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It's a great opportunity. He's the one who has to make the decision. I, as his mother, can recommend to him what I think's best for the future, but you, as his girlfriend and future wife, you are the ideal person to convince him. Think about it, Andrea. Think carefully. If you are going to make a decision as a couple, now is the moment, because later.. You don't dare to despond to me, right?

You can't go on pretending? Come on. Say something. I don't, inhales I don't have anything to say. You're a fake. The only thing I regret in this life is having met you. Having believed in you. Having defended you to my mother, to my sister. But in the end, they were both right.

You aren't worth the trouble. Please, Michel. You are worth nothing, nothing Milady. Breathe, breathe, one, two, breathe. I'll go get some pillows. But I want you to know that I wish you good luck. Everything is going to be okay. You'll see. I will know if I am the father. You're going to be okay. Let's go. With these she'll be more comfortable. Open your mouth, you shameless witch. Don't make this so hard. I'm going to cut out that damned tongue. Open your mouth!. I'm going to make you open it.

Okay then, as you wish. But one day, inhales you're going to open your mouth to eat, inhales and when you do, inhales I'm going to cut out your tongue, inhales and I'm going to make you swallow it.. Nothing is going to stop me now. And that's only the beginning of my revenge against Eduardo and Elena because I will not rest until I see them both destroyed. There's a lot of traffic ahead. Don't worry, my love. We're almost there. Don't you always say that you're strong, that you're implacable?

Well show it now. Deal with the pain like the good female you are! Let go of the wheel! NENA Elena must know the whole truth. SAID Yes, but later.

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No, let go! We're going to get killed! You were crying. You were saying that my mom was looking for me? There's just something that I need to resolve first. Are you sure that everything's okay? No, go on. Go with my mom. I won't be long. I'll see you later. Yes, yes, everything's fine. I'm calling to report in just as you asked me to. Has she told you anything? Even though that Elena and Lieutenant Martin asked her a thousand times about the death of Missus Margot. But Rebeca has behaved like a champion.

She's keeping her well mouth shut, so much so that they've stopped accosting her with questions. But I still want you to keep watching her. I don't let her out of my sight for even a second. Yes, very good, that's okay. Yes, we'll talk later. Right this minute we are going to take all of the money that Elena has in her account. Are, are you sure about this? If Elena realizes what we're doing she could send us to jail.

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We don't have another choice but to risk it. I have the power of attorney that she signed right here. With this we can take every last cent from her account, and we're going to do it and we're going to deposit the money in another account outside the country. So let's go. Let's not waste any more time. I suppose they must be arriving at the hospital to have her baby. Sit down and keep me company to eat. Thank you but, I don't want to show such disrespect. You would de me an honor to sit down to eat with me. Come on, please.

Of course she will. Why would she have any problems? Why do you say that? They barely even speak, and they even sleep in separate bedrooms. LEONOR inhales They never show any affection at all, inhales they never kiss in public, inhales and they never even hold each other's hands. I don't know. The car suddenly stopped. Something must have happened to it. No, no. Not right now.

Maybe it isn't anything serious. Elena is going to give birth at any moment. Right now I'm close to the house of La Gorda. Montecristo, the moment has come. We cannot commit any errors. There will be a little baby waiting for you. This cable burned out. I'm going over there to go look for help. Don't you worry. I'll be back in a minute.

Calm down, ma'am. NENA Everyone needs to know the truth. I must speak with Elena. She's delirious Calm down. NENA Everyone is going to betray her. NENA pants Everyone needs to know that truth.

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Everyone betrayed her. Everyone needs to know the.. And you, you piece of garbage, will be a grandmother.. Poor child. He's going to have a useless hag for a grandmother.. Yes, come in. MAID You called saying that you needed some help? It's that you know how my mother is. The poor thing can't move inhales and now we are leaving and I can't manage alone with the suitcase, the wheelchair and my mommy. MAID Yes, that's okay. MAID Right away. If you make me lose this game, you die.

MAID Here is your suitcase. And I also found this. That was part of a costume that I wore for a party on Halloween. But I don't think I'll need it again. If you want, you can keep it. MAID Ah, hm, thank you. I'll come back for it later. Um hum, yes. Eh, if you'd like, I can help you with the suitcases. MAID Very well. Ah, ma'am? I don't think she feels good. Did she eat? You know? I was just scolding her for not wanting to open her mouth. What is it, mommy?

