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Curled in the Bed of Love

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These eleven stories are set in the San Francisco Bay Area, and in true Left Coast style, Catherine Brady's characters are as resolute in evading middle-class conformity as they are in clinging to their illusions about love. And while they never shy from paying their dues, they can't help but wonder sometimes if their choices have at last accrued too high a cost. What lies in the bed of love, with women and men curled sometimes in repose, sometimes in a defensive knot, are failed dreams, reproofs, ambitions, and stubborn beliefs.

Always, mortality threatens the lovers' embrace. In the title story, Jim and his HIV-positive partner contend with an illness that has fueled their love but also threatens to consume it. In some stories, an outsider exposes the frailty of a relationship. Claire, who's opted for a steady marriage in "The Loss of Green," is both stirred and repelled by the advances of her former mate Sam, a radical environmentalist with a predatory need to reassert his claim on her.

There is much to learn in these tales of flawed but good people working hard to hold their lives together. Customer Reviews Average Review. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist.

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USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Just before I was set to start this residency, I got a call from an editor who let me know she was accepting my first book for publication. The only thing of any real interest to them was the desk chair, which rolled on castors. They jumped on the chair and began sailing around the room, fighting over who got to steer, and I was completely overwhelmed by the kid noise and their unbounded potential for doing damage to the wood floor and to the walls.

Could you get expelled from a writing residency? All I wanted was to get these intruders out of that sacred space.

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To write—to pursue any vocation with intense concentration—requires that you barricade yourself against intrusion and interruption. But to mother requires that you make vocation out of being permeable to interruption. For some reason, my husband and I forgot to confiscate the house keys from our now young-adult children, and they pop in for visits, wind their way down to the basement office where I work, plop down on the sofa, and wait for me to turn around from the computer screen.