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This is particularly acute in Africa where Chinese distant-water fleets are highly active, and where they directly compete with local artisanal fisheries, causing unemployment and endangering the long term food security of the local populations.

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  • China to revise key law on distant-water fishing.
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View the discussion thread. Add your name now before more whales lose their lives in these indiscriminate nets. Home Blog.

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In the recent issue , he discusses distant-water fishing fleets and how they affect overfishing: Distant-water fishing fleets are the fishing vessels that operate within the mile Exclusive Economic Zones EEZs of other countries, and less often further offshore, in what is known as the high seas.

Featured Campaign Preventing Seismic Airgun Blasting Seismic airgun blasting threatens marine life, coastal communities and local economies.

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  • 5 Problems with China’s Distant Water Fishing Industry | Greenpeace East Asia.

Learn More. Act Now. The implications of DWF fleet operations are numerous — as more fish are caught, local economic livelihoods are stolen and regional food insecurity is amplified.

Countries around the world are feeling the impact from these fleets, and many have reacted in forceful ways to deter their operations in territorial waters. DWF fleets and the reaction to them have become a source of geopolitical tension.

China to revise key law on distant-water fishing

This project seeks to understand multifaceted impact of DWF fleets on local populations, their role as a geopolitical tool for countries, and how they exacerbate tensions between states. Oceans 5. Evaluating Distant Water Fishing Fleets.

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  • China’s distant water fishing fleet growing unsustainably.