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This was a Soviet submarine that suffered an explosion and sank in the North Atlantic close to Bermuda. Currently there are no suspicions that Hollywood, broadly speaking, has been infiltrated by Russian sympathizers. One memorable case was that of Anna Chapman, a Russian national who lived in New York and who was arrested, along with nine other individuals, in as they were suspected of working for the SVR, a Russian intelligence agency.

She was sent back to Moscow that same year as part of a spy swap. The possibility of a Russian submarine entering U. In recent years, the Russian Federation has sought to increase its military might, which includes opening new bases like in the Russian Arctic and manufacturing new vessels for its Navy. Moreover, there have already been instances of Moscow displaying its renewed strength in the Western Hemisphere. In , Russian warships visited the Caribbean, docking in Caracas, Venezuela, and carrying out exercises with the local Navy. With that said, it is important to stress that there have been no, at least from what I can gather via open sources, incidents of Russian warships or submarines entering U.

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Doing so would signify an escalation of tensions between Moscow and Washington, akin to if the U. Moreover, should a Russian submarine manage to reach Malibu, California, this would mean that it successfully evaded U. The implications of such an incident would prompt a major revision of the U. Even though it is beyond the scope of this movie review, it is important to mention that in February, the Russian government filed a request to the U. Nevertheless, the point stands that nowadays there are very limited occasions in which the Russian military is allowed to enter the U.

The film has some entertaining comedic moments, however, its major contribution to the IR field is to remind us that the current tensions between the two global powers are nothing new. As Prime Minister Medvedev declared, we are witnessing the start of a new Cold War, and the events of six decades ago are being recreated, albeit slightly different, today. Alejandro Sanchez Nieto is a researcher who focuses on geopolitics, military and cyber security issues in the Western Hemisphere.

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As a trainer do I go for everything that he does— no but some of what he says is right on. Aggression begets Aggression. Oh gosh, jealous much? Cesar Millan is a great dog trainer. I follow his methods with my dogs, and guess what? My dogs are doing just great.

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WRONG — i think they are worried about the safety of dog-owners and their neighbors, relatives and friends when dogs are handled with punitive, aversive or confrontational methods, which tend to have serious fallout. No — the bite-history dogs are not being trapped, forced, provoked, confronted, etc. How sad that so many can not see what he is doing. For those who suggest he does not use violence, I would suggest they watch the Emily episode.

Not only did his inability to read or manage dogs cause the fight, he then held her off her front feet by a choke chain. Can anyone out there actually condone his using all his strength and might to drag a St Bernard up a staircase on a choke collar? And then there is Jonbee. And lately it seems most of his rehabs involve switching out dogs. I am sorry, but trading my dog that I love for another in his care is not my idea of rehab.

Cesar is the best. He is so tuned in to dogs. He is a natural. He understands and appreciates the dog psychology and language. No wonder his work with dogs is so very effective. I want to say this to his critics: Open your eyes and minds and see what he says and does with a quiet and open heart. I have taken a lot of time and effort to research training. I have worked with deaf dogs, puppies, fear aggressive, dog aggressive, and prey driven dogs, dogs with OCD behaviors, and dogs with human aggression and possessive traits. BUT having said that, I must praise him in some ways.

Some of the things he does are very good, promoting exercise is one.

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I would never flood my two fearful dogs, I instead use click to calm methods, which has made significant improvements in my dogs. I am not a disciple of any trainer, I pick and choose what works for each individual dog, as should everyone. Dogs are not wolves, dogs also know we are not dogs. Call me a bleeding heart if you want, but I use techniques based in science, not pop science. Being positive does NOT mean being permissive. Cesar has no trouble using a shock collar to get the result he wants — Ian Dunbar will not.

Next time any of you watch the dog whisper just watch the Dog not Cesar, turn the volume off even……. Dominance is a relationship between individuals that is established by force, aggression and submission in order to determine who has priority access to multiple resources, such as food, preferred resting spots, or access to mates Bernstein ; Drew Also By Dr.

