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James D. Guckert, using the name Jeff Gannon and possibly other aliases, was also running gay porn sites, one with a U. Marine Corps theme that solicited males for prostitution. Madsen no page. In spite of the often bawdy, self-absorbed, dissolute and mundane image tabloids relay of politicians and their ilk, stereotypical good shepherd figures, saviors and their kin delight in letting their beloved flock inflict all possible punishments upon them in all sorts of guises as a therapeutic device. But, on the other hand, many people—so many, in fact, that we must concede that they are normal, at least in the statistical sense—do seek out horror fictions for the purpose of deriving pleasure from sights and descriptions that customarily repulse them.

This is the object of religious experience, or numinous experience. The terms in which this experience is characterized, as is well known, are mysterium tremendum fascinans et augustum. That is, the object of religious experience—and here it helps to have something like God in mind—is tremendous, causing fear in the subject, a paralyzing sense of being overpowered, of being dependent, of being nothing, of being worthless.

Carroll , Released from attachment to one's mortal part through a contemplation of the grave and constant in human sufferings —"correcting," to use Plato's felicitous phrase, "those circuits of the head that were deranged at birth, by learning to know the harmonies of the world" —one is united, simultaneously, in tragic pity with "the human sufferer" and in tragic terror with "the secret cause," Plato's Finis tragoediae: incipit comoedia.

The mode of the tragedy dissolves and the myth begins. Campbell The secret cause of all suffering is, of course, mortality itself, which is the prime precondition of life, and so is indeed "grave and constant. Yet, along with the affirmation of this precondition, there is pity for the human sufferer — who is actually a counterpart, in this context, of oneself. Campbell no date:no page. Louisa May Alcott an American transcendentalist , abolitionist and suffragist gives her take on the hot commodity in her Little Men:. Bhaer smiled, but shook his head. So now, when you tell a lie I'll not punish you, but you shall punish me.

Oh I couldn't! Then mind that tripping tongue of thine. I have no wish to be hurt, but I would gladly bear much pain to cure this fault. The hero-savior offers his mystical body: the public shall choose Inspired by Kant's philosophy and Romanticism. Often construed as a reaction against empiricism, materialism and American Calvinism. An emphasis was put on human intuition, the divine in nature, the value of the individual. All on the backdrop of a spiritual reality that transcends human sensory perception, beyond logical or empirical reasoning. Many transcendentalists studied classics of Indian thought.

Buddhism is an expression of it. The Buddhist who thanks no man, who says, "do not flatter your benefactors," but who in his conviction that every good deed can by no possibility escape its reward, will not deceive the benefactor by pretending that he has done more than he should, is a Transcendentalist. You will see by this sketch that there is no such thing as a Transcendental party; that there is no pure Transcendentalist; that we know of none but the prophets and heralds of such a philosophy; that all who by strong bias of nature have leaned to the spiritual side in doctrine, have stopped short of their goal.

We have had many harbingers and forerunners; but of a purely spiritual life, history has yet afforded no example. I mean, we have yet no man who has leaned entirely on his character, and eaten angels' food; who, trusting to his sentiments, found life made of miracles; who, working for universal aims, found himself fed, he knew not how; clothed, sheltered, and weaponed, he knew not how, and yet it was done by his own hands.

It shall be noted how literature, as this writing argues, is just a clumsily disguised excuse for what chances to be all the rage in the period. It is also opportune to emphasize -again- how disciples and enthusiasts cook aggrandizing tales about 'the great man', which grow taller by the generation:. Yogananda himself claimed to have lived at Stonehenge around BC in a previous incarnation, and asserted that Winston Churchill was the reincarnation of Napoleon. Also according to Yogananda, Hitler was Alexander the Great.

Falk Louisa May's father Amos Bronson, in fact, was a transcendentalist and an abolitionist who founded an utopian community based upon the principles of vegetarianism, socialism and pastoralism: so much about connecting the dots. Bronson was also an educator who -so the story goes- did put his own hand out for students to hit. From this, daughter Louisa -who fictionalizes in her novels her family, her father's ideas and professional practice- takes the lore further to include flogging: another tale growing taller by the generation, literally. Alcott may have indeed enjoyed popularity in his times and among circles of like-minded people, yet how increasingly compulsive the need might be to cook even more aggrandizing and taller tales about events and people, whose impact and renown frankly exceeds exponentially that of a quirky reformer, and his family on the fringe of what was then the 'civilized' world.

In late rabbinical commentaries, the waters rose up to It is impossible to attribute to Alcott the same motivations or situational attitude readers might identify with Euripides, Berlusconi, Codreanu or many other such cases discussed here. Both Little Lord Fauntleroy from a novel , and. Pollyanna present carbon-copied characters who -in spite of the antipodal backdrops- do mostly the same things, and behave mostly the same way.

Their 'redemption' of the surly unmarried aunt, or the surly grandfather surely look a lot like Luke Skywalker's redemption of Darth Vader. Alcott became a very wealthy person thanks to royalties from her books, and so did other litterateurs churning out another xeroxed version of the Pygmalion myth. Marx's alienation becomes cognitive dissonance when the exact same situation refers to psychical Ben-Shahar lecture Concept present in various writers since the XVI century. It is not surprising at all Marx may have appropriated another fad that was all the rage in his time, as the present writer elsewhere discusses regarding Marx's reference to opium.

While all this constituted a mature tradition well before Freud's birth , the Jewish-Austrian psychoanalyst refurbished the concept. Freud's talking cure, in fact, brings patient and analyst together. A poster boy for Maoist political reeducation, the memoirs of former Chinese Emperor -and Japanese collaborator- Pu Yi, a future Communist party bureaucrat, read exactly along the above lines. Habermas resurrected this dynamics as distorted communication.

Of course, the ideological matrix is apparent: the analyst represents society generalized other, mos or any other term by proxy. Not very convincingly, Habermas tried to rescue the argument with the possibly noble but utopian corrective that communication should be sincere, relevant, constructive, fair and equally open to all. Also, Habermas -like Socrates- postulates that people should yield to the power of a better argument.

