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Sushumna nadi is the spiritual channel, and to concentrate on it, awareness is taken to the centre of the spinal cord.

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Sushumna originates from mooladhara chakra and terminates at sahasrara. Ida nadi flows from the left side of mooladhara in spirals, passing through each chakra in tum, forming a crisscross pathway which terminates at the left side of ajna chakra. Pingala nadi flows from the right side of mooladhara, mirroring ida, terminating at the right side of ajna.

Ida and pingala represent the two opposite forces flowing within us.

How do I know when my Nadis are Purified?

Ida is passive, introvert and feminine; it is also known as the chandra or moon nadi. Pingala, on the other hand, is active, extrovert and masculine, and is called the surya or sun nadi. The ida left nadi is a mirror image of the pingala nadi as the two travel up the spine. Sushumna, the center nadi, travels through all the chakras and directly up the spinal column.

90# - Sushumna, Ida e Pingala Nadi - O que São e Para Que Servem

Pingala nadi controls essential life processes and imparts vitality, efficiency and strength. Pingala nadi energy must be balanced by the ida energy, which is creative and introverted. A major focus of Hatha yoga is balancing these nadis. For example, someone with a free-flowing pingala nadi who has a blocked ida nadi may have lots of energy for a physical yoga practice, while lacking the introspection needed to achieve spiritual awakening.

One of the principal ways of balancing the nadis in yoga practice is through a form of pranayama called nadi shodhana , or alternate nostril breathing. With the fingers of one hand, the nostrils are alternately closed off while the individual completes cycles of breath. Toggle navigation Menu. Show Comments. Hide Comments. I Bow down! Bless me sadhguru.


I want to join you how can I do so??? Parham sadhguru Is there any age or health limit to participate in shoonya program? Thank you Sadhguru I am still reactive to outside situations Thank you. My Guru pranams Hope u know my problem bcos in my thoughts i keep telling this problem of mine to u. OK but how? How do we get the side energies to enter sushumna and to live from there?

Principles of Yoga - Nadis

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  • Discover the Ida and Pingala Nadis?

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