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What a waste! The stars, sun and moon has disappeared and they were in complete darkness. In our lives today, we often see escapism in the form of alcohol, divorce, desertion, or even suicide. These are all foolish reactions to the storms of our lives. In contrast to the ungodly responses, Paul said "be of good cheer" verses 22 and Can you imagine saying that in the midst of these problems? But the same One Who gave him songs in the night in a dungeon at Philippi gave him peace in the midst of this storm — His name is Jesus.

We serve a mighty God! You may fail, flounder, and sin; but God is ultimately in control.

Paul believed in God and could say, "Be of good cheer," even in the midst of his storm. And you can too by relying on the same God Who brought him through the storm. You are not going to be filled with love until you have evaluated, appreciated, and appropriated the love of God, which is in Jesus Christ, our Lord. Only Jesus can put this kind of love in your heart. Sinking the Ship The sailors on Paul's ship took some actions that made things worse. We tend to do some of these same things when we find ourselves in a storm.

Let's look at some of the ways we sink the ship. Responding to Rain When they found themselves in the teeth of this torrential rainstorm, the ungodly on this ship reacted in some curious ways. Read More from Adrian Rogers. Cardboard Christians What are the signs of a cardboard Christian and are you one?

The Way Home Has someone you know strayed far from God and can't find the way back? Free Resources. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord. What an awesome message to receive! Imagine being in that lonely field and seeing the the glory of God shining all around. They lived and worked outdoors, they typically were not able to keep the ceremonial law the way the priests did in the city.

As a result, they had a reputation for being unclean. Yet God deemed them the perfect ones for him to witness the birth of the Savior of this world. Christ became flesh to walk with his creation. He came to bring hope and joy despite the fact that there are many troubles in this world. His birth was the greatest gift that this world has ever known. Jesus came to defeat death and bring new life. And he came to show profound, amazing love to a world that would reject him. There is nothing else that we need in this life for Jesus brought us the free gift of salvation and friendship with God.

He offered us power over all the storms of this life and the promise of glory in heaven. Struggles and pain can no longer defeat those who accept Christ as Savior.

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The enemy wants you to believe that you can live your life apart from Christ and still be okay. That is a lie from the pit of hell for you will face destruction if you reject Christ as Lord and Savior of your life. You will never have victory any way other than the path that God prepared for you before the foundation of the earth.

Jesus is the only way to eternal life. I pray that you will understand that despite what you have done, you can still have a life with promise if you start now to put your trust in Jesus. You have to want to live according to his ways and to turn from the ways that keep you in bondage. Your weakness can be made strong in Christ, and by his power you can overcome all obstacles in your life.

But time is growing short and you need to choose to live for Jesus now! Let this Christmas be the one where you decide to live in the victory of Jesus! That will be the best gift you could ever get and it is one that will last into eternity! Merry Christmas to all who read this. Please know that I am praying for you! September 10, in Christian faith , God's power in your life , GOD'S PROMISES , Jesus , Religion Tags: feeling overwhelmed , feeling weary and overwhelmed , God's power in your life , hope in difficult situations , peace in trials , power to overcome , storms of life , trusting God in your pain , victory in your battles 25 comments.

It is obvious that so many believers are growing weary in these dark days of oppression that we live. Struggles surround us at every corner and it is hard to stave off the growing fears of uncertainty. Fear is a tool that the enemy uses to take your focus from the truth. There is nothing that is going to destroy a believer who is holding onto the promises that Jesus died to give. Your future is never determined by your circumstance.

Trials that you face are only the wind that brings you closer to God. Every single one of your struggles are used by God to equip you for the battles that come against you. Young David ran against the giant, Goliath, in the power of the God in whom he trusted. He had no power to face this mighty army but his God did! When the people got up the next morning — there were all dead bodies! You need to understand clearly that when you are in Christ, you are a force to be reckoned with! Beloved, you must understand that no battle you ever face is hopeless.