Such possibly noble but utopian wish has been disproven not only in everyday life, but in the laboratory as well. Why would such luminaries as Habermas or Socrates waste time arguing for states of affairs that are patently false? Because in so doing they tapped into human mind's vortexes, or the schizophrenic and schizogenic! They can be similar to others in your field or dissenting. One thing all gurus have in common is opinions they can call their own. Merton, which states that excessive credit for any idea will be attributed to the most well-recognized person who is associated with it.

Indirectness, ways of using questions or refusing politely, are aspects of conversational style. We also send out signals by how fast we talk, how loudly, by our intonation and choice of words, as well as by what we actually say and when. These linguistic gears are always turning, driving our conversations, but we don't see them because we think in terms of intentions rude, polite, interested and character she's nice, he's not. Tannen , emphasis added. If stories in Little Lord Fauntleroy, Pollyanna, Heidi , etc proceed from the child to the surly authority figure, what about the opposite being true?

Is that the myth of Pygmalion, in turn reedited as My Fair Lady? Possibly a sanitized variant for children such as Pinocchio , perchance? A more adult version as Frankenstein? He sponsors her studies on the condition that she maintain a regular correspondence with him.

Swiss story from a novel by J. Spyri: the surly authority figure is an old grandfather who lives in seclusion on a mountain pasture. Aldini and Ure performed experiments with dead bodies and electricity bio-electric Galvanism. Annie an orphaned child knew innumerable versions: a Riley vernacular poem about a 'bad' orphaned child possibly based upon a real-life orphan Riley had known in his youth goblins abduct on account of her misbehavior; a comic strip ss ; several movies from the s to Such characters may seem sketched by a middle-schoolboy on behavior medications: planetary success is their lot, however.

Heidi, for example, has been widely translated. A animated Japanese adaptation has been broadcast since the world over with great success.

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Authority figures never stop melting: F. Roosevelt arch-patriarch appears in Just as it happened in Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Chinese etc lore, Warbucks serves as patriarchal figure indentured to an arch-patriarch Roosevelt , mirroring exactly the blueprint of powerful satraps, kings and lords of lore ministering to almighty lords of lords and kings of kings the Chinese and Roman Emperors; the Pharaoh of Egypt; the Persian Basileus An early Christian version as Arianism, whereby father god -who has always been in existence- creates a son?

At the beginning was the Self. He was Alone. He wanted Another. I will make a helper suitable for him. Myths tend to coalesce. Ruin , and so forth. That's exactly the mimeographed dilemma behind all Job narratives Mesopotamian variations exist pre-dating the Hebrew version : does Job truly love god, or is he just an opportunist? Trials and tribulations may prove expedient in order to find out. Buddhist Kakacupama Sutta tells the story of mistress Vedehica and her slave Kali.

Vedehika has a reputation of being very kind and easygoing so Kali decides to test her by waking up later every day. At some point, Vedehica not only berates Kali, but hits her on the head. Bleeding Kali runs through the city announcing Vedehica's commodious nature: only as long as pleasant things happen, she displays a kind nature. There is no limit to the juxtaposition and gradation of myths that look just like real life, at least to an extent.

In Road To Ruin, the authority figure doesn't usher in his life a street tramp, bumbling relative or orphaned child, but an accomplished model: it works equally as well. Meek disposition and noble demeanor aren't necessary ingredients, either: the taming of the shrew shows how versatile Pygmalion myths can be. Myths can easily compound; blockbusting Pretty Woman mixes Cinderella with Pygmalion in the My Fair Lady variant, whereby a stern authority figure ushers a tramp into high society : a box-office and pop-culture sensation.

The original script called for the floozy to also be a junkie, which was changed during filming to facilitate identification. That motherfucker understands her? Perel part Floozies of the s receive the message that being very sexually active doesn't preclude romantic happy endings: the endless restyling of the tramp with a heart of gold conundrum. The Beast -or the Beauty- may be just anyone whoever tells the story intends to enshrine.

In Pretty Woman, the Beast is a corporate shark, whereas Beauty is a street tramp. In Annie, the Beast is a millionaire war profiteer, and Beauty an orphaned child. In Little Lord Fauntleroy, Beauty is an orphaned grandchild, whereas Beast is an exploitative nobleman. Beauty thus helps Beast to rediscover his inner, more compassionate nature: the profiteer becomes an altruist; the nobleman starts taking care of his tenants, and the corporate shark becomes a responsible businessman.

It's the same shtick that recurs with the various Krishna-consciousness, Christly grace and Ibn Gabirol suffered from a repulsive skin disease that drove people away. According to legend, he created a female golem to do his housework. Unlike other golems made of clay, ibn Gabirol's was made of wood and door hinges, the only golem to have been so constructed.

Golem As Called to explain the millionaire whirlwind of 'unofficial' money he had transferred to a host of people in connection with alleged sexual scandals, to counter allegations of blackmail and corruption, Berlusconi explained 'he was just like that', and couldn't resist offering people he knew disinterested princely assistance whenever they happened to be in financial or personal distress; the meek saviorhero in non-dualistic rapture donates all he has to his flock brethren, compatriots, tovarishi, comrades, common humanity fellows, or any other artificial kin group Buddhist Ghaticara Sutta as exemple from an entire class of religious texts from all traditions narrates how the poor potter Ghatikara allows monks to take his food, and to strip his humble hut in order to refurbish Buddha Kassapa's crumbling hut.

Not only is the weather merciful to Ghatikara, now without a roof above his head, but a pious king, who had heard Buddha Kassapa commend Ghatikara's support to the Buddha, sends him five hundred cartloads of food. As Berlusconi spins his yarn, a diverse cohort of lefties, radicals and reformers axed around the former Communist party heckles.

As this writing contends, however, the opposite always chances to apply. Justice Minister Cancellieri of the Letta government axed around the former Communist party apparently ab used her influence in order to be sure the byzantine justice system agreed to home arrest for G. The Ligresti family is in fact under investigation for allegedly masterminding the financial crack of jumbo insurance company FONSAI that pulverized countless investors' savings.

