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When she returns two hours later, she insists that the baby in the crib is not her child. Despite her apparent distress, David is adamant that she is wrong. The police are called to the scene.

Book Review- Marked & Betrayed By: PC&Kristin Cast

His superior, Sergeant Charlie Zailer, thinks Alice must be suffering from some sort of delusion brought on by postpartum depression. Sophie Hannah is an award-winning and best-selling poet in the United Kingdom. She has also previously published fiction. This is her first psychological crime novel. She lives in West Yorkshire with her husband and two children.

When Alice Fancourt leaves her newborn daughter at home with her husband for the first time, she comes home to a horrifying discovery: her child has been swapped with another baby.

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In near hysterics, Alice rushes to call the police, but soon discovers that no one, not even her husband David, believes her. When the police arrive, Detective Simon Waterhouse is drawn to the lovely Alice but doubts her story and suspects that she is suffering from postpartum depression. For fans of Tana French and Tess Gerritsen, Little Face is a chilling look at the lengths to which a mother will go to protect her child. Share: Share on Facebook. More about Sophie Hannah. About Sophie Hannah. Other Series You Might Like. There are legitimately funny portions throughout the book.

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These parts, though, are few and far between. He also created a false history of the band, which set up the reunion beautifully.

Each page had a laugh and the humour was well thought out. Lord does not set situations up throughout the book.

Deep Betrayal

The history of the famous count-in heard when The Ramones performed live before each song is humorous and interesting. However, he seems to base a great deal of material on one joke, which gets tired very quickly. Further to that point, I never want to read about masturbation again. It is funny for a while, but the joke wears thin.

Damone Ramone: A Rock and Roll Betrayal, could have been a brilliant read, especially if it had been much shorter. During this process, which involved microfilming, this vital page went missing.

Mortal Obligation

But I was amazed to find out that Butcher never states whether the page was ever found. So, I built a story around what could have happened to that vital missing page. TRBS: What kind of research did you have to do before actually sitting down to write this book? All of which I found fascinating.

Then there was research on England in wartime, life in Morocco and other settings like the Vatican and Lisbon in A trip to London added a great deal of depth to the research.

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TRBS: What is your writing process like? Do you have a target word count that you try to hit each day? Do you outline your books?