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Is it better to say half past 12? I've checked in previous threads but I'm not really sure. Thanks for your replies. In AE, both are perfectly fine. If you say half-past 12 , however, you have to specify if it's midday or midnight. Just thought I'd add that both are fine for British English too Though in speech, I think 'Half-past twelve' would imply midday for me, noon isn't used very often in England, otherwise 'La Grive' is right, specifying is always good, particularly in writing.

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Revenge of the bullied kid. It is not only a very intense read at times but is also very visually stunning. Brackett manages to get to totally absorbed into this family's struggle to make it work For his first book this book was a none stop read for me. Brackett manages to get to totally absorbed into this family's struggle to make it work after the unthinkable happens. And how they help a town to defined themselves against those that want to take what they have. I really don't want to give it away. My only regret that I have with this book is that I only have it on my Kindle.

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My son and I love this book, gonna have to go buy the real thing, cuz nothing is like having a book in your hands. Plus we wouldn't fight over who is reading it this time. Nov 19, Cindy rated it liked it. Apocalyptic thriller, complete with chapter introductions courtesy of Nostradamus. Despite predictable plot apocalypse brings out the best and worst in people and flat characters mostly thoroughly evil or somewhat perfect or a "redshirt" cannon fodder , the pace is relentless.

Almost impossible to put down, but when away from the narration it is also difficult to pick back up "Why am I reading this? Feb 17, Devon Porter rated it really liked it. This wasn't a bad take on the nuclear version of the apocalypse, although the characters were a bit flat. It had some great information about how to survive a nuclear apocalypse though, and the part where the town gets involved and the descriptions if a large battle and guerrilla warfare are very good.

This was one of the most believable post-apocalyptic stories that I have ever read. Well, with the exception of one or two little things. Lots of action, suspense, sadness A must read for those who like end of the world stories. When nuclear war goes from being an ever present threat to a devastating reality, survivalist Leeland Fawcett does whatever it takes to keep them safe.

But he quickly realizes that they need to do more than just survive in this new world. This is a good adventure story of the time after a nuclear war. It doesn't come across like a lot of survivalist stories which basically try to say if you stockpile a lot of guys, you will be able to fight the inevitable hordes of rampaging marauders.

Now you do When nuclear war goes from being an ever present threat to a devastating reality, survivalist Leeland Fawcett does whatever it takes to keep them safe. Now you do get some of that in this book but it is not all there is.


The book starts off strong with some decent science about what could happen immediately after a nuclear war. In fact, science is shown throughout in small ways. One thing that has always bothered me about books in this genre is how they keep using gasoline for years after it was made. Gas breaks down and can not be used after awhile.

There are additives that can be added to prolong the usefulness of gas which they do in this book.

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  4. But there are still a lot of things that seem to be overlooked or at least downplayed. The book has a large die off of people from radiation poisoning but then overlooks the large number of people that would die from medicines no longer being made diabetic medicines have very short shelf lives for instance.

    Even with stockpiling and people having some gardens and hunting, a town with a population of or more will deplete food resources fairly quickly. People in the story seemed to have a lot of luck finding electronics, vehicles, etc that survived the EMP blast that occurred with the nuclear blasts. They even managed to get some power going in a lot of places fairly easily. So while the book did touch of this matters, it seemed to be handled a little too easily.

    So for me, the book was a great adventure story but not necessarily that scientifically accurate. Half Past Midnight I definitely think that this book is totally on the mark! This is a real look at what may happen to our country one of these days, given the state of our world. I truly believe we will have to fight each other to hang on to our own survival and the essentials of life. I am grateful to the author for writing a real-life book and showing us what it will take to survive when we have to step back to years into the past.

    Apr 06, Sonny rated it it was ok. I usually enjoy reading dystopian fiction For a survivalist it is all about what to do right before the and immediately after a crisis — the safe house, the supplies, the family and the survival! Leland Dawcett was prepared but not really — how many people can prepare for nuclear bombs? Once the fallout passed and they could resume living?

