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Now that they see things in their true perspective, how well they would use every moment given them… how different would be their scale of values.

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How much the souls in hell would give for just a moment of time, just enough to repent for their sins. That would change their whole eternity. But that moment will not be given. If we could just see a small portion of what they now see and know, how differently would we spend our day… how different our priorities would be.

Time and Eternity – Rosary Center

We sometimes think of time as composed of the past, the present, and the future. In this respect, some spend so much time in brooding over the past, or worrying about the future, that they fail to make good use of the present. It is only in the present that we can live our life, that we can grow in grace, that we can amend our faults, that we can love God and neighbor, that we can give glory to God by doing his will…. If the past is strewn with broken resolutions and indifference, we can use the present to begin again.

We can begin to see the importance of using each day well, using it in the light of eternity. The only moment we can live is the present moment, and each successive moment is another opportunity of praising God, of thanking Him, of asking His pardon, of acknowledging our dependence by fulfilling His will. That is why it is so important to make the most of each hour of each day. Occasionally too, the present moment can be one that calls for patience, or forgiveness, or mercy, or kindness, or the acceptance of some trial or suffering. You have made a deposit that will pay dividends in the future.


Whether you are alone or with others, whether working or playing, whether sick or in good health, whether in joy or in sorrow… the present moment comes but once, and is an opportunity that can be used with profit, or squandered. If we strive to do or accept something because we are convinced it is what God wants be it pleasant or unpleasant , that very desire and intention sanctifies our efforts, and enriches the moments given to them, whether it concern the menial tasks of the home, or the more public tasks of the working place.

The present moment can be enriched further still when our good works are offered to God through the hands of Our Lady, for as St. Try to imagine two persons who died when Christ lived on earth years ago, one of whom was saved, and one lost. All these centuries one of them has been rewarded, and one punished-for the few short years of freedom allotted them on earth. And those years compared to eternity, are like a drop of water compared to the greatest ocean.

Reflection on this should make meaningful the words of St. Robbers, prostitutes and abortionists can be always busy. It means keeping ourselves busy, as we have already indicated, with the things of God. Such a one knows that the only road that leads to our eternal home is the will of God, even if at times it is one that requires sacrifice and self-denial.

Theology the afterlife , heaven , paradise , the next world , the hereafter I have always found the thought of eternity terrifying. Quotations "Eternity's a terrible thought.

Love Affair - Everlasting Love (Official Video)

I mean, where's it all going to end? The totality of time without beginning or end: eternality , eternalness , infinity , perpetuity , sempiternity. The quality or state of having no end: ceaselessness , endlessness , eternality , eternalness , everlastingness , perpetuity , world without end. Endless life after death: afterlife , deathlessness , everlasting life , everlastingness , immortality. A long time: eon , long , year used in plural. Informal: age used in plural , blue moon. It is the one thing that every single human being in the world — and plenty of animals as well — longs for.

Love is what drives us to act.

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  5. It drives us to create change, to become different people. In life, we are capable of loving a lot of things. We can love objects, experiences, memories, but no love is like the love we have for another human being. Love is an emotion, but not just an emotion. It is, more than anything else, a change.

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    Love necessarily changes us because it is, itself, the change. We love our friends and family because they changed our lives for the better. They showed us another, better version of reality. Romantic love is by far the most dangerous of loves, but for this very same reason, it is the most powerful. It has the ability to change a person to such an extent that afterwards, that person is often not even recognizable to him or herself. Sure, we experience it, but most people never come to truly understand it. The issue starts with the preconceived notions we have of love.

    We go into it expecting and believing, instead of listening and learning. The first time I truly fell in love, I fell into the same trap that countless others have fallen into — I fell in love thinking I understood what it meant to be in love, what it meant to love someone with your entire soul.