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  1. Prepare your Excel data source for a Word mail merge?
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    In the Import Data dialog box, accept the default setting of Existing worksheet and the cell address, and then choose OK. Data is imported beginning with the named cell address. Format any numerical data like percentages or currency values in any new or existing data source in Excel that you intend to use in a Word mail merge. To preserve numeric data you've formatted as a percentage or as currency during a mail merge, follow the instructions in the "Step 2: Use Dynamic Data Exchange DDE for a mail merge" section.

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    In your Excel data source that you'll use for a mailing list in a Word mail merge, make sure you format columns of numeric data correctly. Format a column with numbers, for example, to match a specific category such as currency. On the Home tab, in the Number group, choose the Number Format General box down arrow, and then choose an option in the list. When you have an Excel data source that contains formatted numbers like percentages and currency values, some of the numeric data may not retain its formatting during a mail merge. Under General , select the Confirm file format conversion on open check box.

    In the Mail Merge pane, under Select recipients , choose Use an existing list. Under Use an existing list , choose Browse , and then open your formatted spreadsheet. Continue with your letter , email message , label , or envelope merge.