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Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Visual thinking Dan Roam - extract of its book "The back of the napkin" 1. It is harnessing and applying our innate ability to use our eyes and our imagination to discover, develop and share ideas with others. All of us are visual thinkers at heart. This is why sometimes, a simple drawing on the back of a piece of paper like a napkin can be more effective in visualizing the solution to some business problem than any Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation could ever be.

Pictures clarify whereas words often confuse. You can focus on talking with other people and getting their ideas rather than on giving a formal presentation. In all, visual thinking is a better way of looking at business problems and a new way to find interesting or innovative solutions. It is composed of just four steps, and the beauty of these steps is that we already know how to do all of them. But by calling attention to these steps and drawing out the distinctions between them, we can instantly improve our understanding of how visual thinking works.

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Welcome to a whole new way of looking at business. He is an experienced key note speaker and public presenter. The Web site for this book is at www. Note the pictures used to solve business problems or to explain ideas are not works of art. They are not line drawings of the Mona Lisa or anything of that caliber. Instead, visual thinking uses hand-drawn sketches that incorporate basic shapes, lines and arrows and stick drawings of people. This encourages a certain degree of trial and error which is healthy and stimulating.

Sometimes you can get so caught up in playing with these you lose track of what your original point was. Probably the most acclaimed success story of visual thinking was the establishment of Southwest Airlines. At dinner one night, Rollin picked up a napkin and made a quick sketch: 4. All of the other airlines were operating a hub and spoke model — fly people to a central hub first, then to another hub and then to a smaller city. That meant people had to catch multiple flights to go from one city to another sometimes.

On its own, their simple map illustrated the fundamental operating principles of the company that Herb and Rollin agreed to start that evening: fly short routes between busy cities, avoid hubs, and where possible fly into smaller, secondary airfields. One napkin; one good idea; one profitable airline. By combining operating efficiencies, convenience, low prices, a zany corporate ethos and some very gung-ho marketing, Southwest became successful by focusing on just a very small group of cities.

The company has gone on to grow from that early base and has managed to rack up one very impressive statistic — it has an unbroken record of thirty years of profitability. This is a feat never before achieved in the history of aviation. It just goes to show what sketching an idea on the back of a napkin can achieve.

The experience of Herb Kelleher and others illustrates perfectly the benefits of the visual thinking process — of trying to solve problems by drawing pictures. Drawing pictures makes your ideas more concrete than if you just try and describe them using words. The act of sketching out what is being discussed encourages some inspired discussions, which is good.

Sketches are excellent ways to structure a business presentation. Everybody already has good visual thinking skills, and everybody can easily improve those skills. By better understanding the vision tools that we already have and then learning to use a few new ones we can learn to solve problems with pictures in remarkable ways.

What kind of problems can be solved with pictures? The answer is almost all of them. It means to collect data and make some rough initial assessments.

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Looking is the starting point of the entire visual thinking process. If you can learn to look better, you can become proficient at visual thinking. To develop good looking skills, there are four cardinal rules to follow: 1. Collect everything you want to look at — start with a quantity over quality approach. Put together an exhaustive sample which includes every conceivable thing youmayneed in the future.

Gather as much raw data as is reasonably available to you to start the ball rolling. Lay everything out in one place — side-by-side preferably so your eyes can scan everything in a few passes. Establish a coordinate system which makes sense in this situation — some variable which you can use to compare the relative merits of different items. In some cases, this will be the amount of money involved.

Good seeing means you recognize what 7. Broadly speaking, there are six ways you see things in the physical world: 1. Discrete objects always exhibit known measures and physical attributes. Based on your knowledgeof physical objects, you notice whether something is moving in a predictable or anticipated way. You can tell how what one object did influenced the actions of other objects and how everything came to end up the way it did.

Based on what you already know, you can make an educated guess on how things should turn out and then compare reality with what was anticipated would happen. Put another waythe act of imagining means you take what you see in the real world and translate this data into abstract pictures which you manipulate inside your head. In a business setting, most times imagining means coming up with an original idea or a new solution to a problem or challenge.

Ask yourself five questions: What is a simple way and a corresponding elaborate way to draw a picture which proposes a solution to the problem or opportunity at hand? However, often 8. Being able to choose between a simple solution and a more elaborate solution and showing each graphically is very powerful.

Am I better off talking about quantity or quality in my solution? In other words, will it be better to use a graphic which focuses on one example in depth or is it preferable to consider what happens to a large number of examples simultaneously? There are times when either the quantitative or the qualitative approach is superior and by trying both, you get a feel for what the best will be in this particular setting.

Is it preferable to show a solution which is visionary in its nature or a solution which is much more obviously practical and executable? In these cases, the visionary approach will probably resonate best. In these cases, a more practical set-by-step execution pathway will be of greater interest and value.

The most widelyused chart in this second setting is a Gantt chart which is in effect a bar chart laid on its side with the length of each bar representing how long a specific task will take to complete. Should I focus on one individual example or compare the characteristics of a large group of samples? Some times, the greatest illumination will come when you zoom in to the individual level and focus there.

At other times, comparing a large group of data and how they break down will be better. Is it better to talk about the way things are at present or to dwell on the way they could be in the future if we make a few changes? Again both these perspectives can throw up different points-of-view and comparing both can be quite helpful. The other side of the coin is developing a graphic which encapsulates what the ideal world of the future will look like is also helpful.

It can give a mental model to aim for which can act as a guide. As with the other questions previously discussed, doing both is a great idea. You can look at things from two different perspectives and capture the various ideas which get interjected that way. This stretches your imagination and brings your ideas into clearer focus.

