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Likely, there was no way any spy could figure out such an important meeting would take place in such a dubious locale. Forcing himself to relax, Eli waved a servant girl over and ordered some ale. At the very least, he could try to fit in. Unsurprisingly, the brew she brought over was abysmal, but it served its purpose anyway. As he sat there, pretending to drink the concoction, Eli scanned the room.

Undoubtedly, the bloodkin prince would be under a glamour as well. Did any of the people here look like they would qualify? At first, the answer was a discouraging no.

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As discreetly as possible, he turned. Instantly, his gaze zeroed in on a darkened table in the corner of the room, where one lone man sat. No human had eyes like that. Eli was instantly transfixed. It seemed so obvious now. For a few moments, they just stared at each other, while Eli debated whether he should approach the second table or not.

He got up and sauntered toward Eli. Without even introducing himself, he slid onto a chair next to Eli. Besides, such sensitive matters were better discussed in private. If, in the process, Eli managed to escape this damnable place, that would only be an additional benefit.

The other man smiled, his bright eyes glittering with amusement. Eli had the passing thought that those orbs reminded him of the stars in the Manturanael sky. Horrified at himself, he quickly pushed the treacherous idea away and did his best to seem impassive. Relieved, Eli immediately wanted to assent. Although he felt a little apprehensive as to the true intentions of the bloodkin in front of him, it would be better to investigate them in a less frustrating and disruptive environment.

He got up, abandoning his practically untouched drink.

blood flesh and spirit bloodkin 3 siren publishing classic manlove Manual

The servant girl materialized at his side, a remarkable feat given the hustle and bustle she had to dodge. Eli threw her a couple of coins, leaving a little tip. The best choice under these circumstances would be to remain completely innocuous. The bloodkin had already gotten up and was walking away. Eli quickly followed, paying close attention so as not to lose sight of the bloodkin.

When he finally exited the large room, Eli realized with a measure of dismay that the other man was headed upstairs to where the sleeping quarters were presumably located. He supposed it would have been too much to ask for them to leave this place entirely. As they reached the top floor, the other man entered one of the rooms, and Eli did the same. Eli nodded, and in a sign of goodwill, allowed his glamour to fade.

Kier Darksun. I believe he got himself in quite a predicament. As he spoke, the bloodkin dropped his own glamour. However, as he stood there and looked at Dante Bloodclaw—the identity of his companion was unmistakable now—Eli was struck by the incredible beauty of the other man. Dante had almost androgynous features, his long blond hair tied in a neat braid. And yet, there was something wild about him, a sense of barely leashed power that made Eli shiver. Ebooks and Manuals

And those eyes…They seemed even more shocking now, deep pools of fathomless black. Distantly, Eli thought that he could have easily drowned in them. All right, so the bloodkin was attractive. Extending his arms toward the bloodkin, Eli beckoned Dante to him. He had no words to say, nothing that could express this urge in his heart, this almost insane need to belong to Dante, to be one with his soon-to-be lover.

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It went beyond the boundaries of reason, but Eli was done asking questions. He had the most important answer deep within his soul, and he had the sudden knowledge that similar emotions dwelled inside Dante. And then, thoughts melted into nearly incoherent ideas as Dante pressed their mouths, and their bodies, together. Their dicks came into contact, slick heads rubbing against each other.

At the same time, he spread his legs, accommodating Dante better, offering himself to the bloodkin. He needed more.

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He craved everything Dante was and had to give. When they broke away once again, Eli half expected for Dante to return to his earlier, teasing caresses.

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Instead, the bloodkin went straight for the gold. Eli struggles with the idea of whether or not it is responsible of him to convince Chris to stay, lest Chris pay the ultimate price. It doesn't take Andrew long to realize the vampire is his mate, and he's not about to let him go, even if it means abandoning his pack and swearing loyalty to another. Prince Vladimir Belekoff cannot believe the foolishness of this werewolf.

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All he wanted was a night of passion, to feel like he mattered before sending the werewolf on his way. Andrew is determined, however, and Vlad can't help the fact that he wants the gorgeous, mysteriously affectionate man to stay. As a fourth son, Vlad is so far down the line for the throne that he almost doesn't count. He is to be married to a wealthy vampire lord, and soon he must choose if his and Andrew's lives are worth risking for something his title could never give him.

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