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Sometimes the rules must be broken in order to do the right thing.

Sometimes It’s OK to Break the Rules

Rules are often designed as generalizations, and are rarely applicable in every situation. Sometimes, they might even end up hurting you and worsening the situation.

Sometimes,It's "OK" to Break the Rules.

If following the rules does nothing but bring harm to people, perhaps it is time to start breaking them. Of course, mindlessly obeying the rules is the easiest way to live your life. While blindly following the rules is the easy way, cheating and breaking them is the difficult way. It takes a lot of courage and responsibility to break the rules and do what you believe is right.

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It is so much easier to just obey the rules and let whoever designed them face the responsibility for your actions. Do these reasons justify breaking the rules?

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Perhaps, and perhaps not. The thing to remember is that breaking the rules comes with both benefits and consequences.

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