Jesus paid the price for our redemption and to give us a future with hope. Death has no sting for Jesus overcame the grave. All of your momentary trials are working out a divine purpose to prepare you for the royalty that awaits you in eternity. We are living in a time like no other. The only hope we have is the enduring love of Christ who will never fail. Psalm They feel like they are losing in the battle that they face.

I pray for your peace and strength to fill them. Let them know without a doubt that you are with them to the end. For those who have financial problems — may you meet them and provide for what they need. Those who have marriage and relationship problems — may you join them in peace and restore their families. I pray for you to heal the pain of those who are sick or who have lost a loved one.

May you comfort and heal those who are in serious bondage to alcohol or drugs. I pray for your favor in their lives in all that they need. And may they know that you will not fail them no matter how impossible their problem is to them. March 14, in Christian faith , GOD'S PROMISES , God's unfailing love , heavy burdens , Jesus , Religion , Struggles in life Tags: difficulties , faith , feeling weary and overwhelmed , financial problems lifted , God cares , having peace despite your problems , help with pain and addictions , hope in broken marriages , Hope that won't fail , Jesus can always make a way to help , purpose in trials , storms of life , strength to overcome , trusting God in hardship , victory in troubles 21 comments.

Riding Out the Storms of Life

Let not your heart be troubled, neither be afraid. It is way too hard to hold on in this perishing world by your own efforts. Anyone who is trying to do so will fail. All of our force and all of our strength comes only from our relationship with Christ who has promised to give us all that we need. It is for that reason that we can have hope knowing that our life is being worked out by divine hands! Struggles and storms are filling the lives of everyone. No one is exempt from the dark skies that have filled this world.

As time grows short, the enemy has stepped up his attacks and they are brutal. The enemy is relentless. I have never witnessed such evil and darkness as I do in this present time. Believers are experiencing testing of all kinds as they are proven to be true sons and daughters of the living God. Jesus left us a promise that needs to be understood.

But take heart! I have overcome the world! Nothing you face comes as a surprise to him. You may not understand now why he is allowing you to suffer as you do, but you must continue to trust him despite what you feel. Every word in Scripture is utter truth and written for you to use as the power to stand against the attacks you face. When Jesus was tempted in the desert by Satan, he did not use physical force to defeat him. Instead, he used the powerful, unfailing word of God for which Satan had no power over!

There are many people suffering oppressive financial problems all over this world. The forecast is bleak as homes are foreclosed and many have to do without the basic necessities to live. Health issues are increasing as families must deal with loved ones who have serious or terminal illnesses.

My heart breaks to watch so many fall into the trap of addictive substances and literally exist to get their next fix. Pornography is destroying many and making slaves to those who are caught in its deadly obsession. In addition to all this, we are facing wars and threats of wars, earthquakes, severe weather conditions and pandemic diseases. Can we still trust God to get us through all of these problems?

We can still rely on God to help us no matter what is happening in this world. All circumstances of our lives have been predestined to work out for our good. When the purpose for which they were allowed has been fulfilled than God will raise you above the waters and take you up the mountain of victory.

storms of life | God's Promises Are Real

The truth is that you must rely on him and trust him even when all of your hope is gone. If God can create the heavens and the earth with just a word, he surely can move the mountains that come against your marriage, finances, health and everything else that stand in the way of what God has promised for you! Those who wait upon the LORD will never be disappointed. God still has a plan for your life. It is my prayer that those who are struggling in a trial will know that God will make a way!

Trusting God with the impossible! The problems of this world are too much for us to bear and unless our hope is grounded in the unfailing love of God there is no real peace. The rain falls on the poor as well as the rich. Sickness, disease and death have no barriers. The only foundation that stands firm is for those who put their trust in Christ. The only strength that we have in this world comes from God.

So what do we do when we find ourselves in a painful trial or struggle? In 2 Chronicles, King Jehoshaphat heard that armies were coming against his people from two sides. The Israelites did not have the power on their own to stand up to these armies so they turned to their only strength as they stood trusting before the Lord. The Israelites were saved that day and their enemies were destroyed. The greatest honor you can give to God is to trust him when all seems lost. It was God who sent his only Son, Jesus, to come into this world and die for us so that we may have eternal life.

