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Those in Benazir's policy-making coterie are disappointed. More conventional diplomats feel the change will correct the 'imbalances' that have crept into Indo-Pak relations. The appointment of I. Gujral as foreign minister has been welcomed.

Many Pakistani officials and politicians have known him, and Gujral is well respected in the academic circuit. Others recall that it was under Atal Behari Vajpayee, a Jana Sangh foreign minister, that the first post-Bhutto opening took place in Indo-Pak relations. We have good memories of that phase," says Agha Shahi, former foreign minister who heads the Islamabad Council of World Affairs, a reputed think-tank.

Most Pakistanis believe that the arrival of the Janata Dal might mean an end to the activist foreign policy initiated by Rajiv Gandhi. Islami Jamhoori Ittehad leader Shujaat Hussain even gave a statement to local newspapers saying that since the new Indian Government was weak and needed the support of Indian Muslims, it was in its interest to have friendly relations with Pakistan. Singh's first statement on India's nuclear policy too has been appreciated.

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An editorial headlined "V. Singh's Good Beginning" in The Nation said: "An acid test of his vision and sagacity will be how he extricates New Delhi from the fall-out of his predecessor's misguided adventures. In the diplomatic circuit, it is a common joke that the domestic politics of Pakistanis India's internal affair and vice versa. So now, as Pakistan recovers from the excitement of India's ninth general elections, the overriding emotion is one of appreciation for the grace with which Rajiv has made his bow. In the words of a member of the Benazir Cabinet, it has reassured the Pakistani citizen that democracy could work, even in functioning anarchies.

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Filming the Line of Control charts out the history of the relationship between India and Pakistan as represented in cinema, especially in light of the improved political atmosphere between the two countries. It is geared towards arriving at a better understanding of one of the most crucial…. Paperback — Routledge India. Edited by Nukhbah Taj Langah. By Rathnam Indurthy.

'Dignity of change in India an example for all democracies, specially for us in Pakistan'

This book examines the origins of the conflict between two nuclear powers — India and Pakistan — and the instability and violence in the disputed territory of Kashmir. It presents to its readers a chronology of events and political decisions that have led to an intractable situation of the present,….

Hardback — Routledge India. By Murad Ali.

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This book aims at uncovering the politics behind the provision of US foreign aid to Pakistan during three distinctive periods: the Cold War, the post-Cold War and the "war on terror". Focusing on a comprehensive analysis of aid allocation and delivery mechanisms, this book uncovers the primary…. By Feisal Khan.

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  6. Paperback — Routledge. Edited by Amit Ranjan. This book looks at key events in and explores the aftermath of the Partition and its continued impact in…. New All Published Forthcoming. Memories and Postmemories of the Partition of India 1st Edition By Anjali Gera Roy This book examines the afterlife of Partition as imprinted on the memories and postmemories of Hindu and Sikh survivors from West Punjab to foreground the intersection between history, memory and narrative.

    Sharia and the State in Pakistan Blasphemy Politics, 1st Edition By Farhat Haq This book analyses the formulation, interpretation and implementation of sharia in Pakistan and its relationship with the Pakistani state whilst addressing the complexity of sharia as a codified set of laws. Drawing on insights from Islamic studies, anthropology and legal studies to examine the… Hardback — Routledge Routledge Studies in South Asian Politics. Filming the Line of Control The Indo—Pak Relationship through the Cinematic Lens, 1st Edition Edited by Meenakshi Bharat , Nirmal Kumar Filming the Line of Control charts out the history of the relationship between India and Pakistan as represented in cinema, especially in light of the improved political atmosphere between the two countries.