alter how we affiliate and think. On the plus side, we can now communicate and connect with others like never before — not just with the approximately embodied others whom anthropologists contend most people knew in the past, but with thousands and indeed millions of digital others.

This is part of the Faustian bargain. They were all written in the last years of the Obama administration, before the Trump one; they were first published on the LARB website and are now collected in this volume. They express what experts in their respective fields got right — and what they may have gotten wrong. They examine the stakes. Internet philosopher David Weinberger of Harvard University, for instance, takes on the argument that the net is turning us into passive knowers.

On the contrary, he counters, the net is transforming knowledge in ways that reveal the flaws inherent in past ways of knowing. As for the claim that the net reinforces echo chambers and false news , he plays the contrarian again, countering that those chambers are now, thanks to the net, shot through with holes that anyone, including a teenager trapped in an otherwise airless cult, can follow just by clicking her finger.

Our purported doom and salvation lie in the same places. A responsible citizen is, in other words, a digitally savvy citizen. But, as sociologist Michael S. A pause button might be more feasible if equally unlikely. But Evans has a point even if he is half-joking. Is it transforming us even more profoundly than the commercial and industrial revolutions did? He explains how algorithms naturalize ways of doing things. Jennifer Lund Smith.

Charles Dickens in America

Thomas G. Keith Bohannon. Jean E. Philip Davis Dillard. Institute of Medicine. Board on Health Care Services. Bruce Steinwald. Margaret Edmunds. Eric Connally. Elliot J. Jerry Morris. Carl Swenson. Katherine Yoshiwara. Deborah Hughes-Hallett. Frank Avenoso. Philip Cheifetz. Ann Davidian. Daniel E. Andrew M. Brigitte Lahme. Patti Frazer Lock. Steve Miller.

Jay M. Andrew C. Barbara Brooks Simons. Elizabeth Coolidge-Stolz. David V. Beth Miaoulis. John G. Otto Benkert. Philip Heiser. Christoph Hiemke. Matthias J. Ion-George Anghelescu.

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Hubertus Himmerich. Christian Lange-Asschenfeldt. Michael Paulzen. Francesca Regen. Axel Steiger. Health Humanities Reader. Mark Vonnegut. Audrey Shafer. Martha Stoddard Holmes. Howard Brody. Bradley Lewis. Rosemarie Tong. Ian Williams. Sander L. Rafael Campo. Daniel Goldberg.

Michael Rowe. Thomas R. Alice Dreger. Joseph N. Jonathan M. Arthur W. Ann Kaplan. Rebecca Hester. Shelley Wall. Alan Bleakley. Marjorie Levine-Clark. Michael Sappol. Professor Therese Jones. Professor Delese Wear. Professor Lester D. David H. Rhonda L. Martin F. Professor Lisa I. Felicia Cohn. Martha Montello. Rebecca Garden. Jack Coulehan.

Professor Bernice Hausman. Gretchen A. Allen Peterkin. Susan M. Sayantani DasGupta. Maren Grainger-Monsen. Benjamin Saxton. Jerald Winakur. Anne Hudson Jones. Tod Chambers. Raymond C. Jeffrey P. Catherine Belling.

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Colleen Mewing. David Cameron Strachan. Davina Kotulski. Ellen Pontac. Frank Capley-Alfano. Fred Anguera.

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