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I loved the relationship between Kalli and Ista.

Ravenwood: Andrew Peters.m4v

They are quite different in magical talent, family background, bearing, and emotional outlooks. Thankfully, Melinda Brasher spared us that. The two enchantresses tackle a mysterious game of cat-and-mouse across the countryside. They have to not only track the Chaos Mage looking for clues in his wake of destruction, and trying to avoid getting caught up in it, while also tracking his enchantments without giving themselves away with their own enchantments.

The Chaos Mage also has henchmen on the road, who must be misdirected or avoided. Kallinesha and Ista have no combat training, and are inexperienced mages. Luckily, they have different strengths in how they apply their magic, and make good calls in dividing their tasks. Kalli has respectable skill in diplomacy. They seem outmatched, but they are up for the challenge: when one plan fails, they try another. The pursuit takes them into urban environments; I loved the atmosphere of the city gates, the streets and great halls, and especially the catacombs. The atmosphere would go from crowded, to solitary, and back again as events demanded.

Then the story enters another phase.

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Another character comes in, introduces himself, and offers help. Thusly, Brasher deftly guided the story into an exciting new phase of intrigue in the city that actually came to be every bit as entertaining as what had come before. Ista and Kallinesha were not together so much anymore; instead, they had to intricately delegate different tasks, split up and meet again. They had to set up, and tinker with, enchantments to allay suspicions and keep their enemies off balance. The violence level in the book is low. What violence there is, is not particularly brutal or shocking.

There is no profanity. There are no sexual situations. The text flows beautifully. I think the ending goes on too long and finishes too predictably on the plot level, but the character interaction is extraordinary and rings true enough to carry the day. Kallinesha, daughter of the High Commander, with glory on her mind and duty in her blood, knows many things.

She knows that her father is the noblest man in the kingdom. She knows that hard work and study trump raw magical talent, even talent as strong as that of her cowardly commoner companion, Ista.

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She also knows that she can kill the ruthless Chaos Mage and prove herself worthy of her family name. Ista, daughter of a city baker, knows a few things too. She knows that Kallinesha has no heart and that none of the protectors can be trusted. Most importantly, she knows that her beloved mage mistress is never wrong, and sending them out here alone to face the Chaos Mage must therefore be right, no matter how it terrifies her. The man they pursue knows only that he won't let two inexperienced girls ruin everything. They're all wrong. The two girls come from vastly different backgrounds, and are definitely not friends.

The book is written clearly, and has been proofed and edited well. There was the odd error here and there, but not enough to detract from the narrative. The ending is nicely rounded off, and any loose ends are taken care of. The plot pace is a gentle one, with a bit of excitement here and there. I guessed early on the true identity of the Chaos Mage, and there were no surprises or unexpected turns for me in this story.

On the whole, a well written book, but without that extra bit of spark that would lead me to give it full marks. Thus it gets a strong 4 out of 5 stars from me. Feb 22, T. I received this book in exchange for a fair review, so here it is. A mythical kingdom is threatened by the Chaos Mage, that being the bad variety of Mages, which are Wizards or Witches. There are also Soothsayers, and their visions are Far-knowing. My initial impression is that it's like some other fantasy books I've read—a young girl with a special gift that is the only weapon that can defeat a great evil.

That's the same plot in most fantasy books targeting the YA audience. All of them pretty I received this book in exchange for a fair review, so here it is. All of them pretty much follow a similar plot to The Hunger Games or Star War--everyone is trying to catch a falling sword. Heck, you can trace the lineage back to High Noon.

The plot of this book strikingly similar to another I'm also reviewing, and I realize that there is not much different from the sun. I guess I'm looking for what's different about the plot, characters or setting of this novel to make me care enough to read further. I guess it's a sad commentary on our culture that all the YAs want to be special, without actually having to do anything but be born with unique abilities. I think it's indicative of a level of narcissism that rampant in this culture.

Still, I plunged ahead, being pulled further into this mystic realm. Ista is the young protege of the older wizard.

She must overcome her fear because the force is strong within this one sorry, couldn't help it. Kallinesha is the most courageous of the duo. The author does a lot of telling and not so much showing, so the pace is rather leisurely. There is lots of discussion on how to capture the Chaos Mage, and how different magic works, but it's not told through dialog, but through narration. Technically, the book is well written, and I think the book is fine for the YA audience, but the leisurely pace bogs it down. This is more like a 3. The novel was an interesting mix of great and not so great. First, the great.

