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He is a wonderful person and I wish I could be the guy he was. What a wonderful story. It brought tears to my eyes, not because this generous man died, but for what he accomplished with his help. I would die happy if i could have his legacy. What joy your stories bring. There are many people similar to this man. Let me find a way to be more like him? Am I blind, or is it really not there? Thanks, Leo, I figured that out. In case the link does not work for some reason, you can find him by using the following information.

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Norton, born July 20, in Elizabeth, NJ. He passed away on April 1, He spent most of his years volunteering at Roulhac and Chipley schools. Thank you for all you do — not only with regard to technology, but also to sharing healthy and positive news stories! The story of your dad was inspiring. It inspired me most to do good, to help others and to strive hard. Your email address will not be published. How Can I Help?

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However, in the destination-memory experiment, older adults scored 21 percentage points lower than younger adults. Using computer-generated avatars, psychologists say they have unlocked the dance moves that will capture a woman's heart.

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Full story. The researchers suspect that older adults are more prone to destination-memory failure because they lose the ability to focus and pay attention with age. In other words, older adults use so much of their attention sharing the information, they forget to take notice of whom they were talking to when they shared it.

But lack of focus can also boost memory : A study published in January in the journal Psychological Science showed older people have the unique ability to "hyper-bind" the irrelevant information gleaned when they get distracted, essentially tying it to other information that is appearing at the same time. Show discussion. Aging on NBCNews.

Why your grandpa tells stories over and over Older people can't remember who they've told what, study suggests Below: x Jump to discuss comments below discuss x Next story in Aging Dementia patients suffer dubious hospitalizations related. By LiveScience staff. Don't miss these Health stories.

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Older people can't remember who they've told what, study suggests

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