The opposite applies as disconcerted lefties learn in November how Cancellieri treated Ligresti's plea in term of an irresistible moral dilemma: Ligresti's frail life was purportedly in danger. Pygmalion myths are here restyled as Good Samaritan myths: worshiping the wounds of artificial kin members in distress in the name of common humanity. Cancellieri thunders against those calling her integrity into question, and denounces a political conspiracy.

Cancellieri's son, however, had worked as. Both the position and the salary attached were matter of public record, yet it took the herd in the free press' magic show years to find it out, just in time to settle political scores. If I'd written all the truth I knew for the past ten years, about people - including me - would be rotting in prison cells from Rio to Seattle today.

Absolute truth is a very rare and dangerous Thompson in The Cancellieri scandal reveals a supposed rogue exchange web of political favors against hefty sums of money; also, according to news, the Ligresti family allegedly helped Cancellieri in her political ascent.

Prime Minister Letta throws the government's weight in Cancellieri's favor out of existential concerns, thus urging all contending parties to act responsibly for the great nation's sake. Morality plays again read like unwritten chapters of a mafioso novel. The constellation of Pygmalion motifs and situations presides over political dynamics, too.

Very perplexing. It is as if psychopaths sometimes have difficulty in monitoring their own speech, and they let loose with a convoluted barrage of poorly connected words and thoughts. Hare , This was a polite way of saying that they could never be sure whether Roosevelt was lying to their face. Yet, candidates administrators, politicians Brown Without pursuing any diagnostic end, but as mere working conjecture, 'charismatic people', whom this writing assumes to be often psychopathic irrespective of clinical status, are typically seen ab using emotional language or concepts which -research tells- they're physically unable to grasp:.

It seemed pretty clear from these brain wave studies that psychopaths were impaired in processing abstract words; something was wrong in the neurocircuitry of their brains that prevented the two types of words from being processed differently. As predicted by my research, psychopaths showed huge deficits in this region of the brain when processing abstract words Kiehl They have to melt as the unemployed daddy of three on the verge of self-destruction pleads his case; they have to baby-talk to or kiss the child in the audience; they have to extol the virtues of -and claim affiliation with- prevailing.

If you tell stories without any inflection, without any emotion in your voice, they do not work as well. If you write stories without Lakhani Hansen claims some doubted the authenticity of the glurge and inspirational stories in his books. As an aside, Hansen's stories in print are no different -whether in kind or degree- from chain-mail glurge that circulated wildly online in the s, protestations of authenticity and eye-witness corroboration included.

There is a terminally sick sweet child mommy of three, etc who may not die after all if one forwards the chain-mail to at least ten other people. Cabane invites people who want to be come more charismatic to practice:. Hold eye contact longer than is comfortable. Few would dispute the various Hitler, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Stalin, Gaddafi, Amin, Bokassa, Saddam Hussein etc enjoyed -at least temporarily- the same popularity and intimacy with the crowd people associate with the various Gandhi, M. King, Mandela, San Su Ky:. Do not affect to treat him as an equal, do not trust his flow of words; since all this talking is expressly meant to test you, under cover of geniality he will be weighing you up Catholic Bible, Sirach According to Sayler, Obama's stifling of his partisans' interruptive cheers with hand gestures costed him New Hampshire.

Use good facial expression. Smile often. Smiling opens up your face, allows other expressions to flow easily, and projects confidence, happiness, and enthusiasm.

Myths in Disguise for a Kid’s Enchantment

Smiling also makes you approachable and human. We assess visionary charisma primarily through demeanor, which includes body language and behavior. Due to the fact that people tend to accept whatever you project, if you seem inspired, they will assume you have something to be inspired about. For visionary charisma, appearance matters far less than it does for other charisma styles. You could be wearing rags and still successfully convey visionary charisma. Cabane Consider what happens when your adopt the power pose Amy Cuddy and her colleagues refer to as Wonder Woman. In just a few minutes, your personality actually changes; you become more confident and more assertive.

Vishton Being personable means being a sandwich-board man for cherished attitudes and shared values subject to change, of course. As defections split Italian party PDL into two warring factions, Berlusconi -like Jesus and Ksantivadin of Buddhist lore- forgives rebel leader Alfano, formerly his second in command, because -so says Berlusconi- he loves Alfano like he would a son. During his long harangue at the party's congress trying to control damage, Berlusconi is suddenly taken ill: what a gage of common humanity. Shortly thereafter, he's ready to harangue the crowd again: Forza Italia is reborn by unanimous consent, the old party's song plays, and attendees rise to a standing ovation Leaders have to offer undivided sympathy and endorsement to each and every individual, group or constituency, no matter how irreconcilable their claims or grievances are with those of other individuals, groups or constituencies that were The ability to adapt to a variety of social situations is characteristic of highly charismatic people.

When he moves through a room, he intentionally varies his voice and body language according to the person or people he is speaking to. In selecting leaders, he looks for people who have a similar ability to adapt in multiple ways. That's Janusian thinking, or the ability to entertain opposites as true in order to reconcile them, the hallmark of creativity:. Within five minutes, Dave had bought the painting. It seemed the natural thing to do. Dave felt comfortable just looking at the painting. The [sales]woman had slipped in beside him, taken on the same body language as his and dropped into the same attitude.

This physical rapport occurs naturally over the course of our conversations with people we like. Scientists use the term mirroring to describe what happens to the bodies of individuals who are in rapport with each other. Frank Ehrman In April , Bill Clinton was forced to abruptly resign from his Readers shall come to their own conclusion regarding the similarities between this neologism, Hegel's tripartite understanding thesis, antithesis, synthesis , and Hindu philosophy. Of course, just because so-and-so leader, politician, mogul Bannon no page. For the bullshitter, however, all these bets are off: he is neither on the side of the true nor on the side of the false.