The two main characters were very interesting, and well depicted. Ista and Kallinesha were well drawn, and they opposed each other in a believable way. Switching between their two points of view mostly worked. The dialogue was good, and the development of their relationship was also believable. The writing flowed well, and the world building was very good. Now the not so great. The pace of the novel is just very slow. Regular flashbacks interrupted the story at regular intervals.

Sometimes the change in point of view also slowed down the pace, as we suddenly caught up with the other character. At other times long descriptions of how magic worked, or long internal ruminations by the characters, made me skim read, wanting to get back to the story. There was also a lack of urgency to their mission. So, well written, but I would have liked a bit more pace and real threat to keep me interested. Far-Knowing is a fast-paced adventure of intrigue and magic.

Fans of action and relentless pace will thoroughly enjoy the way the story takes off from the get-go and really never slows down. The characters are flawed and intriguing, and even in the short span of the book, their perceptions are shattered and reassemble Far-Knowing is a fast-paced adventure of intrigue and magic.

The characters are flawed and intriguing, and even in the short span of the book, their perceptions are shattered and reassembled. The plot isn't terribly complicated, but it's sound and plausible, and the twist is delightful. Brasher does not go out of her way to over-complicate matters, whether it's the plot, the setting, the politics, or the magic system. It's beautiful in its simplicity, but that's not to say it's a "simple" book. It's just a well-crafted story that, for lack of a better term, is efficient in its word-smithing.

One thing that made me laugh was that I generally avoid YA novels that I even think may have a love triangle in them. This book sort of grazed the subject with its fingertips, but thankfully delved away from it just as quickly.

Legend of ravenwood book 2

There are hints of romance, but it's never the focus of the story because of the time constraints, the fast pace, and the ages of the protagonists. Anyone looking for a quick, fun-filled adventure starring two well-juxtaposed heroines will probably finish this in a few sessions. The writing is terrific, and absolutely no errors in this book. It's great that the author takes such care to bring out the best in her writing, and that she ensures that the formatting and the grammar is rigorous.

Plus there are two terrific female characters, and unlike other books, they have distinctive voices. One is serious and takes command, and the other is more of a follower, and is more likely to see life as more enjoyable and to take the more relaxing path. I also loved the scene with The writing is terrific, and absolutely no errors in this book. I also loved the scene with the King at the end of the book. It's just that overall, the book moves at a pace too relaxed for me.

I love fantasy, and I do love books where there is nice building of character and the setting, and where discoveries are made, rather than blow-by-blow battles. However, in this book, I didn't find much to excite me to turn the pages. To me, the book seemed mostly following through on a theory as to who the bad guy is, and to search for him, plus many pages on how different types of magic works.

That could be well done, and spur my interest, but here, it seemed languid and hazy. Perhaps there wasn't a clear "mission" or urgency that would have excited me. But the writing is terrific. The future of this author is assured. Maybe in another story, the plot would encourage me to feel attached to the book.

Oh, the scene where one of the young women meets with a town resident and discovers the catacombs was nicely done! Jun 10, T. Two young women--mages-in-training--are sent by their mistress and instructor to stop the Chaos Mage from further killing and destruction in the kingdom of Andelinn. Kalli is the daughter of the king's High Commander and has lived a life of privilege. Despite that, she is a hard worker with great confidence in herself and a passion for king and kingdom, like her father whom she seeks to impress. Ista is the daughter of a baker, a commoner with great mage potential, but lacks the self-assuredness Two young women--mages-in-training--are sent by their mistress and instructor to stop the Chaos Mage from further killing and destruction in the kingdom of Andelinn.

Ista is the daughter of a baker, a commoner with great mage potential, but lacks the self-assuredness she sees in Kalli. Their quest is the same, their motivations and skills different. As personalities clash, they learn not everything and everyone in the kingdom is what they think they are. Along the way, two young men join up with their cause to save the king. What I found fascinating is the way using magic is so personal to each mage, where they commit not only their knowledge of enchantments and materials called reinforcements to make it work, but also the personal physical and mental energy it takes.

Do too much, and a mage puts herself at risk for insurmountable fatigue or even death. I really enjoyed this fantasy from Ms. Besides the story, it's multi-layered with the human experience and the strengths and weaknesses we all have in common. Mar 21, G. An entertaining and well-written fantasy tale, with plenty of suitable doses of magic, sorcery and sword play has been served up here by a talented author.

