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Bres threw his mask down, cursed the ground in mock disgust. My teammates were burying their heads in their gloves laughing. The Phillies along the third-base line were laughing. The third-base coach, Joe Lefebvre, said it was a [expletive] potato.

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He laughed. The Bills laughed. Everyone laughed. Gomez naturally found little humor in the situation. He thought he was being shown up by his team, and specifically Bres, for getting shipped down to Single-A Kinston for those nine games a few weeks ago.

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He only wanted to make his teammates laugh a little. The following day, at , Bresnahan got a phone call from Gomez, said to come down to the park. Gomez had the phone off the hook in his office, handed it to Bres, told him it was Jeff Scott. Gomez stood outside the office within earshot. Bres knew that seeing a player clean out his locker demoralizes a team. Bres heard that Gomez stormed out of the office asking the players where he lived.

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He wanted to fight Bres. It took root. Poehl, who was one of the few actually on that team, was there, in uniform, and smiled the whole time. People were admitted into the game for a buck and a potato.

The Potato Catcher Makes His Return

Bresnahan, who never played another inning and soon became a stock broker and now runs a marina, would, within mere days of Potato Day, or The Great Potato Caper, or the tater trick, would be making the rounds to New York, Chicago, and, of course, Idaho. He received checks in the mail offering to help pay for the fifty dollar fine. It just never ends! I have no idea.

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Then again, what if being known for nothing meant he achieved the ultimate goal? Would he trade this undying notoriety that still has people from regional magazines, national newspapers, and even ESPN knocking on his door for one whiff of the Big Leagues? To stand on that clay? To stand within the moon-white chalk lines, and look out over that infinite-green grass? To hear his mitt crack with the heat of Big League fire baller? Without a second thought, I would in a heart beat, absolutely.

Search Search. But, the idiom can also refer to a person who is disagreeable or unpleasant.

Potato Baseball

Why a potato, and not some other object? To quickly abandon a person, pursuit, or thing. Examples of how this phrase might be used are:. You may have noticed that baked potatoes are not only very hot to the touch, but they retain their heat for a long time, probably due to their water content and their thick skin.