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If you want to tame a feral cat, you may not necessarily receive positive encouragement from friends, family, and neighbors. The public, in general, has a negative view of feral cats and some view them as a public health problem. However, there are some people who tame feral cats to deal with the problem by encouraging them to come closer so they can have them spayed and neutered and then place them back into their natural habitat.

While this may seem like a shock to the cat, efforts to sterilize these feral cats have at least prevented indiscriminate breeding and has enabled these wild cats to live healthier lives without creating more feral cats. Some municipalities have workers focused on dealing with this issue and create some sign that a feral cat has been spayed or neutered, such as having a mark on the ear. Feral cats create significant problems for local wildlife, and that is one reason why these cats are often culled in some places in the world, such as Australia.

While animal rights activists protest the killing of thousands of wild cats, wildlife preservationists argue that it is a necessary step to prevent these wild cats from killing species, some of which are endangered. A compromise solution to either culling cats or letting them run wild and breed at will is for government workers to capture some of these cats and having them fixed.

Cats are predatory animals by nature, and if their numbers increase in a wild setting, they can pose a significant threat to small wild animals. Rabies is a ruinous disease that can be fatal for humans and animals and is caused by a bite from a wild animal infected with rabies. A bite from a feral cat that has been bitten by a rabid creature such as a rat or a bat can cause a serious illness.

In addition, most stray cats have intestinal problems and infections that can be passed onto semi-feral and outdoor cats. One reason to keep your cat indoors is to keep it from having contact with a feral cat that may carry diseases that can be passed onto your cat. A few of these problems, such as toxoplasmosis, can be passed onto humans through contact with cat feces. When taming a feral cat, the possibility of the cat carrying microbes should be taken into consideration.

Before attempting to calm the cat and getting it used to you, it should be captured and taken to a vet so it can be checked for illnesses and given vaccinations. Work with a veterinarian who is used to dealing with feral cats. Use thick work gloves if you are going to come in contact with a feral cat to prevent it from biting or scratching you and drawing blood. However, getting a feral cat to step into a carrier is an important first step. Every day, put some dry food in front of an open carrier until the feral cat gets used to the object.

With every feeding, put the bowl of food closer to the entrance of the carrier and finally, place it within the carrier. It is helpful if you put the food out for the cat at the same time every day, so the cat gets used to you and knows what to expect. After you have captured the feral cat, you may have to build up trust all over again. It is possible that the captured wild cat is even less trustful of you than it was before, and it may hiss at you. If you are determined to tame the cat, you may be able to work past this phase.

This docile manner does not necessarily signal a change in attitude but may wear off along with the anesthetic. What could result is a heightened level of mistrust, which may or may not be reversed. Taming a feral cat is usually a long process not without its frustrations. The ups and downs, conflict and drama could make taming a cat an interesting reality show. Feral cats may seem to warm up to you and may even let you pet them only to put up an emotional wall the next moment. It is not unusual to see a wild cat start to warm up only to retreat further. Before deciding to tame a feral cat, first be honest with yourself about whether you are up to the task.

Are you passionate about the issue of feral cats in general and want to help them receive vaccinations and reduce their birth rates by making sure they are spayed or neutered? If this is the case, it might be a good idea to join an organization that deals with this issue, become active in the Humane Society or discuss the issue with your municipal government. This may be easier than trying to improve the situation one feral cat at a time. You may have noticed a mother cat and feel protective of her and her kittens.

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Keep in mind that while the sight of a mother cat nursing her young may elicit tender feelings, mother cats can be particularly fierce. He turned around, a glass of red wine in one hand and a crystal tumbler with amber-coloured liquid in the other. I took the offered glass, watching him as he watched me.

Or maybe go in the hot tub? I could see the hot tub through the sheer white curtains and looked back at him. He held his hand out while his eyes held mine captive. He led me off to the side and pushed open a set of double doors, stepping inside an extravagant bedroom. A king-sized bed sat in the centre of the room, pushed against the wall and covered with black silk sheets. A small crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling, casting a cacophony of colours across the burgundy walls and cream-coloured carpet.