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To show means to make clear your best ideas so you can inform and persuade. In order to show well, there are three steps involved: 1. Present and then explain your picture — add whatever explanatory test is required for someone to understand what your graphic represents. Sometimes, this will need to be a detailed explanation, while at other times a very simple and straightforward explanation will suffice. And the Day of Reckoning has arrived. Does she return to Icepond to save it from burning or ignore their silent pleas and remain on Earth?

Confident, intuitive, and handsome, Will has navigated the intricate political workings of his kingdom to give Eva a chance to grow up before requesting her presence to save his world. From a child to a young woman, he waited for her, even saving her once as a young child when she needed him. Now he needs her, but he is surprised to find a beautiful, passionate,but immature woman is the solution to his world's dilemma. He is perplexed by her ultimatum to be queen, but nothing is too great to be sacrificed for his kingdom.

"Fallen Kingdom" - A Minecraft Parody of Coldplay's Viva la Vida (Music Video)

Not his fiance, his freedom, or his feelings. Will his sacrifice be enough or will the consequences of these decisions change the universes they now know? Can Eva mature fast enough for her new responsibilities? Can Will handle these new challenges in his life? Can they learn to rule together and learn to love on another? The fifth installment of this series weaves intrigue, mystery, and magic in a tale of prophesy, sacrifice, and maturity of feelings.

Impulsive actions, misunderstandings, and a growing love between these well developed characters keeps you enthralled from beginning to end. I would highly recommend this book! Excellent read! I was anxiously awaiting this book and I knew it would be an action packed story. I loved it! Little Eva is all grown up and to say she is a 'challenge' is an understatement. When Will, her king as she refers to him in her mind througout her life travels to her world to see if she has made I was anxiously awaiting this book and I knew it would be an action packed story. When Will, her king as she refers to him in her mind througout her life travels to her world to see if she has made her choice- going over to Icepond to his kingdom - or staying where she is, with her family in her world Earth she has a huge decision to make.

There are so many avenues traveled in this book and each and every one connects the dots.

Rule‐Based Anomaly Detection Technique Using Roaming Honeypots for Wireless Sensor Networks

We learn a lot more of Will and his kingdom, the evil departed Troy evil is not even CLOSE to what a sleazy skank this psycho was , Henry Asher and his story, and more of West and Roam's life together. There are some surpsrises along the way and I needed a tissue at one or more times while reading. It was a well written book and it held my attention from the Prologue to the final sentence on the last page!

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  • I have to admit, like all the books in the 'Roam' series, I have read it two more times! Apr 10, Nurul Diyana rated it it was amazing Shelves: personal-faves-paranormal. Love the whole magic, prophecy, eternal everlasting love However, as the story progresses, i cant help feel like Roam betrays that pure love, by sleeping with Logan. And theres humor in it that makes it bearable lolz. Logan betraying Violet's love is just disappointing beyond measure and pretty screwed up.

    View 2 comments. I absolutely love this series. After reading it, I fall in love with both Eva and Will.

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    From the first chapter, I knew I was not going to be able to put this book down. Eva is an incredible fiery redheaded girl. She's passionate and impulsive. Will is so totally hot and he had a hard time controlling Eva. Some parts of the book had me laughing and some parts were emotional. Kimberly has written another amazi I absolutely love this series. Kimberly has written another amazing book to this series and I totally recommend reading it.

    Roam Series (Roam #) by Kimberly Stedronsky Adams

    Kimberly, you've done it again! I am in love with the characters even more! It is going to be very difficult to say good-bye to them when the final book comes out I love the focus on Will and Eva!. You made me laugh out loud and then in a few pages I was holding my breathe! I love the "teenage angst" type of attitude and her magic is a perfect match!! But, the ending I need the final book, like yesterday, but at the same time I want to savour these characters befo Kimberly, you've done it again! I need the final book, like yesterday, but at the same time I want to savour these characters before I have to say farewell and begin another of your fabulous books!

    This book sucks you right in I love that with every installment of this saga, you learn more about how it all came to be I love the range of emotions and the little surprises along the way Very very good. I only wish that Eva would have been a little more mature in the beginning. West and Roam have been preparing her for her potential life in Icepond so I would have expected her to be more mature at And the way she always referred to Will as her king in previous books, you knew that she loved him.

    It would have been nice to see an instant spark there between them, since that was her destiny. Even still, I loved it. You will definitely be on the edge of your seat reading this book! Each passing word will definitely grab and keep you reading and hoping for the exciting last page! Between rooting for the success of Eva and her family, the pain they face will touch your heart!

    I love how Eva's character is in this book. She has grown up. She says what she wants and dosen't back and will do anything to protect her family. My kind of girl!! Loved this book. Was mad at myself for not realizing that the last book isn't out yet. Can't wait! As usual with this wonderful series, I was quickly drawn into the story and characters. I can hardly wait for Reign, but will be sad to say goodbye to all of these characters I love so much! Well that was intense and awesome! I need reign NOW!!! I am really enjoying reading this series. I can't wait until the last book, so that all of my questions will be answered.

    On to "West". This was my favorite book of the series thus far! I can't wait for Reign!!!! I have been thoroughly enjoying this series as I make my way through it. Not going to lie, Eva annoyed the hell out of me in the beginning. Her demands and seemingly childish tantrums and were a bit maddening especially knowing her intelligence and power.

    However, while annoyed with Eva I quickly fell more in love with Will. Even more so than my love for the character of West. Yeah, I k I have been thoroughly enjoying this series as I make my way through it. Yeah, I know! It is hard to describe why, you just have to read it to see for yourself why Will is freaking awesome. Will showed great patience, determination and above all restraint when it came to Eva. He was also able to see past her immature behavior to the amazing woman who lied beneath. I mean lets face it, girl has got skill.

    She was taught by West from a young age how to fire a gun and kick some major butt. As the story progressed I got to watch Eva grow and change and evolve as a character.