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MGMT The factors that can increase competitive rivalry include the following: 1 numerous and equally balanced competitors; 2 slow or no industry growth; 3 high fixed costs, high storage costs of inventory, or perishable products; 3 lack of differentiated products or low cost of product switching by customers; 4 high strategic stakes for the competitors; and 5 high barriers for firms wishing to exit the industry, causing firms to remain in an industry where they cannot reasonably expect to make a profit.

What are high exit barriers and how do they affect the competition within an industry? ANS: Exit barriers are economic, strategic, and emotional factors causing companies to remain in an industry, even though the profitability of doing so is in question. The following are common sources of exit barriers: 1 specialized assets which cannot be used in another business or location; 2 fixed costs of exit, such as labor agreements which penalize a firm for ceasing operation; 3 strategic interrelationships or mutual dependence of business units wherein one business of a corporation serves another corporate business; 4 emotional barriers that cause owners to be sentimentally attached to the business or to their own role in it; 5 government and social restrictions that prevent a firm from closing, often in order to prevent the loss of jobs in a country or community.

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What effect does the strategic group have on the firm? The firms in a strategic group occupy similar positions in the market, offer similar goods to similar customers, and may make similar decisions about production technology and organizational features.

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Competition among firms in a strategic group is more intense than the competition among a firm and those firms outside its strategic group. What do firms need to know about their competitors? God hates this! He totally despises this behavior. This is exactly why God always uses the weak things of the world to shame the so-called wise and self-righteous.

These examples might sound like they are exclusive to ancient times, but they are just as relevant today.

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Church life should not be a competitive ground, but it is. These are all competitive and self-righteous actions. And on the next day he got up and went away with them, and some of the brethren from Joppa accompanied him.

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On the following day he Peter entered Caesarea. Now Cornelius was waiting for them and had called together his relatives and close friends. When Peter entered, Cornelius met him, and fell at his feet and worshiped him.

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Real Competition: Not all competition is bad. To effectively use your competitive nature you need to learn to compete against yourself instead of others.

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When you compete against yourself you strive to improve yourself instead of trying to dominate someone else. This is the race Paul is talking about.

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Run in such a way to win the race — not, run a race to defeat your fellow brethren. Live your life, not in competition with others, but lay your life down for others. When you compete against yourself you also eliminate the stresses and incessant need to be validated comparatively to others. Moreover, you also gain knowledge because you are humble enough to learn.

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What if you had more time to truly seek out and become all that God created you for? Stay humble and run a good race. Mountain of Death. Journey to the Himba. The Earthquake. People of the Trees. Return to Africa. The Pacific. The Source. Season Four.