What's the matter? Why won't you open your mouth? Open it, go on. This lady here is going to think that you don't have a tongue. MAID I'm going to start taking down the suitcases. That way I can take my mama down. Very kind of you, miss. The time has come. We are going back home, to receive that baby of Elena's. My baby. I found something better. A midwife. No, no, no, no, no, I have my own doctor.

Don't you understand? Either let the midwife attend to you, or you're going to have to have the baby here alone in the car. Ah, no. Listen to me. The baby is coming. There is a woman here who does this for a living. She is going to help you. It's our only alternative. Let's go.. It will be okay. Yes, inhales I think that our baby is about to be born. Where are you? Far away, very far away from you. We already decided. I wanted it like this. Tell me where you are. That way if you need anything, I can come there.

I think that they, ah, they're coming close together, the contractions. I don't know where she is. She didn't want to tell me anything. She's about to give birth. Elena and the twin are both giving birth today. Can you believe it? Why did things happen this way? The two of them got pregnant at the same time. The two of them are giving birth on the same day.

It's as if life were trying to give me a sign. You have your doubts, right? And also you aren't sure if the twin's baby is yours also. I have doubts about all of it. These days, that isn't a problem. They can do exams that can give you some certainty. When the two babies are born, I'm going to arrange for them both to have DNA tests done. And neither one of them will be able to lie to me. Especially Elena. Come in, this way.

Back there, in the room, on the cot. Everything is very clean. Many women give birth here. At this moment we cannot find a car in order to take you. Come on, let's go. This isn't how I wanted to have my baby. Come on, let's get you in bed. CENA Pelo amor de Deus. Aquele que o senhor Manda entrar e fecha a porta.

O senhor pode entrar, por favor. Eu vou precisar de dez homens. Ingressos pra um recital. Abre os seus olhos, Ester. Muito tempo sem trabalhar. Fica fora de forma! Olha pra minha cara. E os "finotes" velhos ricos que te levam pra passear? Quem me dera. Talvez ela possa ajudar num encontro meu com a Alice. Eu quero, eu quero me casar. Ter filhos, passar o resto dos dias Que isso? Ainda bem que eu tive a sorte de encontrar uma mulher moderna, como a Celinha. Ai, mas que droga! Corri a rua do Ouvidor inteira, mas encontrei. RISO Vai dar tudo certo. Criatura impertinente. Como deve ser, claro.

Mulher desafinada! Fala, quem te pagou? Vai puxar briga com capoeira agora? Eu vou cuidar da Catarina. Pra ver se o fogo queima essa cidade inteira de gente inculta, burra! Isso foi orquestrado! Eram capoeiras! O seu pai? Tse, tse, tse. Eu sei que foi. Eu sou uma mulher sofisticada. Ih, eu esqueci o meu leque na confeitaria! Aquele desastre ambulante! Ainda vou saborear mais alguns momentos desse fracasso absoluto. Muito obrigada. Uma honra e um prazer. Boa noite, Sr. A Catarina estava cantando muito bem. Um sujeito da plateia deu um grito de ordem e os outros se juntaram a ele!

Com quem? Como vai ser o troco? DIVA Nem se despediu, oh. Pra mim ela vai contar. Nosso teatro vai ser conhecido como teatro da baderna! DIVA Hum Oh, perfeito! Sabe sim. Porque ela pediu. Viu, sua besta. Toda ali oh. O recital "tava" estava indo muito bem. Sabe uma dessas selvagerias que volta e mais tomam conta do Rio de Janeiro?

Ah, mas eu vou denunciar, escrever um artigo arrasador! No palco eu sempre fui adorada! Isso vai destruir a minha carreira! Alvo errado. Senta, senta aqui, oh. A Isabel quer comprar o teatro. O que? DIVA Me fez a proposta hoje. DIVA Ah! Sua mulher o que? Que assunto? DIVA Sem enxerido. Vai, vai, vamos, vamos, sai, dai.

DIVA Vai, vai. Vou resolver isso agora. Me refiro a senhora, baronesa. E como pai do seu filho, eu tenho certas prerrogativas. Eu vou me lembrar disso pelo resto de minha vida. Aquela gente toda vaiando. Talvez pessoas com inveja. Inveja da minha volta aos palcos. Leia aqui. Eu preciso ir. Eu queria tanto que ele me visse aqui. Ou a sua vingancinha, ou a minha companhia. DIVA E quem disse que a clarque foi paga? Passei a noite toda em claro, sem conseguir pensar em outra coisa! DIVA Hum. Durante todos esses anos eu me desdobrei pra evitar que isso acontecesse.

