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So the devil is in the details. And unfortunately, there are very few details available. Fernstrom told me when I related the sketchy bits of information about the beer diet I could find. As with all diets, Dr. Fernstrom recommends consulting with a health professional first, but my guess is that people who are interested in the beer diet never will, as it would most certainly be a buzzkill. Despite her feelings about the beer diet, Dr. Fernstrom thinks having a beer or two while watching your weight is a perfectly sensible thing to do.

So here's my advice: don't be a moron. Try to live your life in balance. Drink a beer. Eat delicious, balanced meals more often than not. Get your body moving most days. Trevor, Tokyo, Japan Everybody from England and Europe provide awesome answers and suggestions and the one person from the US wrote what you see above. How typical. One person making a stupid comment doesn't indicate the intellect of a whole fucking country.

We have plenty of idiots here, but your country has them too Ken B. I think I know what you're trying to say, but you haven't exactly painted a good picture of the US.

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Be more constructive, and tone down the language please. I have a couple of American friends, and they're great.

Gil carpenter, Chattanooga, US Great information. On behalf of the United States I give my sincere apologies for the coarse language and uncouth demeanour of my countrymen. Way to make us look like a bunch of flag-waving troglodytes! I found this article while trying to figure out why I can't shake my gut; I eat a fairly healthy vegetarian diet and bike to and from work. My wife says it is the beers a day that I consume.

I think I may look into switching to spirits or abstaining completely until I get a bit trimmer! Everybody knows that a beer belly is caused by the beer bugs What else do you think it is that comes up in the bubbles?

The Beer Diet!

Once you've swallowed your beer, these beer bugs attack the lining of your stomach and force it to settle outwards, giving you what is know as a "beer belly". You can avoid the beer bugs, by drinking wine. Wine only includes the wine fairies, these just make you a woman. For a man to drink wine, the ultimate effect is that eventually you will develop a vagina. Moreover, spirits will not do you much harm, unless you encounter the spirit snake which causes you to loose your memory and is related to some cases of alzheimers disease.

So the moral of the story is to not drink unless you're a woman drinking wine. This is fine. I eat 2 lean pockets any variety after drinking. I workout one time a day and rollerblade every other day.

Know the difference between light beer, low-alcohol beer, and low-carb beer

I went from pounds to in 6 wks and still losing I have lost 4 inches from my waist. Beer does not cause you to get fat, and f wine thats for a fact. Stop eating burgers and fries..

And eat lean then burn that shit off the next day don't just lay there. These guys giving us advise don't even drink. So just diet and workout and drink whatever you want except wine!!!! All the answers are amazing, even the ones with the cursing they made me laugh , you need a mix of everything to balance it out ya know. Anyway, I agree with the working out and the eating healthy I will keep drinking beer Thanks for the info and the highly developed and medical answers on the top.

I am asian. I eat a lot of food. I have no beer belly. So i guess it depends on the person.

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Do the math n u will be fine. Cardio 4 to 5 times a week will do wonders and you wouldnt feel guilty in treating your self to the good ol'pint. I love beer, Cheers!!! Lourenco Salvador, Goa India All this talk about beer is making me thirsty. I'm on my way to the convenience store. John, Toronto Canada Great topic!

The Best Beer to Drink on a Diet (And The Worst) | Eat This Not That

I lost 28lbs last year by cutting out 'high fat' foods and exercising. Hey, beer got humanity through the Dark Ages safest, cleanest beverage to drink! The overall idea may seem bizarre in a modern context, but there is historical precedent for the sudsy Lenten season strategy. Already at the mid-way mark of his journey and having made such significant progress, it looks like Hall might just have the stuff of the monks of old running through his veins. That, and no small amount of alcohol. Want more stories like this?

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