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Biomedical Sensors and Instruments. Tatsuo Tagawa , Toshiyo Tamura , P. Ake Oberg. Chapter 2 Pressure Measurements.

List Of Medical Instrument and Device..

Chapter 3 Flow Measurement. Chapter 4 Motion and Force Measurement.

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Chapter 6 Bioelectric and Biomagnetic Measurements. Books and Manuals. Microcomputer Interfacing by J. BM Medical Sensors [3 0 0 3].

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Sensors for physical measurands: strain, force, pressure, acceleration, flow, volume, temperature and biopotentials. John G. Webster ed. Richard S. Ernest O. Turner, I. Review of Basic Electric Circuits: Kirchhoff's laws, Thevenin's and Norton's Theorems; Complex impedance and phasors; Electronic Devices : PN junction diodes, diode circuits; Transistors: bipolar and field-effect transistors; Integrated circuit fabrication; Operational Amplifiers, amplifier circuits, non-linear circuits; Transfer functions, Bode plots, Filters.

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Boolean algebra; Logic circuits: Simple logic circuits, combinational logic, sequential logic, multivibrators, counters. Hill : The Art of Electronics, 2nd ed. Medical measurands; Sensor characteristics and design for measurement of medical parameters like ECG, arterial flow, blood pressure, heart sounds; Biopotential amplifiers, charge amplifiers and other interfaces; Signal conditioning and display.

Medical imaging considerations; X-rays, X-ray tube design, film and detector design; CT - scanners : generations and basic algorithms. Elements of electrical safety; Built-in safety features for medical instruments.

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Welkowitz, S. Akay : Biomedical Instruments - Theory and Design, 2nd ed. BM Introduction to Biomedical Engineering [3 0 0 6].

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