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Michael brings a little bit of Iowa to the show for Sara's big day. Related Extras. Related Videos.

  • Sara's childhood friends' surprise.
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Video Transcript. Transcript for Sara's childhood friends' surprise. So, Sara, I wrapped this myself. That's a little bit of a lie but anyway it looks good. That's for you. You should open it right now. Let me help you.

Tegan and Sara

You said, don't shake it. I don't know if that's a joke. Oh, it's one of my high school friends. It's all of your high school friends. The meaning behind this, I know you're excited for this baby. But being pregnant right now, you can't go on the girls' trip that you all usually take. How do you know that? Because I know everything. It's the one year we have to put it on hold.

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  4. One year we have on put it on hold. We're actually very good girls. We're very innocent. As we can see.

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    We weren't so innocent. But we didn't drink back in the day, so we were always the athletes. When we get together is it's so pure. I love it. When you said good girl, I'm looking at the audience saying, you've all been really good girls. You know what -- it was so special to us, but we didn't want you to miss out on all the fun. So -- Are you sending me to Iowa? No, we're not going to send you to Iowa. We don't have to send you to Iowa because we have some people here who want to see you.

    There you go, Sara! Oh, my god! Great to see you. Come on. Have a seat on the couch. These are the five-baby people. Oh, my gosh. Come on over and have a seat on the couch. Can we get -- we need some -- a lot of tears is going to be happening here. So, did we surprise you?

    Oh, my god, we can't even plan to be in the same place. You know what, they love you and this girls' trip is very special to all of you. But I was writing about the idea of a love from a long time ago never coming to fruition, the idea of unrequited love. And even though it can feel really dark and intense and a missed opportunity, there is something fun about romance and looking back. How easily did Taylor fit into that place? The good news is that Sara does all the harmony parts, so it was pretty easy whether it was me or Taylor singing lead.

    It was her stage. We were just honored to be asked. You have your own intense following. Did her connection with fans seem similar or something different?

    Tegan and Sara - Wikipedia

    I think there is a lot of crossover. She has a very passionate relationship with her audience. She seems very intent on creating intimacy with all those people. Tegan and Sara fans are also very intense and committed.

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    We have fans that see 30 or 40 shows a year. One of our first fans started a message board about Tegan and Sara in and she met her wife on that message board and they have two children together. It stretches way beyond music. She writes great songs. She writes very emotionally. Part of our goal with this record was to show off our writing, so I hope in the future we could do something with Taylor. I definitely will see another Taylor Swift concert in the future at a minimum.

    Sara's Big Jump.

    That will continue to happen in the future. Our records are probably never going to be as dense and dark as some of our past work.