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About Eric Flint.. The Philosophical Strangler 2. Joe's World 1.

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  • That's what his hard-headed agent and manager Ignace wants to know! And Ignace's skepticism turns quickly into outright horror when Greyboar's philosophical preoccupation leads to one disaster after another Before you know it, Greyboar the strangler and his disgruntled manager find themselves embroiled with an abbess at odds with her deity, heretics on the run, dwarves needing to be rescued, and then -- the worst of all! Greyboar's long-estranged sister Gwendolyn, political activist and revolutionary, comes back to town asking Greyboar's help in an insane mission to the underworld. But in the pursuit of Enlightenment, anything can happen You want the details?

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    Hint: "Entropy. Tries too hard. His duly registered agent is Ignace, who is the narrator of this Eric Flint was born in southern California in After leaving the doctoral program over political issues, he supported himself from that time until age 50 as a laborer, machinist and labor organizer.

    In , his short story entitled Entropy and the Strangler won first place in the Winter Writers of the Future contest. His first novel, Mother of Demons, was published in and was picked by the Science Fiction Chronicle as a best novel of the year. He became a full-time writer in He writes science fiction and fantasy works including The Philosophical Strangler and the Belisarius series. Flint had at least two other milieus planned utilizing the mechanism in , but because of demand for works in the universe , he temporarily shelved them through the period — They were known to be in production for some intervals in some part and manner in —06, but the death of Jim Baen or other projects has apparently delayed them.

    In the late winter of —06, Baen started listing all the verse books under the umbrella series title Assiti Shards series and continues to do so, [2] after previously listing them under Ring of Fire , for the only series thus far published, so numbering 10 works in print, thirty Gazettes XXX came out in October [3] and climbing rapidly bi-monthly is currently listed on Baen's under the pseudo misnomer Assiti Shards series , of which there are will be four milieus planned, not just the original.

    As of early October , the series name of the books is still confused; Barnes and Noble has seemingly grouped them under Ring of Fire series , Amazon and other web sellers are mixed, and the book covers of the last six hardcover releases avoid the question entirely on the dust jacket and artwork.

    The Philosophical Strangler (Joe's World, book 1) by Eric Flint

    At the moment, we use the term series , and other books in the series can be reached via that main article or by the navigation strip at the page bottom. Once also known on the internet as the x series, Baen for a time called the Ring of Fire series , and it is as frequently called the Universe or verse ; however it is named, it is a best-selling success. The alternate history series starts when the inhabitants of a small town in the United States find themselves transported back to Central Germany, in the late spring May of with no way back.

    The first book title results because while the tale builds in , the climax occurs when events in the Thirty Years' War nearly overrun the town in Other "Assiti Shards" universes which share only the time travel mechanism, but not the setting of the universe include two novels:.

    Joe's World

    Note, a significant amount of text, and a couple of major characters in this work are adapted from stories written by Lackey in the Merovingen Nights shared universe series. That series was started by C. Cherryh in her novel Angel with the Sword. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    Main article: Belisarius series.