    It promised to be a beautiful morning for Leland who worked closely with his dad in their family factory. No one else was at work but when the lights went out and Leland moved to the front where his dad was — he saw the cloud and discovered his father dead. Racing home on foot, his wife and children are already packing and ready to hit the road. Thus begins their adventure into the world of the unknown. Leland, a martial arts expert and survival enthusiast meets up with his arch nemesis, Larry. Over the course of two years, we see Leland and his family surviving the fallout; begin anew establishing themselves in a new community and his stepping into a leadership role when Larry rears his ugly head again — along with thousands of military personnel he has conned.


    This book is less about who did the bombing and why — it is focused on the aftermath — surviving, coming together with others and making a society that works. We are never told they why or who, instead we are guided to focus our attention on Larry, Leland and the growth of the community and its people. Strongly written towards surviving as a society in a world where luxuries are limited and treasured.

    Technologically moving backwards where bartering is valuable and money means nothing. Friends and family are valued beyond all else. Jeff Brackett does an excellent job of setting up the storyline and building his characters. No one is a military expert or has all the answers. Brackett demonstrates the necessity of a small society where respect gains friendships and protects your family.

    Brackett develops this apocalyptic tale in a thorough and detailed fashion. His research appears to be flawless. Knowing the details would have taken from the story he so carefully built and would not have brought anything to the story. I hope he continues on his path to becoming an author because he has a hit here. There were no production issues, it flowed flawlessly. Audiobook provided for review by the narrator. Jun 19, Terri rated it it was amazing. A killer thriller! A narrator just makes a story so much more entertaining! This is 1 such story that was much better in audio vs eBook!

    This is a edge of your seat thriller about nuclear war. How would we handle it? What could we do? Would we be able to survive? Are we prepared for a nuclear war? So much food for thought in this book. So many things I would never have even thought of. Could we kill if we had to?

    As I ventured thru this book, I was amazed at all the areas Jeff Brackett author had tackled. Jeff did a really great job on this book! The narrator, Corey Snow dd a great job reading this book too! As it turned out, it wasn't a moment too soon to learn either! I highly recommend this book for everyone to read as it really is something we all need to consider.

    Jan 25, A. Grappin rated it really liked it. I was a little thrown off at the beginning of Half Past Midnight, mostly because I had no real foundation of who Leeland was, when or where I was, before the nukes went off. Still, I found I didn't mind. Brackett so grabbed me with the threat of nuclear war that I was more concerned about general survival than who I was dealing with. By the time things settled, that imbalance had been righted by Leeland's plans and abilities, and I found myself safe with him and his family.

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    It actually startled m I was a little thrown off at the beginning of Half Past Midnight, mostly because I had no real foundation of who Leeland was, when or where I was, before the nukes went off. It actually startled me a little that the bulk of this book was just about surviving in general.

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    For much of the book, the environment and the situation was the main antagonist, and sometimes, that sort of foe makes me dislike a book. While I did feel a little afloat, I did find myself engrossed in how Lee and the people of Rejas rebuilt their lives. Of course, that was when the proverbial dung hit the fan and the fairly minor skirmish at the beginning of the book turned full circle to ramp up the action, tension, and body count.

    Brackett does an amazing job gathering little threads of plot, details that seem trivial, to bring them into the end. It was extremely satisfying, to say the least. Jul 02, Teressa rated it it was amazing Shelves: audiobook-reviews. The audio version of this book was fantastic! It was very realistic. I will listen to this again. It was very thought-provoking. I liked this book from the very beginning. I was hooked right away. When Leeland hears what is happening he wastes no time in kicking his survival skills into high gear; giving his whole family a task to do in order to prepare for immediate evacuation from their home.

    This was clear throughout the whole story where he proves his leadership skills even when he has to let The audio version of this book was fantastic! This was clear throughout the whole story where he proves his leadership skills even when he has to let others do things their way.

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    I love how the author Jeff Brackett leads in each chapter with a Nastradamus Quatrain. It makes this book cohesive and reminds us that D-day is possible. It brings a certain reality to this book. A wake up call.