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Later I visited him in his home which was also similarly built. His family cooked and ate outside, and his family shared the tiny house with his married son and his family, with only a curtain separating the two families. I asked Victorio if he would like a concrete block house and he told me it was a life long dream of his on the back of this letter is an old photo of me on the top of that house about to pour a concrete roof.

At the time he had 13 missions and she told me he would be gone for 13 days, traveling by foot from one mountain village to the next encouraging pastors and ministering to the people. We built a new mission for him and as the men were finishing the painting Victorio was standing and looking at the church and weeping.

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We are halfway through the year. Have I done my best? Will I do my best? That is what God asks of us. Forty years ago I went to Mexico to be a missionary, and people asked why. Now, as I approach 82, people ask me why continue. When he has found it, he lays it on his shoulder rejoicing.

For three weeks I have been recuperating from back problems.

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There is a popular trend in the Church that focuses on our own desires and teaches us we should just ask God for whatever we want and he will give it to us - just make out a wish list and seal it with a prayer. We are called to seek first His kingdom, then all these other things will be added.

Thank you all for standing with me all these years as I have sought to be a faithful servant, a faithful shepherd. Great will be your reward in heaven! Springtime has come, my favorite time of the year. New life, green grass, and spring flowers everywhere. Last year was a difficult time for so many in our nation and world: storms, floods, fires, and other natural disasters. Springtime is also a time to plant gardens.

I have a small vegetable garden at my homeplace here in Denison, and when I am home it is a place of peace and joy for me. Forty one years ago I also started a small garden in northern Mexico. This garden would contain, not vegetables, but mission churches. Like a spreading vine, this garden has grown to cover an enormous area in Mexico. Now I use a chair and sit by the side of a row.

I reach as far as I can to either side, then move the chair a few feet and do it again.

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Even in the large garden in Mexico, there is always someone nearby with a chair if I need it. Some went out at the third hour, some the sixth, others the ninth hour, and some the eleventh hour at the end of the day. Someday our garden will be over and we will be welcomed home.

Our reward will be the same. Pray for us. Come and labor physically.

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Support the ministry financially. Or, maybe you can just help me move the chair. In Acts 3. I am often asked for the key to my longevity in life and ministry. And it may be that, as we become conduits of blessing, in the future we will also be able to give out of our abundance.

Recently I built a house for a poor widow and her two children. The house alone was a great gift, but seeing its emptiness I cheerfully gave more. I bought new furniture and appliances and what was an empty shell has now become a home. While I was doing this, I thought, how can I give less when God has given me so much? The answer to the question of the key to my longevity in life and ministry is perhaps not about me at all, but about the gift God gave me when he called me to follow and serve him - a heart of love, compassion, and a willingness to help.

Here comes this dreamer. In Genesis 37 Joseph had a dream and shared it with his brothers and they hated him for it v. In the pursuit of their dreams they all must have had bad days and set backs and naysayers speaking words of discouragement. If they had given in to the negativity, none of us would be able to flip on the light and pick up the phone and order a cotton shirt from the store! But they pressed on. One of the greatest sermons in modern history was Martin Luther King Jr. Much of his dream has been accomplished, and much remains to be achieved. I also dream of and await that glorious day.

My prayer for you is to keep on dreaming - not of the negative things that can happen, but of the positive things that will happen. Now, four decades later, I look back and see that difference. As I approach my 82nd birthday I still have dreams of things I would like to do. Join with me, and together we will dream, dream, dream. Greetings in the grace of our Lord. What you do to others will be done to you, whether good or bad. In the early s I arrived in Atoyac, Guerrero, a town about two hours northwest of Acapulco. When I felt my work was complete in Atoyac I went to the state of Chiapas, on the other side of southern Mexico.

There, with the help of many friends and workers, we built a major headquarters, more churches than I can count, a medical facility, and dormitories for various gatherings including training pastors. Once again, with the help of many others, we built a beautiful major church there, a carbon copy of the one in Atoyac. But, what goes around comes around. Today I am back in Atoyac building a parsonage for the church pastor.

There are grandparents in this congregation who were teenagers when I first arrived. What a great feeling it is to return to a place where you have given so much of your life and find it thriving and more beautiful than ever! Now I must go back to Tuxtepec, Oaxaca and build two mission churches, and go back to Chiapas to check on the progress of the church we are building in Tzabalho. For me, at least, with all this going around and coming around, I might need to cross those bridges again!

