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Throughout history numerous studies have been conducted to try and answer this important question, with many of them by Diana Baumrind, a clinical and developmental psychologist at the University of Berkeley. Therefore the ideal parent essentially walks a strategic line between being lenient and controlling. We want our kids to have grit and resilience, to be willing to take responsible risks, and to persist in the face of challenging situations.

These are the qualities that predict success and happiness in life far more than GPA. Learning to surf requires kids to draw on all of these skills, and they are rewarded with the thrill of riding a wave.

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The practice and process of being surf coached provides an ideal balance of fun, personal challenge and independent learning. Working with a professional surf coach kids are provided specialized theory on pop up, wave selection and safety and are then suitably coached and supported in the water providing the perfect environment for autonomous learning.

Most do so with little difficulty. But then Dr. Digital disruption has lead to the downfall of businesses, which until a few years ago, were successful. It has left a trail of debris of bankrupt Blockbusters, angry taxi drivers, and empty malls. And if you think you are safe, forget it. They will be replaced by new firms.

Life Is Surfing: It’s About How You Surf The Waves

A wave of disruption is coming for your industry. Instead of being wiped out by it, let us show you how to ride these waves of digital disruption to success. Instead of waiting, start preparing and get innovative. Let management think about how your business can be disrupted. Think outside of existing business models, your current markets and the ways in which you are operating.

Dismiss any assumptions you have about your industry, market, and customers. Start thinking like a disruptor.

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By for example:. Even disruptors disrupt themselves.

Surf Training Success Will Radically Improve Your Surfing & Your Fitness

Yet, it completely disrupted itself when it switched to online streaming. Go and disrupt yourself. History is full of examples of businesses who underestimated the arrival of new technology. Take Nokia when Apple was developing the iPhone. Even with the Mac, Apple has attracted much attention at first, but they have remained a niche manufacturer. That will be on mobile phones as well. Never underestimate a possible disruptor.

There is a reason your disruptive competitor started its business. It sees market potential by being smarter and turning things upside down.

What to expect

The fact that there is a disruptor in your industry means your ways are outdated. You need to figure out new ones, now. Start by studying your competitor and doing away with an incumbents arrogance. Digital disruption comes at you at a breakneck speed.

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And speed is what you need to navigate the waters. Become more like a startup.

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Move away from long planning and execution phases. Nurture a company culture where people experiment and new ideas are instantly tried and tested.

Surf for Your Success

Develop and invest in digital technologies which enable this. Take calculated risks and start small-scale trials. We build great long-lasting businesses and products that make a positive impact.

We co-create, rolling up our sleeves, so that we can achieve exceptional results We invest significant amount of time in our startups, working alongside founders to ensure the success of each company we launch and shaking up the venture system. Pre-seed Get things going. Work-life harmony is not a catchy title Startups take a long time to build, so it's important to enjoy the journey along the way.

Surfing is part of SURFnCODE and not just for naming purposes - a healthy dose of patience and resilience, learning to embrace the changes and challenges around you, facing your fears, living with passion and a sense of community are some of the surfing values we believe in and that we use to guide our work day in, day out.