E num momento de fraqueza eu Eu sei. Eu preciso pensar. Eu preciso de um tempo pra refletir! Do jeito que aquele cachorro abana o rabo. Eu te juro! Ah que bom. Tanto mal entendido. Mas tem um que me atormenta mais do que os outros. Quantos foram? Foi a noite mais feliz da minha vida em muito tempo.

Vai embora daqui. E nem a prima da sua esposa, a Ester. Que saudade. Sandra, a gente tem tanta coisa pra conversar. Imagina, na minha idade. Eu gostaria muito. Eu, eu vou adorar ser madrinha desse pequeno. Algo interessante? Na certa acreditando que o seu plano pra destruir a carreira da Catarina ia dar certo. E o sucesso da Catarina vai prejudicar a nossa filha! Mas diga o meu nome, ela vem correndo. Foi a melhor coisa que aconteceu na minha carreira! Sou mais famosa e reconhecida do que nunca! Mas que ousadia. Eu sei que um dia vou ter que enfrentar a velhice. Pela professorinha? Eu sou esposa de um senador!

A Catarina me disse que ia passar o dia todo em casa. Odeio cabresto. Acontece que eu pensei que o assunto que realmente te interessava quem estava cuidando era eu. Agora vamos conseguir convencer o jornalista. Aqui no meu quintal? Agora quem vai falar sou eu. Do filho que nem chegou a me dar barriga, que Volte aqui e me avise que eu vou falar com ele. Eu preciso falar com a minha filha. And it is still so difficult not to see Edgar.

ISABEL inhales The only thing that would be any funnier than this, inhales would be if your mother were to show up here right now. He no more than a curse for me! Are you pushing a garbage cart in the streets now? Do you really think that you're in the right category to argue over a woman such as this? If you fight with this little brat you know very well how that story is going to end!

I do not want my man taken prisoner again. Everyone is looking at us. Please, just go now. And with pride. You are mine. It's just that that young man is here. The one who you. Tell him to come in and close the door. You may go in, please. It's easy. You aren't going to have to fight with anyone. He's infamous, inhales he's a womanizer, indolent, his life is a whirlwind. It's just like finding a lovely dress, and all it needs to be perfect are a few adjustments.

What can you do, with your inexperience? And it will not be a pleasant surprise at all. Get out of my way, I'm busy! Too long without working. It's the good life, right? One can get out of shape! And that friend of yours, fa la la, said that she was going to dig deep into her pockets to arrange for someone to help me, but did she, hum? Not at all. A total cheapskate that one is, just like you. I just don't have any money, that's all.

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Look me in the eye. What about those rich old men who take you out on the town? My voice is just perfect, and I am certain that the performance is going to be brilliant. From the looks of it, Diva is not going to be able to perform in the Lady of the Camellias. Who could have guessed?

But she isn't going to let it go. And even if she did let it go, I couldn't manage to play the part. I am not prepared. I haven't rehearsed. Now, I know the character, I can help you. You sure? Just ask me. Perhaps she could help arrange a meeting for Alice and me. I want, I want to marry her.

Have children, spend the rest of my days. What's this? You've only exchanged a few words with the young lady and you are already talking about marriage? It is very early for such a serious matter! It's a good thing that I had the good luck to find a modern woman, like Celina. And the curtain that I asked you to hang at the back of the stage? Why is it that it's not in place yet? I only have two! Ah, but what a nuisance! I'm coming! I found the gardenias. I ran, it wasn't easy at all.

I ran all the way to Ouvidor Street, but I found them. You ran and I can't even manage to walk! The hemline of this dress is impeding my movement! Do you want me to, to climb on stage and slip and fall? Is that it? That I make a fool of myself in front of my audience?. I am going to fix it for you right now. Both of you can stop with the back and forth.

Are you going to help me or are you going to sabotage me? This is easy money, right? Do you all know what you have to do? Let's go in, I have the tickets right here. Impertinent creature. The recital hasn't even started yet! Let's toast. Elegance and tradition are going to crush vulgarity.

As it should be, of course. She can't sing at all! Completely out of tune! A setup! He's a capoeira! Just because he's a mulatto? He's well dressed! You've ruined everything! Both of us are going to get arrested here! I didn't fight in order to deceive my people for a pocket full of change. Tell us! Who paid you? Are you going to pick a fight with a capoeira now?