Frankfurt Hotelling's law proves true: competitors tend to be pulled to a common middle ground. An apt characterization surfaced recently. When I am with those who are weak, I share their weakness, for I want to bring the weak to Christ. Yes, I try to find common ground with everyone, doing everything I can to save some.

Relevancy and familiarity are closely linked. If you are relevant to me it is because you know something about me and the more you know about me the more familiar you feel. Be quick to lend a hand when you can. Offer advice or information that is otherwise unavailable. Find out about specific personal hobbies or passions and talk about those things. Lakhani ,, emphasis added. From his fingers flow rivers of ambrosia that cool the hells and feed the hungry ghosts. This is a subtle trickster attribute. The trickster has the ability to communicate effectively across markedly different cultures.

Hansen He looks into the camera and speaks with emotional intensity and sincerity. However, as the Bush campaign quickly pointed out, Kerry actually made the comment in the early afternoon. CNN Politics, September 30, Chinese Communist leader Mao had already posited the dynamics of contradiction as Both Confucius and Buddha told different things to different people at different times, avowedly to get the best out of them under the present circumstances.

A psychotherapist who tries to fuse Freudian and Buddhist views, Epstein recalls how he told a patient how she was the ocean as well. Years later, he quips in a way suitable for all gnostic bromides:. Several years later, after her mother had passed away, Monica reminded me of my comment.

It had had a tremendous impact, she said. I was surprised—I could have just as easily made a case for her not being the ocean—but I was glad I had been able to say something that mattered, something she remembered, something that made her think. Epstein , emphasis added. She told you exactly what you needed to hear, that's all. Neo, sooner or later you're going to realize, just as I did, there's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path. Actor Richard Gere reminisces about a meeting with the Dalai Lama in the early s.

Gere claims the Tibetan Pope inquired about Gere's job, to which he tried to give a self-important, thoughtful answer: the Dalai Lama just laughed. Gere takes the monk's laughing as encouragement towards gnostic insight instead of a rude reply on the part of a clueless Tibetan who probably understood a third of what he was saying in English anyways. Because the Dalai Lama probably understood only bits and pieces of Gere's highfalutin answer, there is no way he might have addressed the actor's particular situation.

In other words, it all probably rested in Gere's mind. The Dalai Lama might have quoted from a phone book, and Gere would have found deep gnostic pointers in that, too. At 1AM, the guru threw a tantrum, woke disciples up and demanded that a certain food be served to him right away. Days later, the guru offered the following explanation. Precisely at the time of his tantrum, a disciple of his was dying far away. This disciple had -in his last moments- a craving for the food the guru had requested. Because such inopportune craving might very well spoil the disciple's up-coming rebirth, the guru had taken the craving upon himself to spare the dying disciple.

At another point in time, Ram Dass sees awesome gnostic insight in the fact that his guru shooed him away with a leg when he was showing his devotion with a prostration in front of the holy man. But if he claims that he has faith in god, he cannot -in any like sense- specify what he means. He can identify god in fact only as a feeling: he has faith in a feeling. But since faith itself is only the worship of feelings, the man who declares to have faith in god is declaring that he has a feeling about a feeling: the feeling that his feeling is true.

What about Krishna, who -at the Yamuna river- multiplies to dance with each of his devotees individually? Lakhani is adamant: in order to close a final sale, one has to deliver the message to each individual recipient, just as presidential debates offer candidates who look into the camera delivering their truth to each individual viewer. Isn't father god monitoring each and every one of us at all times? One and the same.

The 'personal god' item is here crucial, as it encompasses not only fuzzy definitions of ghostly almighty ones few can exactly grasp, but all the dog and pony shows each society carries as politicized cultural baggage mos and suchlike.

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Ancient myth ologie s are not only the province of hazy speculation by amblyopic scholars, but are circularly reenacted, staged, spoofed on a constant basis. Prothero As Debord argued, society as ongoing spectacle is based upon autonomous images, life's concrete inversion, whereby what is non-living takes on autonomous life: a pseudo-world where liars lie to themselves In , Berlusconi surprises many, for he seemingly refuses to ride to his full electoral advantage the alleged involvement of Partito Democratico the new designation of the Communist Party in the huge financial scandal of bank MPS -another the hydra of regulatory bodies couldn't possibly prevent, resulting in about 4 billion State bail-out-.

In , MPS is once again on the verge of bankruptcy, with another possible State bail-out in order: frazzled bureaucrats are helpless as investors' savings are wiped out once more. At the end of , a third bail-out euro 20 billion targets MPS and other banks. As the present writer suggests, every epoch has its totem imagery. Speaking in the early s, Roderick here captures a clear obsession of the s: the Videocassette Recorder VCR. What Berlusconi was tapping for prompt results was what psychologist Cialdini dubbed the fundamental principle of reciprocity.

During WWI, U.

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S citizens were enthused to join the war effort with the imagery the USA were paying back a debt of gratitude as well. France had helped fight the English during the independence wars: Lafayette was chosen as monocratic figure to rally the U. S horde in patriotic fusion. Alternatively, Berlusconi recurs to the image of the godly patriarch, shying away from rabid polemic for the sake of the bank's employees, whose job is on the line. Alternatively, Christian St. Many examples of the story exist. In Buddhist Javasakuna Jataka, a woodpecker dislodges a bone stuck in a lion's throat.

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A creature red in tooth and claw, To dare such a deed and be living still, Is token enough of my good will. Aesop, and a Jewish tale around the I century CE, suggest identical stories where adventitious details vary. Under the elusive guidance of a power-hungry demon from another galaxy, dinosaurs emerge from the earth to destroy cities and reclaim the world for themselves.

A special squad fights them with high-tech weaponry. In the Italian adaptation episode Un Dinosauro Amico , children take an harpoon off an attacking dinosaur's nose, and they become thus friends. Churchill, Busloads of soubrettes, ballerine, models and hostesses circulate within the networks of international policy making. One such alluring woman, in Berlusconi's official retinue at the Toronto meeting in , is arrested March 13, at an Italian airport with a load of 24 kilograms of cocaine:. But we know this much: He betrayed the uniform he wore, and he contributed to the deaths of untold thousands of his comrades.

