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For some reason -que sounds good to me in this use, perhaps because it seems to tie the two statements closer together. You can replace absitque with et absit if you want.

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The gender of the adjective must agree with that of the corresponding noun, so a "white heart" would be cor candidum , not cor candida. The adjective is often put after the noun, but the word order is free. Whether or not you have cor , the phrase sounds weird. Candida et absit invidia is roughly "white and may malice be gone". The role of candida is unclear. I would therefore say that your suggestions are not correct. I prefer not to discuss whether something sounds good before it makes any sense. The things I used to make my suggestion sonorous were chiastic word order and the opposing verbs esse and abesse next to each other.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I want to engrave a Latin phrase on a necklace for a family friend with the surname Whiteheart. Correct, and 2.

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I also like the phrase 'Absit Invidia' and want to use that. And would there be any better alternatives? Thanks alot. What meaning are you going for exactly? If you want "whiteheart" to be in there you're probably going to need cor. Not Whiteheart. Absit invidia does not literally mean 'without malice' but rather 'malice begone'. Other sins last but for awhile; the gut may be satisfied, anger remit, hatred hath an end, envy never ceaseth.

Divine and human examples are very familiar; you may run and read them, as that of Saul and David, Cain and Abel, angebat illum non proprium peccatum, sed fratris prosperitas, saith Theodoret, it was his brother's good fortune galled him.

Rachel envied her sister, being barren, Gen. Joseph's brethren, him, Gen.

David had a touch of this vice, as he confesseth, Ps. Jeremy and Habakkuk, they repined at others' good, but in the end they corrected themselves. Domitian spited Agricola for his worth, "that a private man should be so much glorified. - Google Документи

Another way is that Nemesis was a goddess of retribution, punishing those having hubris and maintaining equilibrium in the affairs of mankind so there was never too much "good" or "evil" in the world. Armenius , Oct 5, Shintai and J3RK like this. Oct 5, 6. Messages: 28, Joined: Sep 2, Do people really pronounce the letter "n" as "in"? I always say and have heard "en".

Interesting article but I suspect it has more to do with the "vidia" part sounding like "video".

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MavericK , Oct 5, Oct 5, 7. Messages: 2, Joined: Feb 4, Top dog verified. Where's Raja at!? Q2 !? Nvidia already knows the ti kills the first Vega SKU. Mark my words, sorry Last edited: Oct 5, Oct 5, 8. Messages: 9, Joined: Jun 25, J3RK , Oct 5, Armenius likes this.

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Oct 5, 9. MavericK likes this. Oct 5, Messages: Joined: Oct 6, Messages: 19, Joined: Apr 11, CaptNumbNutz , Oct 5, BroHamBone and Armenius like this. Messages: 1, Joined: Aug 3, SnowBeast , Oct 5, Oct 6, Messages: 1, Joined: Dec 25, Odellus , Oct 6, Messages: 3, Joined: Oct 26, They are not.

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