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Sort order. Oct 10, karen added it Shelves: from-publisher-or-author , books-are-dirrrrrrty , dbr. R U happy to see me? Highland Roots oh, like there is an erotic anthology anywhere that doesn't have a scottish tale in it, complete with a rugged man in a kilt who loooooves red pubic hair on girls. You have the pussy of my dreams! I've always fantasized about a woman's heavenly hole covered in lush red hair.

You have an absolute forest! Wow, wow, WOW! Oh, Fiona! You are the woman of my dreams!

Indian Short Stories

On the Altar hooded orgy!! View all 6 comments. Sep 29, Lance Greenfield added it. I cannot review or rate this book, as I wrote it, but here is a bit of background information on where some of the stories came from. The signature story, When Pleasure Blooms , just sprang into my head one day as I looked at an almost perfect flower, and thought how sensual it was.

I challenged myself to expand that thought, to make it bloom, into an extraordinary story about a rare plant which is truly sensual and is capable of exuding pleasure.

This Is Pleasure

Many parts of Mary Had A Naval Virgin are bas I cannot review or rate this book, as I wrote it, but here is a bit of background information on where some of the stories came from. I actually was a naval officer cadet, and I did hitch down to my shipmate's home in Kent. And we really did hitch a ride with a man who was almost exactly as I describe him. The events up to a point in the story which you'll easily discern when you read it, even the dialogue, actually happened!

And it really was hilarious at the time. I suppose I could've taken An African Massage a lot further than the short story that it is. There is so much of me and my own roots in this story too. It could easily have become a novel, but I decided to leave it there and move on. This was based on a recurring dream which was described to me in about three lines by a Goodreads friend in North America. She told me that she used to wake up from this dream at exactly the same point every night.

Paul Bloom: The origins of pleasure

That point will be easy to find when you read the story. She'd wake up feeling both very scared and very aroused. So this is actually a female fantasy from a professional woman. When I sent her my first draft, she read it at her desk and had to run off to the ladies half way through and finish reading it in a cubicle! That made me laugh! I can just imagine the scene in a legal company's office!

I know that they are not up to top-of-the-market standards, but I can't help feeling rather pleased with them. Apr 05, Tara Chevrestt rated it really liked it Shelves: release , erotic. I don't read much erotic anymore, but I read part of this book back when I did.

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Altar and Massage. I thought they were very well done. Altar is different and has a tone of darkness. There's a little for both here. Naval is a "nasty" Mary with two "little lambs. It made me chuckle and that's why I enjoyed Mr. Greenfield's stories.

It Had to Be You

In the middl I don't read much erotic anymore, but I read part of this book back when I did. In the middle of all the heat, he throws in a little joke or innuendo that cracks me up. I highlighted a few passages that made me smile or laugh, but there are too many to share. Fiona was something else though. A welder with a mouth who strikes fear in men And this Scottish hammer-throwing champion, my ass! You're a big wuss. If feels like a fly just landed on my ass. LOL This story was funny in more than one spot, but there are two areas of it that will make some readers uncomfortable. I was.

BUT, as I said above, there's something for everyone in this. However, the best story and the most imaginative of all would have to be the first one, in which there is no sex. But the sensuality of the telling makes you have dirty thoughts regardless. It's so subtle, you feel guilty for thinking that way. View all 5 comments. Mar 18, Paula rated it really liked it Shelves: adults-only , menage-ahhh , monster-love , owned-but-haven-t-read-yet , erotic , ouch-thank-you , anthology , kindle , taboo , virgin-territory. I'm pretty sure there are no spoilers included in this review but if anyone spots any just comment below and I'll fix it right up.

Overall I'm giving this anthology 4 stars. Mainly because of "Highland Roots". I liked this story the best because there was a little emotional attachment involved in this story. Bruce and Fiona shared the stage quite equally. I loved the draw they had to each other. I liked the fact that they both hadn't had much experience with love before meeting. The story was pr I'm pretty sure there are no spoilers included in this review but if anyone spots any just comment below and I'll fix it right up.

The story was pretty titillating except for one or two tiny little things hardly worth mentioning but they are personal preferences and I wouldn't hold that against the author or let it affect my review. All in all I think it was written well, as were the other stories, very few typos and exemplary use of English. I personally was a little disappointed in the Cadets choice in the end. At the end I was wishing there was time for more story about Tony and his Masseuse.

One sexually stimulating scene minus relationship. A mans fantasy! You go guy! View all 9 comments. Oct 10, Susie rated it really liked it Shelves: ebooks , owned , adult , erotica , fiction , contemporary , short-stories. Well, it took me a while to get around to reading this one, but I'm glad I did! But, all that aside, I guess the wait actually d Well, it took me a while to get around to reading this one, but I'm glad I did!