Jesus suffered for us knowing that he would be rejected by many. Is there any greater love then that? He has also promised to never leave us alone. Many people are trying to carry the burdens of this life by themselves. He knew there would be troubles in this world but he also knew that he would help us through them. To those who call on his name, he will lift you up and give you his peace that surpasses understanding.

God already has his people praying for those who are hurting and who feel alone. If you can trust him, God will send someone into your life to help you through your hopeless situation. The most wonderful thing about this is that God offers his love to all. It is his will that none should perish. Jesus cares about everything that touches us in our lives. He wants to give us a life of joy that that the thief cannot steal, kill and destroy. Now choose life. Receive the gift of a full life that God has for you now as you ask Christ to reveal himself and come into your heart.

It will not only change your life, it will change your eternity! September 11, in Christian faith , GOD'S PROMISES , God's unfailing love , Jesus , Religion , Trusting God Tags: difficulties , feeling weary and overwhelmed , hope through struggles , impossible situations , peace , storms of life , strength through Christ , strength to overcome , trusting God's promises in our battles in life , victory , victory in troubles 4 comments.

Keeping your hope alive in the midst of your struggles and fears can be difficult. Although Christ has promised us that he would never leave us but would always take us through our problems, the strength to stay in faith when the storms of life come upon us can seem impossible.

The truth is that Jesus did not die just to give you eternal life in heaven.

5 Spiritual Tools to Help You Overcome the Storms of Life

He died so that you might have an abundant, joy-filled life right here on earth. He who knew your name before the foundation of the earth is able to heal your pain and ease the heartache that you may be going through. There is nothing that comes upon you that that can destroy your life if you have put your trust in the risen Savior. Jesus is not just waiting for us in heaven. He is here with us now in all that we do. His power and strength is the force sufficient enough to demolish any stronghold that seeks to defeat you.

I do not give to you as the world gives. Those are life changing words! He is speaking with all the power of God when he tells us that we do not have to fear any problem or impossible situation. Jesus will not only take us through our problems, he will give us the peace that we need to stay trusting while we are in the battle.

The peace Jesus speaks of is the truth that sets you free. It is the irrevocable promise of God that you can still have hope despite your trial because nothing can destroy his purpose and plan for you. He is ready to shine a light to guide you on the path he has set for you.

Jesus is your friend, your counselor and an ever-present help in all things. There is nothing too strong or too impossible for him to do for you because he alone is the source of all power. Throughout the scriptures, we read of how God would make a way in impossible situations to help his people. There is nothing that can change the course of victory for those whom he has redeemed.

In Exodus, we learn that God did not lead the Israelites around the Red Sea but rather he brought them to the Red Sea that they might understand his power as he parted the waters for them to cross safely to the other side.


The victories written in scripture are here for us today. God is willing to part the deep waters of trouble and pain that is in your life and bring you through safely to the other side. Impossible situations are no match for the power of the risen Christ who defeated darkness and death and bought for you eternal life. Whatever painful situation you may be experiencing at this time, take heart and remember that Jesus is with you. The hope that he gives you is not just a desire, it is a promise.

It is my prayer that God will help you to understand this truth. I seek first the kingdom of Christ because everything else in this world is perishing. All that I have is from God who is always faithful. I have worked hard all my life and will continue as long as God lends me breath. The mistakes and bad judgments I made in my life all stemmed from me trying to work things out by myself. I have learned the hard way that the victory over all of my problems and the answers to all of my desires lie solely in my Savior, Jesus Christ.

It is now my desire to share the words that God gives me to encourage and give hope to others who need the strength that only faith in Christ can give. The sight of a figure walking on the water in the dark, stormy night caused their scalp to creep and their hair stand on end.

They assumed that He was a ghost, for men do not walk on water! No doubt they wondered why the "ghost" was coming after them? Possibly they thought that this apparition was a messenger of death to them. But Jesus was not coming to terrorize them, but simply coming to their aid, moved by their helplessness in the grip of forces beyond their control. He was coming to calm their fears, not add to them.

