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The hardest part will be trying to not spend your entire trip in a food coma.

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At some point during the day, you'll crave a break from the hot sun or sensory-overload casinos. While Vegas is definitely a city amped up on entertainment, it also has some world-class pools and spas, like the one at Caesar's Palace's Garden of the Gods Oasis. With impressive architecture and eight expansive pools, each with a variety of cabanas, it's the perfect setting for relaxation and intrigue. If you're looking for more of a traditional pool, the Mandarin Oriental offers one of the most beautiful, elegant spaces in the city.

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And if lounging around on a lounge chair isn't your thing, The Cosmopolitan's Marquee Dayclub offers a massive pool party complete with a thumping DJ set. For some solid pampering, hit the Roman-style baths and spa at the Mandarin Oriental , with its s vibe. Or try the massive Qua baths, a 50,square-foot super spa located at Caesar's Palace. So you've had your midday refresher, which means that nighttime is all about going big. A solid place to start?

Exactly How to Spend 48 Hours in Vegas

Combining dining and clubbing. Tao offers top-notch Asian cuisine and a chic dining environment peep the foot-tall floating Buddha. For something that involves a little less sweating, there are shows like Absinthe —a stunt-laden cabaret-circus hybrid—or nightly performances by a rotating cast of pop icons.

After just one full day and night in Vegas, recovery is essential.

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First up: a breakfast that will soak up some of that alcohol. Or, for something a little more wild and adventurous — like vegan carrot and coconut pancakes — walk over to Main Street to visit MTO Cafe. No matter where you eat, leave time for the ultimate in regenerative treatments: Head over to Breathe Oxygen Bar for a hit of much needed O2 accompanied by a massage and some aromatherapy.

Your body will thank you.

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Exactly How to Spend 48 Hours in Vegas. As the day progressed, several additional wireless warnings came in from ships in the region warning of ice ahead. How long did it take Titanic to sink? Titanic struck the iceberg at Where is the wreck site of Titanic? Titanic's wreck site is located miles northeast of New York and miles southeast of the Newfoundland coastline.

Titanic lies 2. What ships came to Titanic's rescue and what ships did not?

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  • Titanic Passenger List;

Titanic's distress call was received by several ships the night of the disaster including the Carpathia, Mount Temple, Virginian, Baltic, Caronia, Prinz Fredrich Wilhelm, Frankfurt and the Titanic's sister ship the Olympic. Initially, several of these ships altered course towards the collision site, but when it became apparent that Carpathia alone would make it to the scene of the accident in reasonable time, they resumed their previous courses.

One ship, the Leyland Line's Californian was only a few miles distant from the Titanic. The Californian had stopped for the night in pack ice because her Captain felt it too dangerous to proceed through the ice field in the dark. Although fitted with wireless, the Californian's operator had turned in for the night and missed the distress call. To this day, there is considerable controversy as to whether the Californian's deck officers were negligent in not making a more aggressive investigation into rockets and lights seen in the distance. Why didn't Titanic carry enough lifeboats?

Titanic's lifeboat capacity was governed by the British Board of Trade's rules, which were drafted in By , these lifeboat regulations were badly out of date. The Titanic was four times larger than the largest legal classification considered under these rules and by law was not required to carry more than sixteen lifeboats, regardless of the actual number of people onboard. When she left Southampton, Titanic actually carried more than the law required: sixteen lifeboats and four additional collapsible boats.

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The shipping industry was aware that the lifeboat regulations were going to be changed soon and Titanic's deck space and davits were designed for the anticipated "boats for all" policy, but until the law actually changed, White Star was not going to install them. The decision seems difficult to understand today, but in , the attitude towards accident prevention was much different. At the turn of the century, ship owners were reluctant to exceed the legal minimum because lifeboats took up most of the space on first- and second-class decks.

Boats were expensive to purchase, maintain, and affected a ship's stability. Finally, in the years before the Titanic Disaster, it was felt that the very presence of large numbers of lifeboats suggested that somehow the vessel was unsafe. Oddly, the same reluctance showed up as late as the s for automobile seatbelts.

Titanic Survivors

Car makers at that time were also reluctant to install seatbelts because the belts seemed to imply there was something unsafe about the car. Were third-class passengers deliberately kept below decks? Both the British and American inquiries found that there was no evidence to suggest that third-class passengers were deliberately kept below decks, although it is true that third-class passengers did not make their way to the Boat Deck until very late in the sinking.

A reasonable explanation is that the Ship's officers were overwhelmed by the disaster and simply overlooked sending specific orders to evacuate third-class.

White Star had formulated no emergency plans for this type of accident and the Ship's officers were fully preoccupied with the crisis of damage control and the launch of lifeboats. In an attempt to provide for an orderly evacuation, third-class stewards held passengers below waiting for orders that nobody thought to give. Were only women and children allowed in the lifeboats?