He may well have been the greatest traitor in history. Gordon no page. Alternatively, such women may be 'secret agents' on a patriotic mission, for so-and-so almost brought home a multi-billionaire contract for this Italian company, thus shifting the burden upon the critic, now under the angry stare Polidori no page.

According to newspapers, some alleged a transportation service was run to bring a group of young women back and forth to follow Berlusconi as he travelled in his official capacity. Hungarian-Italian porn-star and politician Ilona Staller declared to the press in how Hungarian Iron Curtain secret services had hired her to seduce and spy upon visiting foreign politicians and businessmen:. Then, when Magruder and others were working to reelect Nixon, G. Liddy was a wild card, a James Bond wannabe. His first plan to ensure Nixon's reelection was to spend one million dollars to hire "mugging squads" that would rough up demonstrators; kidnap activists who might disrupt the Republican convention; sabotage the Democratic convention; use "high-class" prostitutes to entice and then blackmail leading Democrats; break into Democratic offices; and use electronic surveillance and wiretapping on their perceived enemies.

In the same time frame trepid viewers agonized over the plight of wartorn Georgia, the martyr State crisscrossed with lines of dispossessed refugees, the Georgian delegation seemingly partied wild in the company of eighty 80 prostitutes during a NATO meeting in Lisbon; unable to sleep, President Sarkozy alerted the security personnel The Japan Times, February 11, Naturally, foes arrange sordid encounters with 'prostitutes' King, as a biographer would have it.

Still talking about M. He told it so well that we forgave him almost everything. If an historic character has made a great contribution to country and society, and if his name and his deeds have been used over the generations to foster high ideals of character and service, what good is to be accomplished by digging out of the past and exploiting weaknesses, which perhaps a generous contemporary public forgave and subdued?

Mormon Apostle S. Richards in There is also another small return on these scandals. Despite his political and personal responsibilities, old age and health problems, foes accused Berlusconi. Parting humbugging politicians from other sybaritic entertainers might prove difficult.

Actor Michael Douglas as well toots the horn of his presumed sexual frenzies and bohemian excesses. French President Sarkozy equally tried to capitalize as much as he While policy makers and other celebrities possibly pose in the bathroom basking in the image they cultivate of themselves as irresistible he-men cavorting in the company of ballerine, Italian ballerina turned politician N.

Brazilian caudillo Getulio Vargas, who embodied the Brazilian version of paternalistic statism so popular in the s Mussolini, Hitler, Roosevelt, Salazar Characters from Japanese cartoons -in the s for example- were normalized to reproduce standardized Caucasian features. Venezuela's Chavez in recent years revamped the item: murals depicted the leader in a fatherly embrace with a child; a statue also portrays Ho Chi Minh teaching a precious child; Chairman Mao also loved children in various posters.

In Italian Head of State Napolitano joined a similar scene 'embracing' juveniles from third-world immigrant groups he wished to extend citizenship to when born on Italian soil. All those may seem -and are credited by some as being- clumsy, accidental, 'romantic' or inoffensive postures, 'gaffes', which -irrespective of any dis agreement regarding the line being followed- is highly unlikely given the 'machine' at work behind the image ghostwriters, spin doctors, cameramen, makeup artists, digital imaging specialists etc.

Some wisely raise doubts about the characterization of various statesmen -such as U. S President Bush, jr. Yale graduate , and Brazilian President Lula -as nitwits taped as they're unable to spell; Bush, jr. Deception is such a common technique for ingratiation that its lack strikes us as aberrant. Feldman , This raises the interesting possibility that, like much of their behavior, the mental processes of psychopaths are poorly regulated and not bound by conventional rules. This issue Hare We won with old.

We won with highly educated. We won with poorly educated. I love the poorly educated. It all might be another spectacle: the personable savior-hero is one of us to a fault, including the common man's miserable shortcomings and gaucherie. After all, aren't Rocky and Forrest Gump semi-retarded? Yet, what heroes:. He was also from a quite upper-class part of Missouri. Louis enclaves from which Danforth came. Likewise on campaign stops Likewise, if you listen to tapes of John Kerry from the s, you hear a very definite Kennedy accent. There, he came across as a Yale educated, new-class intellectual.

In he came across as a semirural, basically unsophisticated politician arriving to fix a broken system. It worked beautifully: Clinton allayed fears that as a Democrat he was too leftist by communicating to Southern and midwestern voters, through his voice and body language, that he was one of them. Drout Quelqu'un a mal fait son boulot? Ou l'indice que, sachez-le, on s'en fout. Il s'agit de communiquer, pas de parler. Cassin no page. The sooner you start telling yourself that you're excited rather than nervous, the sooner you'll be able to convince your subconscious that this is actually how you feel.

And, in fact, that's really all that matters. Change your attitude, and your body language and voice tone will change to reflect your new attitude. Keep in mind that most people are as eager as you are to establish rapport. They will generously give you the benefit of the doubt. Boothman , emphasis added. Parzival and his horse are on the ground.

Parzival reaches into his quiver, takes a javelin, and sends it through the knight's visor into his eye and kills him. That's not the proper way to kill a knight, so Arthur's court is now twice shamed. As far as they know, this is the Red Knight, the great king. What a shock. But Gurnemanz knows how to judge male flesh, and he realizes this is some boy. Similarly, a number of classic psychiatric disturbances have prospective bright sides to them. For example, milder forms of bipolar spectrum illness and attention deficit disorder have been associated with creativity Abraham et al.

Both autistic individuals and their relatives sometimes possess exceptional mathematical skills Baron-Cohen , and obsessive-compulsive traits are often observed in industrious people Bradshaw and Sheppard ; Polimeni et al. In contrast, there appears to be no silver lining associated with conventional medical disease, injury or any other form of unequivocal biological malfunction. Medical problems such as heart disease, emphysema, arthritis, diabetes, brain injury or mental retardation syndromes are never associated with symptoms or traits that can be construed as even slightly beneficial.