There are strong female characters in the two main characters, Ista and Kallinesha, who are ably assisted in their heroic tasks by the male love interests. The author introduces intriguing elements of conflict between the heroines from time to time, but this did not prevent me from rooting for each of them to the end of the novel. I enjoyed t An entertaining and well-written fantasy tale, with plenty of suitable doses of magic, sorcery and sword play has been served up here by a talented author. I enjoyed the idea of over-use of spells causing the main protagonists to feel weary, and consequently becoming vulnerable to their enemies.

Far-Knowing is a story with pace and intriguing twists and turns. There are many well-drawn situations showing skilful powers of description with a mature turn of phrase from Ms Brasher. The main evil character possesses cultured qualities and keeps the reader guessing throughout. Far-Knowing pulls you in right away. The world-building is spot on and insanely intricate.

The author clearly has put a lot of time into crafting a great world and going into detail.

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I really enjoy reading a novel that's that in depth. It really sells the world. Death and evil is enveloping the land. Head Elder Myt stood and yelled above the whispers and giggles of the students. Disruptions will not be tolerated! B-But, Krys stammered. Needing to break the grip which held him, he threw his hands over his head and tried to scoot to the next log.

He missed and fell to the ground. Krys jumped to his feet and stared at the leader of Ravenwood Village. His heart hammered in his chest. He thrashed to release his captor, but hit the ground once more. Master Wizard, please! I can explain. Krys stumbled to his feet. He gaped at Wizard Crillin, needing his support again. But the instructor broke eye contact and averted his gaze.

Krys returned his attention to the head elder. His knees felt as if they would not support his body. Wizard Myt, there was a…. His mouth hanging open, he peered from Myt to Crillin and back to Myt. He turned to Peter. His friend shook his head slightly; his jaw set and his mouth held in a tight, straight line. Before Peter could say anything, Krys turned and ran from the clearing, angry at the woman that had destroyed his dreams.

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This Crumbling Pageant

Unchosen Mage by M Norton. Summary Lanterra is a cursed land of unbalanced magic.

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Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Norton Chapter 1 - The Choosing Today is not a good day to be late. Are you ready? Peter asked as Krys drew closer. You just did.

This Crumbling Pageant (The Fury Triad #1) by Patricia Burroughs

Easy for you to say. Krys dropped onto a stool. Peter grinned and sat on the stump next to Krys. Peter pitched the chewed apple core into his pack. Sounds boring. Yeah it does. Krys rubbed his hands together. Glad I got out of that trip. There were ancient runes on it that no one could read. Peter punched Krys in the arm. Quit worrying so much. A breath caught in his throat. Peter turned around. What woman? Krystomere Anderwood, a low, raspy voice said from behind Krys. A shiver shot up his spine and he turned. You must seek the wizard. Go away, old woman, said Peter, now standing beside Krys.

She stared at Peter, and then at Krys. There is no time to waste. Not today. Peter took a step toward her. She backed up and disappeared behind a tree. Zandur and his friends shoved each other and laughed snidely. Ignore him, Peter whispered. Krys and Peter moved closer to the platform, yet, remained at the back of the group. A girl dressed in green timidly walked to the platform. Peter waved his hand around the clearing. This is important. Krys said, louder than he intended. Silence enveloped the clearing. Krys turned. Everyone stared at him, including the wizards.

Is there a problem, Mr. Crillin asked from the platform. Turning his head to face her, fear gripped him when he saw no one behind him. You must seek the great wizard, her voice continued. He thrashed about to free himself from the invisible grip. Crillin wrung his hands and blew out his breath as he stood next to the head elder. You will leave the Choosing, Myt said. Respectfully, Elder Myt, Crillin said. I believe that to be unnecessary. The two wizards peered at each other for a long moment. Very well, Myt said. But there will be no other interruptions. Crillin gave a slight nod.

Both versions should be available on Amazon very soon. Lanterra is a cursed land of unbalanced magic. There is no hope for its citizens until fourteen-year-old, unproven mage, Krys Anderwood opens an ancient journal and unleashes its power. The tome depicts a great battle two hundred years before, when an evil sorcerer named Grimm murdered the reigning king, Reth, and trapped the Wizard Raven, forcing him into eternal sleep. With the king and the mighty wizard gone, the magic of Lanterra became unbalanced, slowly succumbing to evil as it ran unchecked across the fragile land.

Krys finds that he faces an impossible deadline, yet concedes to the task set two centuries before.