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Plus, they become large and spacious planters. Get the complete tutorial here. If you lack the space or the energy to maintain a sprawling vegetable garden, keep things manageable and compact by creating stock tank raised gardening beds. Besides being durable and cheap, they offer adequate space to grow several plants together. Watch more in the video here!

Create your own water garden in a stock tank at a fraction of the cost! This guide shows you how to make your garden more relaxing and elegant with a pretty pond where you can house your favorite koi fishes and aquatic plants as well. Growing bamboo in containers is possible. Learn more here! This DIY post shows you how to convert an unsightly stock tank into a startling side table for your living room. Get inspiration from this blog post to fashion galvanized tubs into natural privacy screens consisting of tall plants like bamboos that enhance privacy and add architectural interest to your property!

See more here! Use a galvanized stock tank as a rain barrel in your backyard to collect rainwater for use in the garden or laundry room. Follow this link for more details. Here is a clever way to make sure you never lose or trip over your hose the next time you decide to tend the garden. Be thrifty by being artsy with this brilliant kitchen island DIY made from a stock tank. See the instructions here! Warm yourself up this winter with a DIY fire pit made in a stock planter. The tutorial is available here!

This tutorial shows you how to put together a stock tank and a piece of reclaimed wood or leftover lumber to create a nice little coffee table for the porch. Creating stock tank bathtubs is possible. Find out more at the PopSugar! House your beautiful outdoor plants in stock tanks repurposed as planters. Maybe one was mis-marked? Try measuring them. Let me know what you find out. Good luck! Christy- yup, the male adapter I had was the wrong size-:! I also had gotten the wrong elbow…I got a 90 degree instead of a 45 degree; so, now I should be all ready to make my teapot!!!

Thanks for your help!!! Ha ha…it will have been a long journey to this little teapot feature, but hopefully well worth it. And I love the crystal drop. I love the idea of making it an actual fountain. Was wondering if the teapot should be sealed with something to protect it from the elements? If yes, what should I use? Hi Nicole! There should be no need to seal them. Ceramic holds up really well outdoors.

I did bring them in for the winter though, but there was really no need to. I just love this project, and the great way you explain things!!

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Thank you for a great idea and wonderful pictures. Thanks so much, Caye! So glad you enjoyed this tutorial. This is such a fun project and yes I do try my best to be thorough! Love your teapot and cup project. It rains here often and I would have to empty the cup often. Was wondering if I could put a teabag in the cup and pour acrylic in the cup.

What do you think? Thanks, Arlene! Hermoso tu espacio. Just adorable!! Great for the tea lover. I hope to make one for myself and one for my daughter as a gift. I was looking to use alot of things I have collected over the years.

Teapot Garden Feature

Time to weed out. I love this! I have a problem finding the garden stakes at my Home Depot, I can order it online do you remember if you used a 4ft bigger, and was it a heavy duty steaks or heavy duty supper steel stakes? Thank you for sharing this! I love it! Pinned to my garden board. See instructions here. I just love this.

Hi there! My name is Christy, and welcome to my blog! I share a little bit of everything around here; from sewing to painting, repurposing to upcycling, with a little bit of craftiness sprinkled in between! My favorite is taking forgotten treasures and turning them into beautiful new decor. I include these affiliate links so that you can find the products I use and love.

If you make a purchase through one of these links, I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you so much for your support! Teapot Garden Feature July 3, by Christy. Here is my version: Not too shabby! This is what I used to cut the copper piping, super easy! Then also using a cotton swab, add glue to smaller rim of the elbow: Then insert it into the male adapter.

Set them aside to dry. Next grab your cup and saucer. Apply E glue to the bottom of the cup. The spoon was a thrift store find. Grab your teapot and the cotton ball. Apply E to the cotton ball.

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Apply E glue to the bottom of the flange and attach to the bottom of the teapot, with the elbow angled toward the spout like so: Next, turn your cup and saucer upside down and glue the bud vase to the bottom. Allow both pieces to dry overnight. Install it Properly To install your beautiful new creation, first hammer in the garden stake, then apply the copper piping over it.

Add teapot… This is not glued in place, for easier storage if you decide to remove it during the winter months. Here is the view from the back: This is in my front garden, you can see my front door in the background. More Posts You Might Like:. Updating Old Porch Decor.

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May Craft Junk Giveaway!! Pin 38K. Share Never miss a thrifty makeover! Receive my new posts right to your inbox! Comments Krista the happy housie says. July 3, at pm. Christy K.

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James says. Sherri S. How cute is this!?! Thanks, Sherri! Hope you and yours have a wonderful Holiday weekend as well! July 4, at am.

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  5. Love this! So fun and whimsical. JoAnn SweetPepperRose says. July 4, at pm. SO glad you like it, JoAnn! Hope you enjoy your Holiday weekend! Cindy DIYbeautify says. I adore the whimsy of this! Thanks for the step-by-step instructions! July 6, at am. July 6, at pm. Nancy Artsy Chicks Rule says. July 7, at am. July 7, at pm. Lory at Designthusiasm says. Marcia says.

    Never miss a thrifty makeover! Receive my new posts right to your inbox!

    Do you remember who made the bunny teapot…. I lot this particular one! I made the bunny one. Julie says. July 8, at am. Andi says. July 9, at am. Marie The Interior Frugalista says. July 11, at am. July 13, at pm. Linda says. July 11, at pm. Brooke Bock says. July 15, at am. I guess everyone else may be as well… Thank you! July 16, at am. July 25, at pm.

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