Because scientific discoveries are sometimes inherently logical while simultaneously contradicting convention, this study implicates the nonconforming disposition of schizophrenic patients as a potential contributor to ingenious creativity. Polimeni , This messiah entered a savage whirlwind of biblical prophecy, debauchery, eccentricity and purported ascents to heaven as proof of manifest destinies soon to unfold. S ATF forces: dozens of people -including Koresh, and several children- died in the assault. Belle Gibson, the alternative healing author and internet personality from Australia, was in April revealed to be just another hoaxer with the usual troubled childhood, teenage pregnancy and related 'man of sorrow' paraphernalia: experts in the media now label her an antisocial narcissist: the writing was all over the wall.

Her stories of miraculous recoveries thanks to alternative medicine were as fake as the non-existent illnesses she purportedly recovered from: the money Gibson made -plus engagements, endorsements, etc- sure was real. As with Koresh's equally outlandish claims, votaries were too busy putting their hands together to celebrate the providential wo man. Monti was allegedly first to appear with precious children as part of his campaign: would opponents pour all that bile over righteous Monti in the presence of such little treasures?

Berlusconi riposted being photographed with a puppy even more precious than Monti's toddlers. Naturally, wise patriarchal figure Monti knew best: he, too, pulled a puppy from his politician's hat. Resourceful Berlusconi in turn pulled children from his politician's hat, while exit polls slowly but surely rose. Pope Francis I is also involved with children: kissing the foot of a disabled child, and letting a child take his seat, for example:. Ireland's Roman Catholic Church told the order of nuns who ran the former home where a mass grave of almost children was found that it must co-operate with any inquiry into the discovery.

Ireland is considering an investigation into what the government called a "deeply disturbing" discovery of an unmarked graveyard at a former home run by the Bon Secours Sister where children died between and Reuters, June 5, Myth ologie s tend to coalesce: Pope Francis I appears with a green parrot. What's more, the parrot is the gift of a professional male stripper -soon to appear in an erotic movie- who declares to be in love with the Pontiff. The myth of Saint Francis as quintessential animal lover -akin to Orpheus, Buddha and other In May , Berlusconi on a never-ending political campaign pledges his commitment in favor of animal rights animals and children, what a favorite imagery.

Some, however, opt for more traditional appeals. After the chances of being elected with a radical left-wing list vanish, Bacchiddu promptly switches allegiances to right-wing Lega Nord of nativist vintage. Charming coincidences, or artful stage management? Readers be the judge. The message to the artificial kin member is, probably, that puppies and children are so pure at heart -whatever that means- they would never associate themselves with the awful person opponents portray so-and-so as being.

Of course, legions of toddlers and puppies are successfully associated with many things in advertisement, from cars to toilet paper and shipyards: that's ethos credibility again, irrespective of any sense this may not make:. Most young children are truly authentic—what you see is definitely what you get. They have yet to learn how to hide, filter and manipulate their experiences to fit what others are expecting. Their motivations are out in the open Brown The baby, because his heart is pure, is an unlearned saint.

The saint, because his heart is pure, is a learned baby Watarai Nobuyoshi, Aurobindo comments on the Vedas:. Yet throughout the symbol of the sacrificial Fire is maintained. It is evident that we are in the presence of a mystic symbolism to which the fire, the sacrifice, the priest are only outward figures of a deeper teaching and yet figures which it was thought necessary to maintain and to hold constantly in front.

MAISI no date:lecture note The biographer Plutarch, writing in the late first and early second Hirai translation. It can apply in both positive and negative form to any group of zealots into any kind of pursuit. He tells how the King of Alba beheld the strange sight of an erect penis that rose from his hearth fire and stayed there for several days extnote. He sought advice from the gods via an oracle, which informed him that a virgin should give herself to the phallus and the offspring produced would become a very great man.

The king, named Tarchetius extnote in this version, ordered his daughter to mate with the phallus, but she balked at this and sent her servant to do it instead. Tarchetius discovered the truth and imprisoned them both. He was held back from killing them by a dream sent by Vestaextnote, and then Romulus and Remus were born. They were abandoned in the Tiber, suckled by a she-wolf, saved by a herdsman, and grew up to kill Tarchetius.

This myth, which may be of Etruscan origin, is also reflected in a myth of the birth of one of the later kings of Rome, Servius Tullius, and has a connection to older Indo-European mythic motifs, where fire is equated with male virility and the divine spark of life. Meineck The desire for honor and glory sets men on fire Cicero, Tusculanae Disputationes, 1. In Roman lore, even King Servius Tullius was miraculously conceived when his mother Ocresia mated with a magical phallus from the hearth, either sent by the god Vulcan or by the the lar familiaris, god of the hearth.

The city of Preneste also shared a similar myth. Caeculus was deemed son of Vulcan, survived ordeal by fire to prove his divine parentage, and could control fire. Readers may note multifarious versions of the Romulus story. At times the mother is a Vestal virgin; at times a servant. In Jesus' case, it's the the low-class woman who's also a virgin note of this writer. Within all moving beings he has become [the] Desire!

Catholics celebrate Ash Wednesday as the faithful are blessed with sacred ashes, a vestigial fire ordeal that commemorates Jesus' forty days in the wilderness facing Satan. Tribal ritual set aside, new age movements catering to urban white collar upper middle classes have appropriated the item as well in the name of an higher perception, the actualization of one's self, the transcendence of physical limits, positive psychology and so forth. Results indicate that there was a relationship between New Age practices and beliefs and schizotypal personality traits, characterised by magical ideation, a cognitive disposition towards looseness of associations, and emotional hypersensitivity.

