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This article is no longer up to date and needs to be updated with new information. You can help by updating this article. Additionally, it is made up of seven stars, one of Bungie's many references to the number seven. If it were able to be seen by the naked eye, it would resemble a tube of electromagnetic force between the two.

Electrical current passes along this flux tube forming a circuit between the planet and moon, which ionizes the cloud of volcanic sulfur, oxygen, sodium and chlorine into a ring of plasma which surrounds the planet, boosting its already powerful magnetic field even further. The flux tube itself boosts radio emissions from Jupiter, making them increase considerably when Io's orbit brings it closer to Earth. Therefore, the "Deep Black" is outside of the reach of the Sun's influence.

In this allegory, Plato explains that the inhabitants of the cave are prisoners, trapped inside with no knowledge of, nor have any desire to escape to, the outside world. Behind them a fire burns; objects passed through its light cast a shadow on the cave wall. A prisoner one day escapes their shackles and leaves the cave to find the sun, which shines more brightly than a campfire and overwhelms him; armed with this knowledge of the new reality he returns to try and convince his fellow men to escape but they steadfastly refuse.

The objects which pass between the flames and the wall are what Plato calls the "Theory of Forms", or "Ideas". These objects are the true, metaphysical essence of what the prisoners perceive on the wall. Because the prisoners are shackled they lack knowledge of the "reality" of these shapes and presume the "shadows" are what's real when in fact they are not. The true reality, or higher reality, is what Plato called the "Good", and those which have discovered the "Good" must not remain there alone, but return to release their brethren and perceive the Good.

Destiny inverts this by having the Nine be the remnants of the Forms, the shadows " burned into the weft of what is " are the only remains of the Forms.

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Something, like the Darkness or even the Light, destroyed the transcendent Forms and recreated them into a new metaphysical archetype. To put it more bluntly, the Nine are the ghosts of dead gods, whose bodies were slain and now endure as wisps of what they once were. Categories : Pages with reference errors New content Articles with outdated content Organizations. Contribute Destinypedia's pages can be edited.

Is this page incomplete? Katy Grannan, originally from Arlington, MA, discovered a passion for photography early in life, after her grandmother gave her a Kodak Instamatic This work changed her life. Grannan was first recognized for an intimate series of portraits depicting strangers she met through newspaper advertisements. Since moving to California in , Grannan has explored the relationship between aspiration and delusion—where our shared desire to be of worth confronts the uneasy prospect of anonymity.

Raw, poetic, direct, and unnerving, the film is less a window into a foreign world than a distorted mirror reflecting our own shared existence. Hannah often travels with Katy on shoots and was an integral creative partner throughout the making of the film.

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He has also partnered with Gore Verbinski to launch an innovative trans-media production company, Blindwink, specializing in the development and production of original IP in films, videogames, TV shows, and digital.

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