But, all that aside, I guess the wait actually did me good. I'm not going to rate the stories individually, like I have done in the past with some anthologies, being as they're all by the same author.

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What I will say is that each story had its own unique style, which is nice to read when it is all by the same author. The book actually built up slowly for me, with my favourites being the last two. I think that all of the stories could have done with a bit more polish, not only on the basic editing front there were a few grammatical mistakes litered around, but what with having worked in editing in the past, they tend to jump out at me , but also to shorten down some of the story telling, as in places it felt like it was rambling on a bit.

For me, it's also interesting to read stories written by a male author, as most of the previous books I have read have been, not deliberately, written by female authors. It certainly notices in the writing style, the attention focus, how the characters are written I would like to see if I could find a male author who could give equal balance to the characters of both sexes, as I found the majority of the stories here written obviously from a male perspective. But what keeps the rating up, for me, is the individuality of each story, with many different flavours to be sampled across the board.

May 26, donna rated it it was amazing Shelves: erotica , adult. Greenfield, you have written an outstanding group of stories that not only tease the senses but the imagination as well. Every single one has a temptation that drives one to surrender to the desire burning right under the surface. For me, this book needs to come with a warning--toys and towels may be needed.

A definite must read book especially if you want to get a delicious thrill! Read this book if you really want to get your juices flowing in many ways! Enjoy this book and its stories to t Mr. Enjoy this book and its stories to the fullest, as i have time and time again. For me it is a must read, favorite book and author. This book has sent my imagination into overdrive with some very tense moments causing me to go looking for some privacy and wishing for more toys!

Can you imagine having such a flower with petals begging to be stroked? The connection between you both that every light touch, stroke or slow plunge of a finger brings a burst of pleasure and longing. That pleasure just begging to be brought to completion. Will you stay riding the edge of pleasure or ride over the abyss? An African Massage Now that is a massage that I could really enjoy. The thought my body being teased day after day until finally on that last day resulting in a mind blowing orgasm! Although, i'm not sure if i would want to be the one giving or receiving the massage Either way, by the end of the torture of several days of teasing the finale would leave me totally relaxed and well satisfied.

Mary Had a Naval Virgin A virgin's dreams come true, being with an experienced partner in foreplay and sex, so what if it's a ghost. Can you imagine having sex with the ghost? To be able to touch, stroke, tease, smell and learn from their vast knowledge! Can you imagine how well your own knowledge would grow or heighten your own desire, pleasure and control? This would be a totally awesome experience for someone. Who would i choose? Highland Roots This story has to be one of my favorites and one that i relate to the most. Or it just might be something about a strong Alpha men and motorcycles.

Or maybe it's because this story reminds me about my own motorcycle story. Fiona travels over to Scotland to continue her research of her heritage. She meets Bruce, who is a distant relative. Bruce wants to compare family trees and offers to show Fiona the area along with places that have special meaning to their ancestors. Fiona may be there to learn more about her ancestors but she gets a lot more than she bargained for at first.

The sexual chemistry that brews between Bruce and Fiona from their first meeting only intensifies the more time they spend together. When Bruce takes Fiona for a ride on his motorcycle, Fiona can't resist her urge to find out what is under Bruce's kilt regardless of his warning.

“Acceptance Journey”

Let's just say add a rope, spankings, gorgeous surroundings and a motorcycle is one fantasy that every woman would love to be involved in. On The Altar Can you imagine being the offering on a church altar? With this story, you can be! Imagine 8 people surrounding you, preparing you for the beast to claim you.

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Your experience taking you from one extreme to another; orgasm after orgasm, wish it would never end but know that it will eventually when he can't hold back any longer. For more than forty years, Bloom has transformed college students into lifelong readers with his unrivaled love for literature.

Now, at a time when faster and easier electronic media threatens to eclipse the practice of reading, Bloom draws on his experience as critic, teacher, and prolific reader to plumb the great books for their sustaining wisdom. Shedding all polemic, Bloom addresses the solitary reader, who, he urges, should read for the purest of all reasons: to discover and augment the self.

His ultimate faith in the restorative power of literature resonates on every page of this infinitely rewarding and important book. Igoe - LibraryThing Professor Bloom is sometimes pooh-poohed for his support of the Western Canon, but for those not immersed in the humanities, the book is likely to be a signpost to a deeper understanding of literature Guy de Maupassant. Flannery OConnor. Vladimir Nabokov. Tommaso Landolfi.

Robert Browning. Great Expectations. The Portrait of a Lady. In Search of Lost Time. The Magic Mountain. Summary Observations. The Importance of Being Earnest. Walt Whitman. William Shakespeare.