Women were also more likely to be drawn to New Age practices and beliefs. On the other hand, traditional religiosity was unrelated to all personality indices and measures from the experimental task. These findings suggest that an individual may be attracted to the New Age by virtue of its magical belief system and practices, which provide meaning to unusual ideation and experiences, and which emphasise the exploration and development of a loose cognitive style and emotional sensitivity. Farias et alii Bundles of commingled mythologies are everywhere. Let's take W.

Churchill, for example. Most -in fact- would equate the British leader with just causes and best of all ideas the 'fire' in his speeches certainly derived from. Churchill's penchant -for example in a article raised quite a few eyebrows over time, however. The torturing embarrassment regarding Churchill's ' true ideas' could be easily solved dealing with another possibly controversial and unpublished article:. Sir Martin Gilbert, the eminent historian and Churchill biographer, He added that Churchill's instructions for the article were different in both tone and content from what Diston eventually wrote, and pointed out that Diston was a supporter of Oswald Mosley, the notorious fascist and anti-Semite.

The present writer is not interested here in scoring political points, but in a simple fact. On one hand, Churchill is eulogized as the larger-than-life figure, whose uncompromising moral assumptions warranted him a place in history. On the other, he is just another gamesman trying different strategies. He commissions his 'memorable' pieces to a cohort of ghost-writers, each one in tune with a different portion of the political spectrum, just in case: most statesmen do so anyways on a regular basis The leader of the French Fascist Vichy regime, Petain, had in his drawer a serenade to his appointed arch-enemy De Gaulle.

Illustrated Sunday Herald, 8 February Luigi Firpo's , Italian historian and politician earlier translation. Although Berlusconi's foes choose the episode to cast 'honest Firpo' against 'dishonest Berlusconi', Firpo apparently never pressed charges against Berlusconi. The private exchange between the two regarding the matter was embargoed upon Firpo's death, soon to be made public in silence has shrouded the issue ever since.

Lega Nord secretary Salvini tries to project his image of highly sophisticated individual. In January , he brags about two new books he's supposedly reading: too bad one of them was still to be released on the Italian market. Incensed votaries defend him from ridicule: he surely was reading the book in the original foreign edition. Media reported, however, that the book cover Salvini or his press agents or cronies posted online was that of the Italian edition yet to be released What he presented as his literary masterpiece was in reality his retelling of lines from the popular movie Dead.

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S President Johnson in an interview with German Chancellor Erhard jokingly remarked how he wasn't born in a log-cabin like Lincoln, but in a manger like Jesus. In Richard Nixon had given the same answer In this connection, it is interesting that the mixture of religion and politics is found in stories about Nixon as well as Kennedy. An anecdote [exists] ridiculing Nixon's repeated references to his humble origins and suggesting that false modesty might conceal exalted visions of grandeur If I had to name my greatest strength, I guess it would be my humility Barack Obama in Contrary to the rumours you have heard, I was not born in a manger,I was actually born on Krypton and sent here by my father, Jor-el, to save the planet Earth Barack Obama in Donald Trump on Twitter in Don't be so humble - you are not that great.

People will forgive you for murder a lot faster than they would forgive you for displaying your exhibitionistic needs Moore part 6. The same platitudes and strategies used in this example can be successfully used in a variety of situations involving different people with an equal degree of credibility: It is one thing to suggest that a hero or a patriot is a martyr, it is quite another for a community to perceive it as true.

Therefore, the metaphor inherent in associational catalysts requires that its author must maintain a degree of social legitimacy so as to invoke a believable image. Allgrove The reason these Christians invented martyrdom stories and saw their history as a history of persecution is because then, as now, martyrdom was a powerful tool.

Early Christians respected saints as holy people with a special connection to God. As such, in later times martyrs were powerful spokespersons for the church. When early Christians wanted to prove the antiquity and orthodoxy of their own opinions, they would edit or compose a story attributing their own views to an early Christian orthodox martyr. Moss It is the very thing for which I have been longing these several years.

The ill-treatment of the mob had not daunted his spirit; neither could this sentence of death. Within him had grown such conviction of his rectitude that he had most likely worked himself up to an emotional fervour reminiscent of the state in which the early Christian martyrs walked singing to the lions. He seemed to welcome ill usage and cruel treatment, and ecstatically he gave thanks to the almighty that he was worthy to suffer in the cause of the Buddha.

Several of his disciples had died martyr's deaths while protecting him from his assailants. As his guardian had employed his prerogative, Nichiren was taken to be executed. He was humiliated by being led through the streets to be jeered at by scoffers. But not everyone along the road hated him, and his many friends came out to weep at seeing their master so treated. The scene is more than a little familiar to Christians Upon arrival at Tatsu-no- Kuchi on 17 October, where he was to be decapitated, a miracle is reported to have taken place.

Brudnoy What counts is not the case at hand, but the repository of exempla, fossilized characters, obtuse allegories and petrified mythologies. This in spite of the circular over-emphasis leadership scholars -such as Ben-Shahar- place on. Many have wondered: is Qaddafi mad? A megalomaniac? Otherwise respectable psychologists have tried to analyze him from afar. More reliable is what Qaddafi says about himself; he considers himself a visionary. While many of those around him are corrupt, Qaddafi by all accounts is not, making him the worst sort of dictator: a truebelieving one.

What Qaddafi believes is a muddled mix of Nasserist nationalism, Western anarcho-syndicalism and Bedouin desert egalitarianism. Schumacher no page, emphasis added. When it is not exemplary, an authority figure has an uncertain therapeutic effect. Rieff Social work educators Dean H. Hepworth, Ronald H. Inducing trance through storytelling shall take aesthetic sense into the picture. Aesthetic sense brings about idealization: both Octavian Augustus and Napoleon -who were not exactly 'small fry' needing to prove themselves to anyone-. Chained by her elbows to the prow, turning her terror-stricken eyes to me, Andromeda pleads for help from me, an unarmed Perseus.

