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Lincoln Alexander: A remarkable legacy

Some of them are unsung heroes dedicated to helping others and contributing to a bigger cause. And others may have overcome adversity to achieve their personal best, demonstrating astonishing willpower and an optimistic, can-do attitude. Here we salute these remarkable individuals and share their positive values of life. Today, I use soccer to rewrite my life and help my peers correct their course.

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Today, I use my own experience to encourage and help those like me. Today, I have achieved my dreams and gone beyond by guiding youths to boldly pursue theirs. Today, having overcome my physical limitations, I find love in horses and life, and learn to live life to the full. Today, I bring laughter and happiness to newlywed couples by helping to ensure that their big day runs smoothly.

Today, I resolve to pursue my dream to help others through music. Today, I help retirees reach new heights in their lives. In his will, upon his passing his house and land will be bequeathed to UH Foundation and be transformed into a fund to be used for faculty and student travel expenses to visit culinary centers, like Shanghai or Mumbai or Kyoto or even Las Vegas, and scholarships for students interested in culinary studies.

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Ultimately, he envisions that the global experiences inspire UHMC culinary graduates to launch new restaurants and transform culinary experiences on Maui, and make Maui a global culinary hub — and this fabulous idea came from a memorable lunch while watching Kahului Harbor at the Leis Family Class Act Restaurant. Instead, he launched a new business — Maui Oil Co.

Give - Touching Story of Selfless Love and Legacy

The UH Foundation accepts a wide range of gifts, including automobiles, securities, bonds, real estate, and even airplanes — gifts that make students soar like strong birds into the sky. After a successful exit from a start-up venture in San Diego, a couple relocated with their two energetic dogs to Kapalua, overlooking the green hills dotted by Cook Island pines and the blue Pacific ocean.

Although their background was in biotechnology, after the couple listened to the student musicians of the new UHMC Institute of Hawaiian Music they realized the significance of perpetuating and preserving Hawaiian music. Over the span of a decade, he built a steady and loyal following via his incisive mixtapes. Nipsey was hip hop's best-kept secret until his fame began to catch up to his musical talent. That his technical debut and first mainstream release, "Victory Lap," garnered Nipsey a Grammy nod for best rap album, showed that he has always been playing the long game when it comes to music.


As Craig Jenkins wrote for Vulture , "Nipsey was getting better at his craft, becoming a more pointed storyteller without sacrificing the subtle, unpolished, conversational tone that made him an instrumental voice in Los Angeles rap. As a musical and business innovator, Nipsey's trust in the power of his music and his fans led him to selling physical copies of his mixtapes — which are traditionally free on the Internet and treated as musical offerings in the interim to albums — at lavish prices and under the hashtag Proud2Pay.

The digital versions were all still free, but Nipsey's thinking went that for those who could afford it, quality still mattered and his music was worth paying for — a revolutionary idea in this streaming-dominated era. But if you tell me the goal is to inspire?

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That makes my job a lot easier. Nipsey Hussle was certainly inspirational in more ways than one. As David Dennis, Jr. His many business ventures were purposefully rooted in the Crenshaw neighborhood where he was raised, supplying jobs and opportunities for economic growth and sustainability, including his own Marathon Clothing store, the site of his shooting.

The plaza on West Slauson Avenue, which Marathon Clothing store was a part of, was a full circle location in Nipsey's own transformation, too.

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Nipsey also maintained a strong interest in technology, which allowed him to record his early music on a limited budget. Times after the launch. Nipsey also helped to bring back a roller skating rink that had been a safe space for local kids in his own childhood, and he invested in Destination Crenshaw, an open-air museum of rotating art installations.