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The Long Night Jessica Scott. Homefront - Homefront 1 Jessica Scott. Sign in. Watch now. Title: The Long Voyage Home Three outlaws on the run find a dying woman in the desert who gives birth to a baby. The mother entrusts the care of the child to the three men. A fictionalized account of the early life of the American president as a young lawyer facing his greatest court case.

Captain Nathan Brittles, on the eve of retirement, takes out a last patrol to stop an impending massive Indian attack. Encumbered by women who must be evacuated, Brittles finds his mission imperiled. A Polynesian sailor -- unjustly imprisoned after defending himself against a colonial bully -- is relentlessly persecuted by his island's martinet French governor. In , Irish immigrant Martin Maher is hired as a civilian employee at West Point where, during a year career, he rises to the rank of NCO and instructor. A group of people traveling on a stagecoach find their journey complicated by the threat of Geronimo and learn something about each other in the process.

John Ford weaves three "Judge Priest" stories together to form a good- natured exploration of honour and small-town politics in the South around the turn of the century. Judge William In , a Union outfit is sent behind Confederate lines in Mississippi to destroy enemy railroads but a captive southern belle and the unit's doctor cause frictions within ranks.

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Aboard the freighter Glencairn, the lives of the crew are lived out in fear, loneliness, suspicion and cameraderie. The men smuggle drink and women aboard, fight with each other, spy on each other, comfort each other as death approaches, and rescue each other from danger.

The Long Way Home: One Mom's Journey Home from War

The Long Voyage home is not a typical film from this period. It differs in that it focuses on an ensemble cast instead of on a star. That's common nowadays, but not back then. Ford's Stagecoach, made the previous year, had quite an ensemble cast, but the film was always focused on Ringo and Dallas. Here, John Wayne is just one of the stars. Others are as prominent. The plot is also pretty tenuous and episodic. And, unlike most films of the time, the focus was not on a goal, but just on the events and lives of the seaman aboard the Glencairn.

We see them sail through the war-torn Atlantic, between the U. They have fun, they fight, they talk about home. It's all rather gentle and beautiful, very subtle. The script is great, which is probably due to Eugene O'Neil, for of whose plays this film is based on they are blended together seamlessly.

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The actors are marvelous. John Wayne was probably the draw, considering how popular Stagecoach had made him, but, as I said, his role is not out in the front. In fact, he doesn't have many lines. His schtick is that he is a Swede who can't speak English well, so he is generally pretty quiet Wayne can't muster the best Swedish accent, either, so that's kind of a good thing!

He has one great scene where he has some long bits of dialogue. But even without the dialogue, he emotes so well in his face. I knew his character intimately by the end of the film. We don't often think of Wayne as a great actor, but he certainly was. Although The Searchers probably contains his best role, The Long Voyage Home would certainly be worth a major mention when talking about his career.

If you could say that there is a single "star" of this film, that would have to be Greg Tolland. The cinematography is some of the most impressive to be found in the American cinema. He definitely put his heart into this one. The direction is beautiful, artful. To date, it's the only Ford film that made me shed tears. Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. Start your free trial.

The only thing that was missing was the right moment. This moment has now come for me. I want to go back because I want to participate in the development of my country. Others on their way to Angola have never even seen the country before. Their parents fled Angola during the war, before they were born, and now they are keen to see the home of their ancestors.

His parents fled Angola in All my family already returned. All my brothers and sisters returned.

One Mom's Journey Home From War

I want to know my country and live there. It is home. I have to go to Angola. My husband already returned and is waiting for us. While everyone was excited to be returning to Angola, they were also sad to leave their adopted homes in DRC. Nearly people will make the hour journey home together. A Congolese boy waves at a train carrying hundreds of former refugees home to Angola.

Dignified transfer: A fallen soldier's final journey home

The journey will take about 36 hours. Theophile, 66, sits aboard a bus on his way home to Angola. After decades in exile, he has mixed feelings about leaving the community that gave him refuge.

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Flore Linda, 34, plays with her two-year-old son aboard a bus headed for Angola. Both mother and child were born in exile and will be seeing their homeland for the first time. Others, like Elie and Flore, have never seen Angola. They hope for support with housing and employment. Now spokesperson in Paris, she works with the media to advocate for refugees arriving in Europe.