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Tretow played several ABBA rarities, including some isolated elements from copies of the original multitracks. I forget exactly when this was, but I've a feeling it was around to coincide with the Thank You For The Music boxed set introducing fans to the newly-created "Undeleted" studio outtakes medley.

ShardEnder , Mar 22, Huh - that would certainly explain it! I wonder if that radio show is circulating at all Location: UK. By "circulating" are we talking online? Because I've not managed to find a recording in much higher quality than was previously available Skywatcher , Mar 23, TheLazenby , Mar 23, Location: Vaasa, Finland.


They also allowed at some point to play an excerpt of the early version of My Love, My Life on an Agnetha-interview on the radio. This and the early version of Chiquitita as played on The Winner Takes It All-documentary are my most wanted unreleased versions that I would love to have.

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Big Pasi , Mar 25, Kirk76 likes this. Location: Europe. John Adam likes this. TheLazenby , Mar 27, Location: Copenhagen, Denmark. Just reading Carl Magnus Palm's The Complete Recording Sessions expanded and revised edition - in which I am incidentally thanked - and it seems that cassette tapes were sent to ABBA's licensed record labels, so that is a likely source. Exciting reading - and with the number of mixes of ABBA songs it is no wonder that sometimes a wrong master tape has been released.

Location: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. I haven't heard any high quality copies of the sax mix btw.

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Location: Ireland. KennyG , Apr 20, Location: DFW. Abba rules! Kelly Lyrics Terms of Use. Oooh If I could explain the joy I feel All this love makin is oh so real Oooh like winter time by the fireplace Oooh like traped in walls and its no escape Oooh like a precious jewel with no price tag Oooh like waterfalls comin' down on me Oooh like tidal wave comin' from the sea Oooh like a favorite scene in a big movie.

You wanna know how I feel just like that, just like that baby Ooooooh You wanna know how I feel just like that, just like that baby If you wanna know You wanna know how I feel just like that, just like that baby Ooooh Just like You wanna know how I feel just like that, just like that baby.

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Oooh like you and me makin' history baby Oooh like a 99th anniversary Oooh like a baby when it speaks its first words Oooh like an uplifting song the first time heard Oooh like a shelter when the storm gets ruff Oooh like a mountain top from the bottom up Oooh like an expensive suite at the best hotel Oooh like a work of art when its unvailed.

In this intensely vulnerable, new work, Barbara Henning stirs us into a relationship under a microscope with all of its edges and particles, all of its atoms and velvet, all of its miscommunication and love. The title of this book by a writer also well known poet is a clever misnomer: nothing happens "Just Like That" because love and living are difficult.

Identity is difficult. It really floored me.

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Amazing piece of work. So rich, so plentiful in terms of its rhythms, emotions, images, transitions, its subtlety.

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A very giving novel, a lot for the reader, this reader to think on. Norma Cole. She teaches at Long Island University in Brooklyn and for writers. Maureen Owen.