And of course, the big one: dogs misbehave because they lack leadership. These are not how dogs express social position, period. So the whole leadership thing, as an across-the-board, general training process, is simply wrong. Again, look at the science! But more important than all of this in my mind is the fact that these fans ignore the consequences of his approach. My concern is for the additional consequences of his approach: the development of learned helplessness leading to severe anxiety disorders, the establishment substitution?

The symptoms of these potentially severe consequences severe enough to require euthanasia are even visible on his televised episodes, and are frequently reported by owners following these types of training experiences I know; I have them as clients. In addition, we have the science of animal behavior research to support these observations.

I would happily suggest that dogs differ widely in their response to punishment: some will not be fazed at all, and others will develop serious disorders. Some will redirect their aggression, some will not. Punishment is a powerful tool to place into the hands of unsophisticated users, and the consequences of mistakes can be dangerous. On the other hand, positive learning techniques, which are the more modern, and science-supported, approaches to behavior modification in dogs and many other species, including humans are known to be more effective AND are less likely to have dangerous consequences in the hands of inexperienced handlers.

Why take the chance of potentially dangerous consequences when you can use alternative approaches and negate those consequences. The only physical corrections that are used are a poke or tap with his foot in an effort to redirect the dogs attention.

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This article sounds like he beats the dogs. Personally I believe both methods are valid. Cesar is not a dog trainer at least he is not training dogs to commands. If you have every seen a show where he has rehabilitated a severely mentally wounded dog then you would know that he has nothing but love and respect for every dog and would never harm one.

In short if you want an obedient well trained dog go with the treat based training.

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If you want your dog to be a family member who respects humans, is trust worthy and safe then watch Cesar. Remember Cesar steps in and fixes the problems created by people. Cesar is by far the best in the world!!!

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Like the well known horse whisperer, Monty Roberts, who understands and uses the language and psychology of the horse, and who is so very gentle with the horses, Cesar understands and uses the language and psychology of the dog in his work. This is why he is so effective in what he does. He simply does what a real dog pack leader would do to correct misbehaviour within the pack. He works instinctively. His understanding and appreciation of dogs go so deep that no amount of high education would be able to teach the same thing.

I also find that Cesar is very open to different ideas and very sensitive and effective in conveying his messages to the people. Something that his critics would benefit from if they can learn the same skills. Critics, open your eyes and mind and see that Cesar uses what is best in the situation without inhumane ways, only for the best interest of the dogs involved. What a gift to the world!!! Ceasar Milan is Exceptional! Food based reward techniques do not instill respect and trust in the dog to its owner.

Just as a child needs exercise, affection and limits and boundaries, so do our pets. As for various other issues, Ceasar does incorporate the sense of smell and taste to fit in to training techniques appropriately…example introducing a muzzle with little kibbles inside. Cesar Milan is exceptional in rehabiliating dogs, and I commend him in all that he has done to rescue and rehabilitate dogs, and train people!!. Keep up the excellent work Caesar!! His techniques are non-violent. Different dogs respond to different things just like people but if they dont know who the leader is they get out of control.

I am a firm believer in Ceasars techniques and used his style to train my lab. Once was when he bit me after being with me for about 4 months and a second time when he growled at my toddler. After I used force we never had another problem, the dog knew who was the leader and what was unacceptable. My son was able to crawl all over the dog after that and when Clyde got tired of that he would wait until son backed off and he would go to his bed.

Is this the same lame approach that has led to kids being as disrespectful as they tend to be? The little yappy dogs seem to be to stupid to realize a reward and most of their owners certainly dont take a leadership role with their animal. Instead they use positive reinforcement and coo baby talk at the dog while the dog barks uncontrollably. Thanks mr psychologist but you have nothing to offer anyone who has ever observed dogs. It is politically correct to bribe your dog with treats, much like the modern parent bribes their children with Nintendo, fancy cellphones, and toys.

Even Dr. Spock admitted his methods raised a generation of boors and spoiled adults. Cesar advocates getting the dog to do right, without bribes. That Coren and Dunbar complain that getting a dog to behave with out being bribed is old-school is not that surprising. Treat based training works for teaching tricks — NOT for modifying poor behaviour. Shaun Ellis, the wolf researcher, is regarded in much the same way as well, but these people are contributing valuable data to their fields.

