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With its high sensitivity and resolution for such radio waves, ALMA is one of the most powerful instruments to study the genesis of planets. However, the brightness and elongated shape of the structure revealed by ALMA don't exactly match theoretical predictions for circumplanetary disks. It might be a gas vortex, which is also expected to form here and there around a young star.

Finding only a single dust clump at this time is also contrary to theoretical studies. So the research team could not reach a definitive answer on the nature of the dusty clump. Next, we'll obtain even higher resolution ALMA images to reveal the temperature distribution in the clump to look for hints of a planet inside.

Also, we plan to observe it with the Subaru Telescope in infrared to see if there is hot gas around a potential planet. Trending Topics. By Staff Reporter. A small clump of dust was found in the southwestern bottom right part of the otherwise highly symmetric disk. Do not reproduce without permission. Related Articles.

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Measuring the Laws of Nature. Growing Embryonic Tissues on a Chip. Mail Facebook twitter google. When she got back to New York, she learned about how California's changing, drying climate had helped fuel the flames. She started sitting in on classes that her mother, Kristin Hogue, was taking at Columbia University, where Hogue was enrolled in a program that focused on the intersection between climate change and human society.

Alexandria soaked in presentations on everything from the physics of the jet stream to plans for designing rainwater capture programs in Costa Rica. The two did homework together, and Alexandria asked more and more questions. Alexandria has never known a climate unchanged by human activity; it's possible that no one alive today has.

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But within her lifetime, the planet has experienced five of the hottest years ever recorded. As Alexandria was planning her dream vacation to Half Moon Bay, global atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations passed parts per million , a concentration not exceeded within at least the last three million years. And the forecasts for the future? Even more dire. By the end of the century, supercharged heatwaves could render some parts of Asia seasonally uninhabitable.

Could 'climate delayer' become the political epithet of our times?

Rising seas and more powerful storm surges could drown some low-lying island nations in the South Pacific. Within the U. Realizing just how devastating future warming could be to the planet—to her future—was life-changing. She was confronting a massive global problem that touches everyone, everywhere, and is already affecting the world as she knows it. A little discomfort seemed like a fair price. More coming next week! But people were, in fact, paying attention—like year old Haven Coleman, who saw Alexandria's tweets and Instagram posts from her home in Denver, Colorado.

Haven was no stranger to climate activism. She'd been speaking out about climate change for two years, ever since a middle-school social-studies teacher laid out the reality of environmental destruction to her. She went down a research rabbit hole. To save sloths, deforestation should stop. And if deforestation stopped, it would also help with this other huge problem she was learning about: climate change.

Rare Sight! 2 Newborn Alien Planets Spotted Around Distant Star | Space

It was activism by necessity. Ever since, Haven has worked with the Climate Reality Project —Al Gore's climate advocacy group—to spread the word about what exactly a changing climate meant for kids like her.

She runs education sessions in schools to teach other middle schoolers about the issue, and in , she confronted a climate-denying Colorado congressman at a town hall. So when she saw Alexandria, Greta, and other young people climate striking? It seemed like a logical next step. Soon enough, she had started her own Friday strikes, setting up near the broad stone steps of the Denver Capital Building and building out and idea for a big, national strike. Isra was a practiced organizer, steeped in political activism from the time she was small.

Her father works as a policy aide in local government; her mother, Ilhan Omar, was recently elected to the U. House of Representatives and has attracted media attention for her controversial comments about Israel.

For years, Isra had attended marches with local youth groups such as iMatter. By , she had coordinated with more than a hundred local students to protest U. Tonight havenruthie , israhirsi and I had our climatestrikeUS partners call with emilyrsouthard Ryschlee luckytran ariellemcohen mozuckerman LarryKraft1 and more! At the same time, she started getting interested in environmental social justice issues. She had joined her school's recycling group and through that experience started learning more about the environment.

ALMA pinpoints the formation site of planet around nearest young star

At the same time, she was reading about lead contamination in Flint, Michigan's water supply and the fight over the Dakota Access Pipeline. Isra realized that environmental issues such as climate change and social justice intersected in a million different ways. Isra was thrilled to join the team, which could make good use of her organizing acumen. A few weeks later, Haven and Alexandria connected, and the conversation bloomed. As they typed, they realized it made sense to join forces. With the team assembled, its co-leads talked constantly: text messages, Instagram, email, and video conferences.

They brokered deals with their principals to check their phones during lunch, and they enlisted their parents to help manage the stream of texts and emails pinging their phones. With each passing day, the project branched and morphed with dizzying speed. A collaborator built them a website. Kids started volunteering to organize strikes in their hometowns, in almost every single U.

Organizations including the Sierra Club and Most of all, they organized. It was hard, but it was also filled with an almost giddy fizz.

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Alexandria and Haven, some of whose friends hadn't joined them in protest, found community amongst those who did. Isra, meanwhile, was reaching out to her network of young activists, including year old Maddy Fernands, now the Youth Climate Strike's press director.