Greetings and Happy New Year! As I say each year, this last one was one of the very best: new headquarters completed in Tuxtepec, many mission churches built throughout Mexico from the north to the south and lots of places in between , a very nice church including balcony started in Tzabalho, Chiapas, Christmas for the orphanage and for many children in the mountains of Chiapas. All of this was accomplished by so many people coming together for a common cause. And of course, none of this could have happened without the faithful support of so many wonderful friends throughout the United States.

Thank you all so very much! Now - what lies ahead in I just arrived in Atoyac, Guerrero where I am beginning construction on a parsonage for a local church. Next month I will be back in Tuxtepec building two new mission churches, then in March I will be in Atoyac again to continue work on the parsonage. When the Tzabahlo church is ready to be roofed I will return to help finish the church. With the help of Jesus, Peter walked on water. By the Holy Spirit working through Peter and John, a man lame from birth stood up and walked and even leaped!

With the help of God I believe I can make it. Una fiesta que dura para siempre! Greetings from Tuxtla, Chiapas. I trust that you had a good Thanksgiving and hopefully you had time to be with your family and friends. Life is so short, and we should treasure the times we have to spend with those we love. I am here in Tuxtla for our annual ministers convention. Many of these ministers were with us for the dedication of the new church in Tuxtepec last month. It was such a beautiful service and beautiful church building.

Everything went perfectly. The speakers were all wonderful, the singing and worship was great, and the food was fit for a king. My agenda for continues to grow. Hopefully it will be finished by his wedding in April. I will also build two mission churches in the Tuxtepec area beginning in February, and I must find time to build a rather large church in Tzabalho in the Chenalho area of Chiapas.

God has given us the best friends and supporters that one could ask for. Together we have met the needs of the people of Mexico for forty years. You have done your best, I have done my best, God has done his best!

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A little over a year ago I stood on the property in Tuxtepec, Oaxaca, and in my spirit believed this to be the place that God wanted us to build the new headquarters for this region of Mexico. All things are possible to him who believes. Help my unbelief. We have finished the construction, the dedication, the celebration of the new headquarters. Now what? I believe the Lord has already directed us to build two mission churches in the Tuxtepec area, and a parsonage for the new pastor in Atoyac. My spirit is strong, and all things are possible.

Probably both mission churches will be built. Probably the parsonage will be constructed. I give thanks to God for all of his blessings to me, my family, and this ministry. I thank Him for never failing me, even in times of my weakness. And I thank God for all the friends he has given me. I pray the Father help me always remember that it was not me, but Him and his people who completed what we were sent to do in Tuxtepec, and I ask Him to help us all in any times of weakness or unbelief.

After a life of unparalleled suffering and loss, and unprecedented restoration. If I were to speak, this is what I would say: I would thank all of the churches and individuals who helped with the finances to purchase the land, building material, and labor costs.

I would thank Paul Pogue for sharing his vast knowledge of building large buildings without using heavy machinery. I would thank every group that came from the U. I would thank Pastor Carlos and his team, who made so many trips from Tuxtla, Chiapas, a six hour drive; not only did he come to work, but he also brought a concrete mixer, welding equipment, and other tools, and he also came to check the work and make sure it was being done correctly.

I would thank Pastor Cesar for encouraging his congregation to help as much as they could, working on afternoons and weekends, and for organizing the women to provide food for us.

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I would thank Gerardo, the lead superintendent, and his men, for working six and sometimes seven days a week, often for twelve hours a day. These men live in Tuxtla, Chiapas and were away from their homes for a whole year, only seeing their families for two or three days every month or two. While I was in Mexico a few unusual things happened back home. A plumber had to be called because of a water leak. Another call to deal with a gas leak in the house after the line was repaired.

Thankfully Mary Lou didn't get to that point! Why, then, is Satan angry with me? If so, he will really be angry very soon! The new headquarters are nearly complete and we will dedicate it to the Lord on October The devil comes against us, but God loves us. I know he loves me, and I know he has that same abundant love for you too! For the last month I have been in Tuxtepec, Oaxaca, working on the new headquarters there; for the next week I will be in Chiapas checking on the ministry there.

And then before I go back home, I will visit Atoyac on the west side of Mexico to install a new pastor for the church there. After a short stay I will return to Tuxtepec and build a small house for a widow and her two children. In the book of Acts 8. Your heart is not right before God. If your heart is right before God, full of love and compassion, all things are possible. Churches in Africa needs to teach and practice biblical church membership because it helps address the false sense of community, nominal Christianity, and the subtle relativism.

How should we talk about membership on the West Coast? Let me offer three ways that have proven helpful within our body over the past few years. Our work is possible by the generosity of our readers. Give Today. Resources Donate. Greggsen , S. Emadi Pastoring and the Art of Balance By J. Beeke , P. Smalley