Don't be sad! Look and see if I am sad. I am boiling my rage in a cauldron from hell to see if this theater catches fire! This was orchestrated! Do you really think so? They were capoeiras! Your father? This is not a man's work. From what I know of your father, he would have ordered the theater destroyed before I had even started singing.. This is a woman's work. Yes, breathes the refinement of public humiliation, exhales absolutely feminine.. I know that it was.

She was in my house, she threatened me, it was her. I am a sophisticated woman. That walking disaster! Are you coming with me or not? I'll wait for you here. I am going to savor that total failure for just a while longer. Hum, I swear. Don't you remember? Teodoro, right? Are you here alone? If you'd like, I could accompany you to your house. Thank you very much. It would be an honor to have the opportunity to be alone.. An honor and a pleasure. I am going to find my sister.. Good evening, Mister Umberto. Catarina was singing very well. She didn't do anything to provoke that level of hostility!

Someone in the audience shouted out an order and the others joined in with him! A scandal such as this means the end of my theater! DIVA Oh, don't be like that, my dearest, inhales look on the bright side. With whom? How will you get even? Excuse me. Such manners. She is going to tell me. Of course it will! Our theater is going to be known as the theater of disasters!

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  4. DIVA Eh, perhaps there is a way? DIVA A radical solution. DIVA Ah, ah, just a little idea, eh, inhales you will know, breathes when the time comes. An exquisite morning and a catastrophic evening. Should I really believe that? The rich white man would have a broken jaw and you would spend the rest of you life in jail. Oh, perfect! I am thinking that it was lucky that we were kicked out of the Navy. Oh, inhales prison is a hell with no purgatory, my brother! I don't know how I managed to contain myself, Chico!

    Yes you do. Um hum. She spoke to me in this way.. At the time I even believed her. She is a dancer, she is going to be a theater owner, and here I am working as a garbage collector! Isabel is no longer the same woman. Look, laughs you fool. And what else? You do no need to watch over me! I want my text without a single comma missing!

    It's all there. I don't believe it. The recital was going very well. Until a band of vandals, a mob of rabble rousers, started to cause an uproar and to yell and boo. You know, those savages that tend to turn up now and then here in Rio de Janeiro? Ah, but I am going to denounce it. I'm going to write a scathing article! And how was the singer, after all?

    Was she really so terrible? But after this night she becomes a heroine. The applause was sincere, the booing was not! But who could know that? What those people wanted was to humiliate me. This is going to destroy my career! This scandal is only going to spread! But now, nose inhales now I'm going to do it out of hatred! You understand me? Look at me. I know, I understand that you are nervous about what happened to you. But first I want to know what your opinion is about your sister-in-law. The divorce. I've only ever given them reason to be proud. Wrong target. We need to take their divorce public.

    That would damage my entire family. My mother will be. The one who pays for all of this here is Edgar, or are you in a position to support his daughter? The only way to get her to leave the city is to ignite this, this little scandal. And why not? And you will have the chance to show the whole world that Edgar is not the saint of the family. Now then, of course, this must all be done with great discretion, without anyone finding out that we were involved in the matter.

    Now that you are involved, breathes the whole picture changes.. Come over here. Sit down, right here. DIVA She made me an offer today. I knew it! You are just exaggerating. And anyway, your woman? Diva and I are a couple now, and you'd best just get used to the idea! DIVA Ah, just stop this, you two little babies.

    What matter? DIVA Stop being so nosy. Come, come, let's go, come on now. It's just a conversation. Have you managed to decide if Isabel. Buy As Gift. I thought about this and decided that when certain people, whether they be American, British, Russian, French and others, stop their crucifying those of German extraction, then and only then, would it not be necessary to publish this book. The word "Nazi" is archaic, and does not apply to more than ninety percent of all Germans. Most Germans knew nothing about the Holocaust, except what was recently explained to them.

    They knew nothing about the internment camps where Germans and German-Americans were interned during the war; were unaware of the expulsions of millions of ethnic Germans from their historical homelands; the torture, rape and murder of millions of innocent non-combatant women and children after hostilities had ended; and the deliberate starvation to death of more than one million eight hundred thousand German P. This documentary is not singling out others that may or may not be guilty of these atrocities.

    It is only the truth that we seek to be put into the history books and other texts; not the made-up revisions of Arrogant Revisionists. Much of the information published herewith is not even known by most Germans or people of other ethnic entities. This documentary therefore is one of clarity, reality and truth. It needs to be known! Everyone, Germans and non-Germans alike should read this book, so at least they will know the other side of the story.

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