He was coming to reassure them of His presence. Now notice how Jesus comforted them. It is I; do not be afraid. The Lord says to all believers, "Don't worry about this storm - I'm here. And what is there to fear? Christ is either on the mountain interceding for us with the Father, or He is on the sea walking to us. In either case we are secure. There is no reason for anxiety no matter how severe and hopeless the storm appears. When you go through a storm, you are going to ask, "God, where are you? Some of you have seen or read, Love Comes Softly.

In that story Clark suffers several tragedies in his life. His wife died and he was left to raise their daughter Missy alone. Later he remarried a widow named Marti, who evidently had very little church background. After the barn burned and they suffered yet another loss, Marti said, "I don't understand why the God you pray to would let such unthinkable things happen to decent people.

That doesn't mean that I allowed it to happen. She knows with the father's unconditional love, I'll pick her up and I'll carry her. I'll try to heal her. I'll cry when she cries. And I'll rejoice when she is well. In all the moments of my life, God has been right there beside me. The truth of God's love is not that He allows bad things to happen.

It's His promise that He'll be there with us when they do. Just as Jesus manifested His presence in the storm, even so He will be present when you go through a storm. When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned…. Now let's move on to scene 3 and see: III. A most interesting person, this Peter. He seems to do nothing halfway. When he is good, he is very good; when he is bad he is very bad. When he repents, he weeps bitterly. He turns from trust to doubt, from clear and open profession of Jesus as the Christ, to rebuking that very Christ.

He moved from a vehement declaration of loyalty to base denial, from "By no means shalt thou wash my feet" to "Not my feet only but also my hands and my head" KJV. Furthermore, Peter was so impulsive! He would try anything. This impulsiveness proved to be a negative trait on several occasions. Just a year later there was the same impulsiveness when he said, "I will lay down my life for Your sake" John Peter's bravery was short lived.

Now notice a few things about Peter's experience in this story.

First:2 A. His Discernment Peter was very discerning. He knew he had to have faith to be able to walk on the water out to where Jesus was. But he also understood that faith must be based on the Word of God to be true and effective faith. The way to walk on water is to get the permission of Jesus v. So first, he said, "Lord, if it is You Faith, apart from God's promise, is presumption! It is putting God to the test. So don't do something crazy and expect God to bail you out.

Don't quote the verse, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me," and then jump off a tall building, expecting God to enable you to fly. We have no promise from God that He will enable us to fly. To attempt to fly is not faith, but presumption. And you need to have some discernment when you are listening to preachers on TV.

Or someone my convince you to throw away your medicine. Well you better be sure you have a word from God before you do that! So after receiving the Word, we read in v. Do you think Peter tapped the water first with his feet, before putting his full weight on the water? I probably would have done that, but not Peter. I believe he just rather impulsively stepped out of the boat, into the stormy waters. You see, Peter, not only stepped out on the water, but he first stepped out on Jesus' Word!

No doubt he was confident in the Master's ability to enable him to walk on the water. So to the amazement of the other disciples, the impossible happened. He did not sink! In fact, some of our oldest Greek manuscripts indicate that "he came to Jesus" [aorist, accomplished fact; "B" textual rating]. He mainly just wanted to be with Jesus.

Notice his request was, "command me to come to You on the water," rather than, "command me to come on the water to You. Likewise, in John we read that after the resurrection, Peter jumped out of the boat and swam to Jesus when he realized He was standing on the shore. Again, he just wanted to be with Jesus.

Besides, it probably seemed that in the storm it is safer to be on the water with Jesus than in the boat without Jesus! Even so, we should desire to be with Jesus. And, in fact, the storms of life will often drive you closer to Jesus. Give Peter credit. Anybody can sit in the boat and watch. But it takes a person of real faith to leave the boat and walk on the water. Oh the power of what faith can do when God gives us a promise we can rightly claim for ourselves! By faith, the power of Jesus flowed unto Peter, and He was able to walk on water just like Jesus!

As Peter was held up, so we shall be held up everywhere, and in any storm, as long as we set our confidence and faith upon Him. Ah, but Peter's demonstration of faith quickly turned to: C. His Defeat In v.