He let go of my hand and walked into another room, turning the light on and walking into a bathroom. He came back a minute later, two black plush robes in his hand and a smile on his face. We walked out of the room and towards the French doors, the cool air washing over us as he opened them. The hot tub was already on, the water bubbling as steam rose into the crystalline sky. I stared at him as he started to undo the buttons of his white shirt, his eyes never leaving mine as he slid it off his shoulders and slung it across the back of a wrought iron chair.

I stared at his chest, a chest that looked like it was carved of marble—all hard lines, rolling muscles, and smooth tanned skin. I could see a trail of dark hair that started beneath his belly button and disappeared below his pants—pants he was starting to unfasten. His pants fell to the ground, his boxers followed, and I could nothing but stare at the monster that sprang up and pointed right at me. The skin was stretched tight across his erection, the head dripping pre-cum right in front of my eyes.

His gaze worked its way down my body and I shivered, my hand going to the straps of my dress of their own accord and sliding them off. My dress pooled at my ankles, and I kicked it to the side and slid off my heels. I was on fire, everything inside of me so alive and bright, it was its own entity. I stood in only my lacy bra and matching thong, my nipples so hard, I knew he could see them through the black lace.

He walked up to me and ran his hands gently over my arms, then gripped my hips. He let one hand move behind to my ass, his palm sliding over a cheek before running up and hooking his thumb under the material of my thong. He slid it down, his body so close to me, his mouth so close to mine, I could just lean forward and they would meet. The bra went next, his fingers working expertly on the back hook until he had it free and tossed it to the side.

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He stepped back, his eyes again coasting over my body and making me even wetter. I gasped as shock waves travelled through me from the contact, his tongue gently probing my lips until I opened and let him in. His tongue stroked mine, teasing and tantalisng until I wanted to beg him to fuck me right then and there. I could feel his erection slide against my stomach, the slick wetness of his precum driving my arousal to the breaking point.

He broke the kiss as soon as he initiated it, our mingled breaths coming out in pants as he looked down at me. His jaw was clenched and sweat beaded his forehead. I was pleased and surprised I had this kind of effect on him. He held his hand out to me and I took it without hesitation. I wanted an experience with another person that would leave my mind blank and my body sated.

I might have been shooting for the stars, but as I got in the tub with Killian and let him drape me over his lap, I knew I could find what I was looking for with him, even if it were just for one night. I straddled his lap, our passion mingling together until it was one big circle of lust. He moved his mouth to my neck, his teeth nipping at my flesh, his tongue lapping away the sting.

Craving - James Bay lyrics

His hands moved to cradle my ass as he stood and lifted me. I wrapped my legs around his waist, our mouths staying connected, our tongues still duelling with each other. In the next instant, I was on my back on the silk sheets. The heavy weight of his body covered mine, our wet skin sliding against each other as he rolled onto his back.

I lay on his chest, my legs straddling him, my pussy pressed against his dick. I slid along him, my vagina wet from the hot tub, but more so from my arousal. My pussy rubbed along his cock, my climax impressively close as he moved his hands to grip my breasts and roll them in his big palms. His thumb and forefinger tweaked my nipples until they were unbelievably puckered and aching. Can you do that for me, baby? He kissed my neck, his tongue moving up my flesh and leaving a trail of heat in its wake. I want to feel every ripple of your pussy walls as you engulf me.

I moved my hand between our bodies and gripped his huge cock.

He groaned as soon as my hand wrapped around his hot flesh, his erection like satin-covered steel. I moved my hand up and down its length, running my thumb over the thick crown, feeling every vein and ridge that made up his shaft. I brought the head to my entrance, my juices siding out of me and dripping onto him. He growled again, his hands tightly gripping my hips as he pushed slightly up. I nipped at his chin, raising up slightly and reminding him that I was in control. I slowly brought myself down on him, the tip of his erection stretching me wide and causing a delicious burn.

His hands massaged my breasts, his fingers pulling at my engorged nipples. I sank the rest of the way down until our pelvises touched and we both moaned in ecstasy. Soon, I was moving quickly, my climax so close I could taste it. Sweat coated our bodies and the sound of our wet sexes slapping together bounced off the walls. He gave me encouragement, telling me how beautiful I was, how good I felt, which made me wilder, made me ride him harder and faster until we were both panting. My climax was so close, I moved faster, harder. I slammed my pussy down on him until my orgasm peaked and washed through me.

