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Remembering what all Skylar had to go through in learning that she has the blood of the gods running in her veins and how Mason finally let her into his heart le My heart has been bursting at the seams to come back to Skylar and Mason. Remembering what all Skylar had to go through in learning that she has the blood of the gods running in her veins and how Mason finally let her into his heart left me in tortured pieces when the first part of their journey ended.

Skylar now understands that she is far from normal. She is a descendant of the Greek gods of Olympus. What a mind-blowing revelation that is, and it is only the beginning of what she is about to find out! She has no clue as to what awaits her in the days ahead, and that has her living her life in a constant state of hyper awareness. Thankfully, she has Mason to stand by her side and bring balance into her life. Without him, she would be utterly lost and her heart would be a hollow shell. He pours peace and guidance into her just as she breaths life and love into him.

I adored Mason even more in this book.

He was so wonderful in his tender loving care of Skylar. He guarded her and loved her as if she was his heart walking outside of his body which in truth she was. She broke down the walls around his heart and showed him that it was worth the risk of feeling to know just how much she cared for him. Skylar saved him from a life of darkness and oblivion, and he took every opportunity he could to thank her for awakening his heart and shining her gift of light upon him. The transformation that is taking place inside Skylar is amazing and is only the beginning.

During this time of trial and hardship she needs all the help, encouragement, and love that she can get and Mason is just the man who can provide those things and much more. Mary Ting captured my heart in From Gods when she introduced me to the world of the descendants of the gods, and in this book she has solidified my love of this story and its incredible characters.

I fell in love even more with Skylar, Mason, and the rest of the Grand family. Their amazing resilience and unconditional love for each other is truly touching and beyond words. I look forward with bated breath to the next part of this enchanting journey. To say that I am excited to find out what Skylar discovers about herself and those around her next would be an understatement.

This is one author that creates mind-bending story plots and fills them in with stunning characters that will make their unique mark on your heart long after you have finished reading. Jul 21, Elaine rated it it was amazing Shelves: adult , teenage , ya , favorites , mystery , puzzles , romance , adventure , authors-to-look-out-for , mythology. Her romance with Mason Grand continues in this story, he is a brilliant character — the kind of boyfriend every parent wishes their daughter will one day be loved by.

Get ready for another action packed adventure with the descendants of Greek gods on opposing sides — and with Skylar in the middle having to learn to control her new powers and to use them wisely whilst still deciding just who is truly supporting her endeavours to overturn the evil plans of Hades and his supporters. Many thanks to the author, publisher and Barclay Publicity for gifting me a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. Jul 24, April Epley rated it it was amazing. This is the second book in The Descendant prophecy series. Mary does it again! This book definitely does not disappoint.

I'm giving this book 5 strong Stars. This book has everything that you would need, action, adventure, love, chaos, Good and Evil. Skylar is learning so much about this new world she's been thrown into.

The Descendants of God Book 2 by Bishop Dalton G. Burnett, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

Sudden secrets are being revealed and the truth is sometimes hard to deal with. Can she let go of past wrongs in order to deal with the new life she's been given. As she explores This is the second book in The Descendant prophecy series. As she explores more of the power she has and learns more of the descendants, life definitely starts to get way more complicated. The Grand Brothers are learning more of what they need which was surprising as I thought they knew most of everything.

When a whole group of descendants are discovered everyone has to learn to work together and figure out where they stand. Will they all be able to work against the vultures that keep showing up? Skyler and the crew have a lot to learn. Will they be able to learn it all in time to use it to their advantage?

Will they be able to prevent evil from taking over? Will they be able to deal with the betrayal that is happening? Follow along with a wonderful story and be prepared to be sucked in! If I were you, I'd make sure to have all the books in the series as you're not going to want to stop reading when you get to the end!

Thank you Mary for your wonderful story. I will be driving into the next one with enthusiasm. Sep 10, Janie rated it it was amazing Shelves: ya-romance-paranormal , romance , ya-romance. If From Gods shocked you, wait till you read From Deities! Get ready to be electrified again! Book 2 picks up right where book 1 left of and Skylar now is in college and has to deal with this whole new world of the descendents of the gods.

We get to see her powers too! There are some new characters; some good, some bad and some you love to hate. I laugh, I cried and at times I wanted to kick someone's behind I felt like I was in the book. Lots of action, more of the ugly vultures; it had me on an adrenalin ride and shed some tears. I certainly could not put it down!

Mary Ting you've done it again and captured my heart with this new series! I cannot wait what book 3 has in store for us! This one seemed slower than the last. Glad to see there were descendants from other gods than just the big 3. She didn't tell anyone about her strange "dreams". Their relationship was part of the reason why this book so good. It was lovely, emotional and some scenes were funny.

The Descendants of God Book 2

Sometimes I felt mad with Skylar for not telling Mason when something looked odd - about Ian and Mia etc. This book also predictable as I started to feel something was off with Steven when Mason didn't get to see him at the house. I'm guessing that Nick would tell Kayla in the future about the truth too! Anyway, I can't wait to read their journey to the underworld! Jun 20, Kourtni R. Rating is more of a 3.