People seem to be slagging poor old Ian Dunbar. I knew nothing about raising puppies before I got one 18 months ago and thankfully Dunbar was recommended by the SPCA. If you educate yourself before you get a dog, then you can start off on a positive, happy relationship with your dog. Dogs are pack animals and there is a hierarchy, so when you bring a dog into your house, you need to keep a hierarchy established at all times. This is really quite childish. Even dogs from the same litter may require different training approaches. A good trainer observes the dog: what motivates it? Some people soft-train their dogs exclusively with praise and it works for them.

Cesar does some amazing work with dogs that would otherwise be put down. His style is mid-range. Some people use hard-training — more typical in Schutzhund working dogs. Ian who???? The big problem seems to be that Ceasar does not have a university education…. To all those out there with university educations who do not agree with Ceasar….. Ask Stanley Coren how many obedience titles or performance titles he has put on his dogs— the answer? Like many kinds of exercise, one has to work at it on a regular basis with patience and kindness to get the most from it. Situational Ethics is what I call Mr.

The dogs you see on his TV show are mostly strongly damaged and the technique of snapping the dog out of it is very logical to me; suppose you would encounter a human being that wanted to jump off a bridge, would you use positive reinforcement or try and snap them out of it????? Unfortunately, common sense does not get taught in our universities, nor can calm and assertive energy be aquired by taking a course, and because it is something untangible, it is easy to criticise, especially by people who are analytical brain junkies.

I have bought a ticket and look very much forward to the show! Obviously, I am not alone….. Go Cesar, go!!!! Cesar is right, little discipline will not harm a dog, same as little discipline will not hurt children. I was a bit surprised to see that Kim had written an article like this, and quite afraid to scroll down to read the comments. Most of the time the methods used have worked on my dog. They work well and have so far, kept everyone in line. My opinion of Dr. Stanley Coren is not very high, as I have watched his show is it still on the air? I would have loved to have gone to see Cesar but the ticket prices were a bit steep for me.

Again, thank you people for your positive comments — its great to see for a change!! I saw Cesar today in Victoria and while I was excited to meet the face of dog training, people were grateful to be in the same room as him, as not only did they thank him for all his work and dedication, many people waited over night to see the icon himself.

My family and I enjoy his show and as the hundreds of people who saw him today that waited in line for hours, respect not only him but his teachings. His technique is proven effective and the man is a respectable icon. Cesar was happy to meet all his fans, shake their hands and take pictures with young to elderly people. I was excited and happy to say the least. For Ian Dunbar to say he is not a fan, I say this to Ian if he is reading this, if you are not a fan of Cesar and his work, take the time to go to his show or any appearances and see the thousands of happy people who waited in line for hours to see the man and thank him for his work.

If his work is ineffective, why does he have a hit tv show, sold millions of copies of books and sells out stadiums across the world? I have not heard of Ian and I highly doubt you can do that Ian. The man deserves respect and stop hating, give him credit. In addition, why would an article on vancouversun be centered on this?

Why not say, the appearance of Cesar drew hundreds of happy fans to his appearance and thousands to his show? This to me lacks logic.

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Ian opinion is irrelevant and I was disappointed to see an article taking this approach to a great man. One of the biggest problems with Millan is that his show seems to concentrate on dogs with very serious problems. These are the nightmares. For people with new puppies I always reccomend Jan Fennell. Thank you to the person who recommended it to me. I read the book by Jan Fennell the dog listener.

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I used her simple pack leader techniques with my Wheaten puppy and she is an adorable and well behaved dog. As a puppy she seemed thrilled that I could communicate in her language. I never yell or am harsh with my dog. I use positive reinforcement with treats at times also. My dog sleeps on a dog bed in my bedroom and will only come up on my bed when invited for a cuddle. My dog always looks to me to judge my reaction on how to handle any situation. Milan is the best dog trainer on earth, bar none.

The people whining on this site need to get over their jealousy or negativity, asap. This guys philosophy is the EXACT same philosophy shared by all the yuppies that buy pit bulls and then are suprised when it kills someone elses dog or attacks a child.