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To the eternal gratitude of three generations of movie fans, Cohn threw him out of the office and told him to get the hell back on the set. The result was a unique combination of cool glamour and warm approachability that everyone, including Grant himself, came to marvel at. Screwball comedies like The Awful Truth were usually based on the premise that a nation of moviegoers in the grip of the Great Depression would find the antics of the preposterously well-to-do diverting.

Instead, she is mature, intelligent, fun-loving, and passionate. Grant and Dunne expend vast reserves of elegance, brains, and humor in the effort to insult one another, and finally, winded and out of ammunition, they only prove that no one is elegant enough, smart enough, and funny enough for them but one another.

But The Awful Truth is different, for it collects the dew of romance with the musk of sex in the same perfume. Here, Dunne and Grant reintroduce eros to screen marriage, and matrimony suddenly becomes the sexiest thing imaginable. Swanky Cafe Society nightclubs may be the battlegrounds of this film, but its playgrounds all have four-poster beds. David Nusair. One of the best screwball comedies of remarriage ever made, based on the astute mise-en-scene of director Leo McCarey who won an Oscar and superb turns from Cary Grant and Irene Dunne as the sparrying partners. Emanuel Levy. The look of love [Grant] gives co-star Irene Dunne, captured not in a close-up but a medium-wide shot, could melt anyone.

Kent Turner. One should be rooting for Cary Grant to get the girl, which means he ought to deserve her — and if that's more or less the case here, well, it's only because the girl turns out to be no great shakes either. Steven D. A smart screwball comedy from the s that's given the Lubitsch touch by director Leo McCarey. Dennis Schwartz.

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Classics , Comedy , Romance. Leo McCarey. Mar 11, Cary Grant as Jerry Warriner. Irene Dunne as Lucy Warriner. Ralph Bellamy as Daniel Leeson. Alex D'Arcy as Armand Duvalle. Cecil Cunningham as Aunt Patsy. Molly Lamont as Barbara Vance. Esther Dale as Mrs. Joyce Compton as Dixie Belle Lee. Robert Tex Allen as Frank Randall. Robert Warwick as Mr. Mary Forbes as Mrs. Claud Allister as Lord Fabian. Marguerite Churchill as Barbara Vance. Zita Moulton as Lady Fabian.

Colton Scott as Mr. Wyn Cahoon as Mrs. Paul Stanton as Judge. Mitchell Harris as Jerry's Attorney. Alan Bridge as Motor Cop.

Edgar Dearing as Motor Cop. Leonard Carey as Butler. Miki Morita as Japanese Servant.

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Frank C. Wilson as M. Vernon Dent as Police Sergeant. Al Bridge as Motor Cop. Bobby Watson as Hotel Clerk. Byron Foulger as Secretary. Kathryn Curry as Celeste.

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Frank Wilson as M. Edward Peil Sr. Bess Flowers as Viola Heath. John Tyrrell as Hank. Ed Mortimer as Lucy's Attorney. George C. Pearce as Caretaker.

The Awful Truth (1937)

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