I pretty recently read the first book in the Descendant Prophecies, From Gods, and really, really loved it. So when I got an email from Barclay Publicity about this review tour for the series, I was eager to sign up. While I enjoyed From Deities, I think this is an unfortunate case of second book syndrome.

Throughout most of the book, Rating is more of a 3. Throughout most of the book, it kind of felt like not much was happening. It was entertaining, but lacked a real story in my opinion. My other complaint is that although I really love Skylar and Mason as a couple, the romance between them was a little much.

They just said the most ridiculous things to each other that had me rolling my eyes constantly. Make you forget the pain and anger. It has the power to heal, to mend, to fix what was once broken, but first, you must accept it. I know this because of you, Sky. Maybe in their wedding vows, but other than that I highly doubt it. But there were of course plenty of things that I did like. I mentioned before that there were a lot of action scenes which were fun to read. It was really interesting to see Skylar getting involved in the fights, rather than just standing there and hiding.

I also thoroughly enjoyed getting to see more of the bonds between the characters. I especially liked the glimpses we got into the relationship between Mason and his brother, Nick. I felt like I got to see a lot more of them in this book than I had in the previous one. I still want to continue the story and see what happens to Skylar, Mason, and the rest of the group in From Origin. Oct 01, Amber rated it really liked it. I loved revisiting Skylar and Mason and falling in love with their characters all over again. You can't help but see on for Mason's character but Skylar shows us she's not as weak as she once was.

She's gotten stronger and she's not about to let anyone stand in her way or mess with those she loves. Whatever the cost she will make sure she protects her family blood or not. Even if that means making a deal that could jeopardize her own life. Mary Ting brings so much excitement and drama to each ne I loved revisiting Skylar and Mason and falling in love with their characters all over again.

Mary Ting brings so much excitement and drama to each new installment of The Descendant Series, you can't help but get caught up in the drama that unfolds. Each page brings a new twist that leaves you wanting more. I really love the mythology genres and can't wait to see what is in store for us next with these characters in From Origins. Aug 01, Vanessa rated it it was amazing. Lightning strikes again in this sequel to Mary Ting's, From Gods.

Skylar has a lot on her plate with college, her feelings for Mason and learning to deal with her new found powers. Who can she trust? I like that you get to learn more about Mason and his family's backgrounds. I do love the blending of romance with mythology. There is never a dull moment so be prepared for another roller coaster ride. I can't wait for the next book to find out what happens next. So" seal the deal" and get your cop Lightning strikes again in this sequel to Mary Ting's, From Gods.

So" seal the deal" and get your copy today, you'll love it "hearts honor. Oct 14, Once Upon rated it it was amazing. When a person that's abandoned Sky reenters her life and shakes up her world. We dive further into the lives of the demi-gods and become entwined in the lives of everyone involved. With so many twists and turns, you can't help but want more! From Deities will make you laugh, smile, fall in love with the characters and even make you cry. With just enough heat to still be a YA but yet make you blush just a little.

Definitely keeps me wanting more Feb 21, The Mysterious Reader rated it it was amazing. Mary Ting has done it again. From Deities Descendant Prophecies Book 2 is a truly superb novel. Skylar is a fantastic heroine and this novel with its mix of college life and descendants of the Greek gods is just incredible. The book d Mary Ting has done it again.

The book definitely deserves it. This book is absolutely fabulous. I loved everything about it from the characters to the plot twists. The characters were amazing and I felt as if I could connect with Skylar. She is such a strong and brave girl. The story-line was incredible. I loved all the twists and turns that happened at the turn of each magical page. I highly recommend this read. A good read. So far I've enjoyed the two books of this series and have ordered the third do you have different plots to it which is nice it's an interesting read I think you'll enjoy.

Love these books! Binge reading this series. Very well written and I can't put the books down! Love the spin on Greek mythology and cannot wait to read the next book. I just recently read the first book in this series, "From Gods", and was lucky enough to be able to read the sequel, "From Deities". Before I read this book, I had really high hopes for it. I am happy to say this book exceeded my expectations, which I did not think could happen.

I absolutely loved the first book, but I think I liked this one even more! They say that lightning doesn't strike twice, but I think Mary Ting just proved that theory wrong. This book picks up right where the first book I just recently read the first book in this series, "From Gods", and was lucky enough to be able to read the sequel, "From Deities".

This book picks up right where the first book left off. There is plenty of action, mystery, romance, humor, and more that kept me glued to my Kindle. There was not one time where I felt myself bored and just skimming the pages. I was enthralled with this book. I do not want to talk about the plot very much because I am afraid I will give away some spoilers. What I can say is that Skylar and her friends went through a heck of a roller coaster ride, and I can't wait to see how they handle it in the next book.

Skylar starts to develop some powers, and I am really intrigued to see more of that develop in the future. The vultures could seriously hurt him with their bolts. As Nick and I fought back with our lights standing side by side, Everett managed to stay behind us. I could tell from the way they maneuvered and worked as a team that this group of vultures was smarter. Not only that, their lights moved like whips. One lashed across my shirt and burnt through it.

