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These were people with the resources to eat anywhere in the world. Why would they hang out in a drowsy red-sauce joint with a soundtrack and a menu that Don Draper might have encountered on some sodden evening in ?

Conant thought before ordering a bowl of spaghetti cacio e pepe. Everything about it was really integrity driven. Although he did not realize it, Mr. Conant was being inducted into something of a secret society. New York has a bounty of celebrated chefs who specialize in elegant iterations of Italian food.

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Plenty of places like to show off autographed snapshots of rock stars who twirled a fork there once, years ago. They do so without any fanfare.

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On any given night, Lenny Kravitz, Mr. Bowie or Jon Bon Jovi might wander in, asking whether it is possible to get a quiet table in the back room.

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Lenny might come in with Denzel. Ask them, and some of those stars like to insist that the most intriguing person in the room is Mr. Vitolo himself. Indeed, the restaurant seems to repel as many customers as it attracts. Sites like Yelp are studded with complaints from diners who have found the service curiously disengaged if you do not belong to the club.

But Mr. Vitolo can be an effusive conversationalist.

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Any trembling strays he takes a liking to might find themselves caught up in a long, detail-rich disquisition on the subject of San Marzano tomatoes , which are cultivated in the Sarno River area of southern Italy, where he was born. Vitolo said after pouring a can of Cento tomatoes into a bowl for close study.

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This is what makes the difference. And he seems to have a sixth sense for what his customers, both prominent and obscure, inexpressibly crave. Kravitz, a Ballato regular for around 13 years, said on the phone from Paris. View all New York Times newsletters. One evening, Mr. Condition: New. New Book. Shipped from US within 10 to 14 business days. Established seller since Seller Inventory IQ More information about this seller Contact this seller.

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Language: Italian. Brand new Book. Queste opere erano in gran parte esaurite o reperibili solo come pezzi d'antiquariato.

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Emilio Vedova

Its mission is built upon a constant movement, the foundation for any form of mapping and exploration, here defined in the form of the digital movement of its users and their data, and in that of the geopolitical movements of the company itself at a global level. The end-goal of Google mapping is nothing more than the oldest archetypical obsession of any mapping effort: that of mapping a territory until the map itself becomes a territory in its own right.

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