He groaned loudly below me, his hands gripping my waist as his hips pushed upward, over and over again until I felt the first hard jet of his orgasm coat my womb. His climax lasted long, dragging mine out until finally I collapsed on top of him. We were both breathing hard, his hands sliding along my back, until I finally drifted off to sleep in his arms. I turned on my back and stretched my body, sore in the most intimate places.

A huge smile spread over my face. I sat up and heard my phone ring from the other room. I slipped out of the bed and padded nude into the living room, where I found my clothes neatly folded on the couch, along with my coat and purse. I quickly slipped my clothing on, flipping my phone open and knowing it was Halle before I heard her muffled voice. The room was neat and tidy with no evidence of what we had done. I shut the door and made my way down the hallway, keeping the key in my hand and reminding myself I needed to return it to the front desk.

When he said he felt a connection, I knew I too felt that same connection, that same magnetism towards him. I was supposed to meet Halle in the main lobby, and I was thankful to be able to change and primp before the party tonight, which I fully intended to attend. Halle and I stepped into the main lobby of Wolf Lodge, loud music blasting through the room as beautiful people walked around with alcohol-filled glasses in their hands.

We gave our coats and purses to the coat check and headed into the ballroom.

Rio Tahuayao: A Lodge Based Jungle Experience

I was glad I decided to bring one of my more dressy gowns—a deep red satin empire waist gown that fell to my toes in soft waves. My shoes were the same red colour, strappy and tall, with Swarovski crystal accents on the straps—one of my more expensive splurges. A man approached us with a big smile and a stack of name tags in his hand.

The lights were low as we entered the ballroom. Candles decorated the tables again, and the wall sconces were on low, making the atmosphere dreamy. The dance floor was in the centre of the room, tables circling it, which at the moment happened to be the main attraction.

I ordered two martinis, one in each hand as I turned and scanned the room for Halle. I looked up for the first time and saw a night scene, thousands of tiny lighted stars covering the ceiling, making it seem as if we were under the evening sky. I scanned the room again, almost dropping the glasses as my eyes stopped on the man I had desired all day. He was seated at one of the tables, each chair around him taken by a woman more beautiful than the next. He looked the same, but even from this distance I could sense something different about him. He made sure to touch every woman, his body leaning into theirs as he whispered things into their ears.

I straightened my shoulders and finished scanning the room for Halle, spotting her at a table right next to his. I groaned, determined to make my outer appearance calm and collected, not at all affected by seeing him after he ditched me at his room. I had no right to care, anyway—it was a one-night stand. My anger returned tenfold, my eyes narrowing at him as I moved towards Halle and sat next to her. From where I sat, I could see him clearly, and that just pissed me off even more.

I drank my martini, surprised when I swallowed its contents in a matter of seconds. It was insane, but the truth was I really had felt something for Killian; an energy that passed between us had left me breathless. And like the fool I am, I got lost in those dark depths, my body a traitor as it heated and became wet. He closed his eyes and inhaled. It was the strangest thing to see, but it did something to me, made me hotter. His eyes slowly opened, his primal look had a shiver racing down my spine.

He stood, brushing the other women off, and walked towards me. My heart pounded as he slid into the seat next to me, pulling his chair so close, our knees touched. As I stared into his eyes, the colour no longer seemed blue but a deep green, and his whole aura screamed of something different. He looked like Killian—exactly—but he seemed so different, more wild and reckless. This small act of exhibitionism had my clit throbbing with demand.

My body was so wet and ready for him that all I wanted to do was go up to his room. I stayed strong, though, determined not to let him see how he affected me, even though I was doing a pretty shitty job at that. A slow song started and I turned my head, spotting Halle at the bar, her full attention on Troy. His hand slid to my lower back, pulling me close so I could feel his monster erection press against my belly. His other hand snaked up my back until it was buried in my hair, both of our bodies moving sensuously to the music.

His head dipped by my ear, his hot breath caressing my skin. I closed my eyes. I can smell how much you want me—all you have to do is say the words and we can be in my suite. His face moved in closer, his lips a breath away. Our eyes were locked as he closed that last space between our mouths and brought his lips to mine. The kiss was slow, no tongue coming into play, but so hot it had me panting. He pulled away and trailed his finger down my cheek.