But what, oh what, can I do? Merciful and omnipotent God, grant me the strength to free my kind, beautiful little sister! Incatenata per i gomiti alla prora, volgendo a me gli occhi revulsi dal terrore, Andromeda invoca soccorso al mio inerme perseismo. Ma io che posso, che posso? Dio pietoso e onnipotente, concedimi tanto di forza da liberare la mia buona, la mia bella sorellina! His ingenuous mythopoiesis turns an unexciting object into a fabulous rewritten myth. The picture dedicated to Andromeda, however, is quite puzzling.

The subject is of course antique, and the pictorial technique is visibly outdated, with baroque draperies and an oily, quite pasty cloudy sky. Today we could perhaps define it as vintage or nostalgic, but it lacks both the serenity of Attican classicism and the novelty of avant-garde solutions. At the same time, some devices attributable only to a late modern visual rhetoric are evident: the nude in the foreground, for instance, looks like the result of a collage, its tones and hues do not harmonize with the rest of the canvas, and its iconography and emotional attitude are clearly out of place.

Flavio Fergonzi has recently read the work as an allegory of the impossibility of painting in modernity, considering its classical source as the only theatrical space available for the polemic mise-en-scene of the end of art itself. De Chirico, similarly, makes their recognizable elements collapse into their own subsequent genealogical elaborations, creating a mixture that cannot be traced back to a single positive origin. As recent studies have concluded, Giorgio abandoned the literary project in the same years that he was painting the enigmatic Andromeda, but not before publishing a rich excerpt in the journal Prospettive , directed by one of the founders of Italian magic realism, Curzio Malaparte.

One could call it an untimely, or stratified, lizard.

Quassi cosa...

We have everything around and close to us,—Mister Dudron used to say—the most unlikely things. The most fabulous monsters are here, within reach; take a look, for instance, at the lizard that darts on the wall of your garden and rests where the wall is warmer because it has been for longer under the scorching rays of the summer sun; that lizard is the dragon of myths, of religions and legends. While the mistress of the house is completely naked and, seated on red velvet, wears only a string of pearls around her neck. I walk just a few more steps and he sports a late fifteenth-century red and grey suit with golden ribbons.

His wife, in turn, rapidly dresses up again, adorned with a coat and a hat in panther furs the pearls vanish, replaced by earrings and a glove. A moment later, she is an eighteenth-century dame, but as soon as I get to the living room she is already naked again, and her gaze, under her curly blond hair, is definitely brazen.

La moglie a sua volta si riveste rapidamente, per mostrarsi in pelliccia e berretto di pantera e via le perle dal collo per mettersi gli orecchini ed infilarsi un guanto. The cultural strata that simultaneously appear on the canvas of the pictor optimus are not unearthed and rediscovered, but rather recognized and mapped, as in the quiet lizard-epiphany of Monsieur Dudron. It is a way to represent the simultaneity of the strata that compose modern resurgences of classical antiquity.

After all, by choosing Italy as their homeland, they refused the nation that welcomed and acclaimed them most, France, and its modern aesthetics. In the s, Savinio identified Ariosto with a special kind of intelligence, irony, which is—according to his text Mangiatore di abissi —an Italian way to domesticate fantasy. In it, the author reconstructs an ideal evolution of modern art up to the birth of a new classicism represented by the early works of his brother. Such a destiny, he claims, has its exact parallel in the evolution of ancient sculpture.

Within the history of Greek statuary it is possible to establish, with chronological precision, the progressive phases of the gradual dissolving of sadness, so gloomily represented in the whole of the archaic period closed phase , and to get by degrees to the unwinding of that sadness: from the xoanon, monomorphic and hermetic, to the first detachment of the limbs from the body, to the progressive movement and, regarding facial expressions, to the first statue that smiles and, doing so, becomes a prelude to Classicism—and therefore reaches the fulfillment of its organic and spiritual movement.

Fittingly, in the latest Italian edition of his essays on art and aesthetics, the text is illustrated by La Naissance de Venus , a drawing in which the rising divinity of the title is represented by a smiling idol emerging from the waters fig. In it, a background of Greek ruins in black and white is dominated by a majestic feminine figure with no face. The original iconography is just slightly modified in order to transform the girl into an archetype: no facial expression, no interpretable hand gestures, no emotional and no physiognomical identity.

Reproduced with permission of Ruggero Savinio. M lost art work. The smiling kuros rising from a primordial sea in the first drawing is a more hermetic equivalent of the faceless Angelica rising from the ruins of ancient Greek culture, clearly represented by the archeological background. And it makes it possible. Grimes and the anonymous reviewers who offered their generous feedback and suggestions on the manuscript. Edward J. Kennedy Oxford: Oxford University Press, , The epigraph draws from line 42 of elegy 15 in book one of Amores.

Unless otherwise noted, all translations are my own. However, as my title openly reveals, this study tries to propose a more specific method, tailored on and inspired by the case-study: this is an article on literary and aesthetic reception of the past, not on epistemology.

Jeffrey T. For the influence on de Chirico, see in particular Ara H. The search for a non-European antiquity, for models and traditions there were extraneous to classicism, is another crucial aspect of the conflict between origins and originality in modernist poetics and aesthetics also in the Italian case, especially because of the early work of the Egyptian-born leader of Futurism.

Che perfeziona la biologia, che mette tregua alla lotta feroce dei sessi. Most of the chapters appeared autonomously in journals and newspapers Illustrazione Italiana , Fronte, La Tribuna , La Nazione , and Spettatore Italiano from to Such a character, though, is not the result of a classical resurgence, and even though she occupies more than one chapter, she has no name. On the other hand, Andromeda is, at the beginning, only a fascinating name, and the progressive revelation of her identity passes through different stages.

Maria Drudi Gambillo and Teresa Fiori, vol. Almost entirely published in eight issues of the journal Italiano —38 , the novel was printed in full by Mondadori in I am using the page numbers of the original manuscript, as is the common use. In the evolution of Western literature a process compared to the ageing of a human being , such an antique energy has been replaced—already among the Latins—with feelings, affection, sentimentality: only two authors have been able to keep being imaginative i.

Those two authors are Ariosto and, of course, Ovid. Ovidi Nasonis Metamorphoses , ed.