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Drescher says that he never cared for bullies. After serving in Vietnam, Drescher worked various hustles. That included being deeply involved with the Hare Krishna Movement and buying cars cheap and selling them for a lot more than he paid for them. The juxtapositions make it clear how his war-time service influenced the rest of his life due to PTSD. Small wonder that many of us ended up in American penitentiaries after the war ended.

The Hare Krishna farming and dairy cow sequences caused me to laugh out loud more than once.

The cows, it turned out, were very expensive pets. Their farm produced tons of zucchini squash, acorn squash, and tomatoes, but the cows would not eat that stuff. So the farm had to be abandoned. The colonel was above the men in a helicopter, sending them straight into the bullets of snipers. And some died for it.

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We encounter a chivalrous protagonist who battles enemies both internal and external. We discover the underlying causes of a man's search for meaning in a world gone mad with senseless violence and the meaningless pursuit of empty pleasure. In short, we see a man come to grips with his relationship to modern society and the inner springs of love of God.

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It is in pursuit of eternal truth that the author of these powerful stories redeems himself. The reader is brought through gripping tales of battlefield horror, as these stories of troubled youth entering manhood in war-torn Vietnam, grip the consciousness and probe the heart until the reader can say of the author, "This man has led a worthwhile life.