I did want him desperately, a feeling that pissed me off, but that I was helpless to control. What was the harm, anyway? I nodded, my breath coming in shallow pants. He kissed my lips gently before pulling away and walking back to his table. I stood there as people danced all around me, staring at the floor as my body pulsated with lust. I noticed her eyes kept jumping behind me and I turned to see Troy standing a few feet away, her coat in his hand and excitement clear on his face.

I saw the way you two were dancing; I was going to tell you to get a room. Oh yes, definitely serious. I stayed there, watching everyone as I finished my drink. I had no idea how he snuck up on me, but he stood so close to me, I could smell his intoxicating cologne. As soon as the doors closed, he pressed my body against the cold, smooth wall and claimed my mouth in a searing kiss. His tongue invaded my mouth, running over mine as he pressed his hips into me, his erection so hard I moaned.

The thought excited me and I wrapped my arms around his neck. He broke away, his mouth trailing hot kisses down my neck and nipping at my collar bone. The elevator chimed at our destination and I followed him out, going down the same hallway and stopping at the same door as last night. We stepped in soundlessly.

He closed the door behind me and I gasped when he pushed me against it. His hands framed my face, his lips taking mine as we slanted our heads and deepened the kiss. I heard a distant rustling and pulled away. I remembered what Halle said about Killian having a flock of women by him all the time. All that is just for show. I nodded, our small detour not stopping the arousal that still pulsed inside me.

He smiled, just a tilt of his lips that was so sexy, it made my toes curl. He moved his hands to my ass, gripping each cheek and pulling me close to him. He rolled his hips against mine as he lifted me easily, my legs wrapping around his waist as he carried me to the bedroom. There was passion and determination on his features, his eyes set hard as his hands clenched and unclenched on my ass.

He carried me into the bedroom, shutting the door with his foot and claiming my mouth once again. We fell to the bed, his hands removing my clothes with expert precision as he looked down at me. He was just as glorious as I remembered—his massive cock standing at full attention, so ready to slide inside me. I leaned on my elbows and gave him what I hoped was a sexy smile, opening my legs wide so he could see how wet he made me. I felt my moisture seeping out of me, coating my pussy folds and heightening my desire.

His eyes zeroed in on my sex, his tongue darted out and he licked his lips. He dropped to his knees and gripped my calves, dragging me down the bed and throwing my legs over his shoulders. I tossed my head back and moaned at the first touch of his tongue to my clit. His thumbs spread my labias wide while his tongue dipped into my channel and pierced it.

I moved my hips up, needing my vagina as close to his face as I could get as my climax crept slowly towards the surface. He continued to fuck my pussy hole with his tongue, his thumb moving up to my clit and rolling the engorged bead. I gripped the sheets, my orgasm crashing through me so forcefully, I screamed in abandon. I gripped my hair and thrashed my head back and forth, not even able to suck air into my lungs from all of the pleasure that claimed me. He gently set my legs on the bed and flipped me onto my belly, my arousal coming back in full force at his dominance.

The Pumilio Child

I could feel the hot, wet tip of his cock nudging at my ass as his hands gripped my waist and pulled me up. I balanced on my hands and knees and looked over my shoulder at him. He pressed his hand in the middle of my back, his other one sliding over my ass and slapping the cheek hard enough to sound through the room. I moaned, not from pain, but surprisingly, from the pleasure it caused.

I spread my legs wide in invitation and watched as he gripped himself and brought his organ to my entrance, the head popping inside with ease. He stayed still a minute, staring down at where my pussy engulfed his cock head, his breathing fast. We both moaned, his hands gripping my waist as he pounded into me in fast, sure strokes. He pulled out until just the head of his penis was lodged inside of me then slammed back inside, my pussy making a sucking noise with each push of his hips. His forceful strokes had me gripping the sheets and screaming out in pleasure, my orgasm crashing through me with force, my pussy tightening around him as he tensed above me.

Feral Craving

Milk my cock; squeeze that tight little pussy of yours around me. Jet after hot jet pulsed out of him and into me until I could no longer hold myself up. I collapsed on the bed, his body slowly pulling out of mine. Simply put, this is the most authentic indigenous experience available to you today.

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