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Please try again later. Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. The first book was good, but this was outstanding. Skylar and Mason's love continues to grow, Gina, her mother, thinks she found lover with Steven. Skylar's father Victor shows back up in her life, when she never imagined seeing him again. She keeps her distance, her feelings afar from him, while he does nothing but attempt to prove he has changed and is only trying to help her.

Her father leads them to a portal to the New Olympus, where other Descendants were living. Met Zara, a Oracle, who sends them on a wicked journey to find her sister Tara and to find Everett, Mason's brother when he was swept away to the unknown. The come to a hidden stranger, taunts them, turns her father into an iron stone. In return to keep him safe, her mother safe, she had to Kill Hades and bring back his head.

Where the River is flowing!

This ending of the story was twisted, never saw it coming. A MUST read for anyone!! You will NOT be disappointed. Mason and Sky have finally gotten their act together. Her cousin is dating Nick and maybe things will settle down. Sky is being hunted by vultures.

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What they want, no one knows. Her mother is engaged to Steven, and that relationship looks like it will last. Or will it? Sky's dad turns up as a leader of other descendants, and she's a little jealous of the time he has spent with them. Enter Zara, one of the Oracle's who counseled Zeus and the gods. Her sister Tara is being held by an evil person who wants to be a God, the same one who has captured Everett.

Can they catch a break??

Absorbing Poison

Who are the good guys here? It's hard to tell as some are double agents. But the story is fascinating. Read on my friends. You will not be disappointed. Book 2 out of four. I flew threw this one in just a few hours. I couldn't stop reading!! The characters develop even more as you go on, but in such a meaningful and delightful way. Mary didn't leave any strings loose - reminding readers of some silly humor that was brought up in book one. Absolutely love her attention to detail.

Grab this. You won't regret it. So far I've enjoyed the two books of this series and have ordered the third do you have different plots to it which is nice it's an interesting read I think you'll enjoy.

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Jay next seeks out the Golden Cobra, which tries to entice him into abandoning his friends and using it to get whatever his heart desires; however, unlike Jafar, Jay isn't greedy and reduces the cobra to a walking stick. Carlos is next forced to face his greatest fear when looking for the Ring of Envy, which is an illusion of his mother Cruella De Vil; though he snatches the ring from her, he refuses to be swayed by the illusion's attempt to goad him into using the ring to control her.

Mal has trouble finding the Dragon's Egg, which would replace her mother's scepter; believing it's because she's viewed as weak by it, she shoos away her friends. She finds it, not being enticed at all by its power, being mentally told that a dragon needs to lay on the egg to hatch its powers. However, Mal nearly falls to her death, but is saved by her friends. As the cavern begins collapsing, with its purposed served, the quartet follow the path out into the dwarf mine, where Mal happily reunites with Ben.

It's at that time they meet the culprit behind the attacks - Madame Mim, Mad Maddy's grandmother. Jay, Evie, and Carlos consider stopping Mim with the talismans, but Mal tells them that they would be possessed by the talismans' evil even if they used the powers for a good cause.

Ben manages to stun Mim by stabbing her with Excalibur. Merlin seals the cavern and sends Mim back to the isle. With another spell, he sends everyone back to where they belong. Recuperating from the events, Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos are wondering how to destroy the talismans; they considered Merlin, the Three Good Fairies, and Neverland as ideas. However, Ben instead suggests that they ask Fairy Godmother how to destroy the talismans, but she's currently away for Cinderella's ball.

Evie decides to check on their parents again, finding Cruella and Evil Queen back to their usual routines. Mal speculates that they were hiding in the dwarf mine and were sent back to the Isle of the Lost by Merlin's magic. However, when they see Jafar, things are looking grim, as a goblin found the remote to the barrier and is having Jafar inspect it. Luckily, the device is broken thanks to the crash; however, it's only a matter of time till it gets repaired.

Mal tells her friends not worry as they are "the villains you route for in the story". Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Description "There's no place like home. The rest of the councilors are busy. It's likely some kind of allowance system was a established for the VK integration program, as in the first chapter Carlos is mentioned in, it's stated that he ordered a game. With the exception of Jay and Freddie, it's confirmed the VKs are dating. Mal is still with Ben; Evie is confirmed to be Doug's girlfriend; Carlos and Jane are implied as a couple.

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Ben has two crowns, one for important business and one for everyday use. He keeps them in his locker, which is safe to do as there isn't even petty theft in Auradon. Wicked World implies that at school, Ben sometimes goes without it. Yen Sid implies tourney is not broadcasted on the Auradon News Network; he had to ask what team was winning from Carlos. It's possible the anti-aging magic of Neverland was also canceled. After the defeat of Maleficent , many other VKs saw good wins over evil.

Disney sequels are confirmed to not be counted in the Descendants universe. The proof is that Anastasia Tremaine is on the island, despite reforming in the sequels. She is also confirmed to be Anthony's mother.