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In these stories a temporal distortion is always present, and normally it is also the main characteristic of the experience: a day spent there can be a century on earth or a year there can account for only a few seconds in the physical reality of our bodies. This is - by the way - also what happens in dreams and the dream dimension is probably the one which is the most familiar to us among all the non-material states.

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The fact is that in that dimension time does not exist, and therefore it cannot pass. For this reason, as we can explore past lives, we can also explore future lives if we wish. About this subject, however, there is a relatively small amount of investigation and literature compared to the research done on past lives.

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The practical reasons are evident and such a type of investigation also raises a few complex philosophical points. She was compelled to search for the facts and details that eventually confirmed the existence of her past life and led to an emotional reunion with her family. But Jenny Cockell's extraordinary journey doesn't end there. Past Lives, Future Lives tells the continuing story of the psychic experiences that spurred her to investigate not only other past lives but the future—as far ahead as the twenty-third century. Her amazingly detailed glimpses of the future are more than merely personal images; they allow her to formulate an overall view of what the future holds for us all—including a planet much lower in population, but also safer and more pleasant than the world of today.

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Past Lives, Future Lives presents a fascinating look at the continuity of past, present, and future. In her honest, warm, and plain-speaking voice, Jenny Cockell writes of the past and the future in a way that is both practical and visionary; she offers inspiration and hope for the world to come. Jenny Cockell is married and has two children.

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She lives and works as a chiropodist in Northamptonshire, England. She combines her incredible intuitive talents and excellent analytic abilities to provide compelling accounts of her past lives and possible future incarnations as well.

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