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A Palomino dashboard and duel muffler twins, oh yeah. With new pistons, plugs and shocks I can get off my rocksYou know that I ain't bragging, she's a real pussy wagon. Grease lightning Go, go, go He pulled the car over to the side of the road, and before she could protest, his arms were around her and Kurt was watching the drama unfold with his head tilted to the side in interest.

Come ON Rachel, I thought we were through this already. They ARE good. Kurt ended up playing DJ for the rest of the car ride home, avoiding any song that had been sung by Finn and Rachel, whether as a solo or a duet, and deftly avoiding any song that had lyrics about love, lost love, reconciliation, forbidden love, or infidelity.

I suppose I should have, so I could address the issue better. Or he was just trying to make her want to do him. Finn pulled over, stuck his head out the door and dry heaved before bringing his head back into the truck. I said he was trying to make her WANT to do him. You should know that better than anyone, he who broke her heart to make sure that she followed that dream When you imagine your life in New York on Broadway, what else do you see?

I look up at Finn and he kisses me sweetly before we wake you two excuses for babysitters up and put our daughter to bed. I forgot that part.

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She was very specific that the baby had your nose. Kurt, I love her. I will never love anyone but her, and I threw it away because I am a complete idiot. I thought I was doing what she needed, but she needed me. You screwed up. I am not sugar-coating that one. We are going to work to fix this, but you need to get yourself together Finn and figure out what you want out of life other than her. This is easier than I thought it would be. You have the dream - you want to be a teacher, a music teacher, running a glee club, right?.

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You need a teaching degree and a music degree, Finn. Get thee to college, preferably in New York. My new purpose in life, other than getting through freshman dance with Cassie, is to get back to our original dream, which now apparently also includes Santana living with us. Hiram however was a bit surprised when Kurt arrived on his doorstep asking to see Rachel. Rachel was also a bit surprised to see Kurt so soon, but was perceptive enough to know why he was there. I am finally starting to feel ambitious again.

I am finally doing more than going through the motions. But do you know why that was? I just wanted to see what it was like. I had to officially surrender and let life go the way it was going to go. And then that applause and the request for an encore led me to sing a Christmas song.

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A Christmas song Kurt! The first time I sang a Christmas song, it was for Finn. I called him afterward. I had to hear his voice. Nothing feels real unless I share it with him, and at that point I decided that I had to open the communication lines again. I had to be his friend at the very least. Both of them stared at each other for a moment before Rachel burst into tears yet again.

This time she quickly composed herself and started talking again. I told Finn when I broke up with him that he was my first love and that I wanted more than anything for him to be my last. I never fell out of love with him, even when I was livid with him for putting me on that train, I love him. I always will be in love with him. I have to have these experiences. I have to see how this relationship goes.

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Oh Rachel. What happens the next time a Finchel song comes on around you two? Am I going to have my Rachel emotional outburst radar on at all times? It will be good acting practice. I appreciate your worry, but you should enjoy the wedding too. Have you told Blaine about Adam yet? Am I going to have to be your emotional support? Or his? Kurt left her and drove home, trying to think of how he could convince Rachel that she was making a colossal mistake with Brody.

Rachel knew that the relationship was filler, why couldn't she see that she didn't need to be with someone.


This wasn't a situation where Rachel needed to find herself. She knew who she was, and what she wanted, both from her career and her love life. She wanted Broadway, and she wanted Finn.

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  4. The only reasons why Brody was able to get with her was her insecurity exacerbated by being whisked away from the altar and sent away on a train by the one person she trusted the most and that she lost hope that Finn would ever be in New York, so she figured that she needed to move on, because she couldn't wait forever. Kurt thought that maybe seeing Finn with an actual dream and a plan would be enough to fulfill the fantasy that they entertained during their senior year, conveniently leaving out his own part of that fantasy, which included Blaine as well.

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