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Speed up. Traffic speed with blur and cars in Berlin - p HD Timelapse Driving a Car at Night in the City. Car head light on wet street, abstract traffic Car riding at night on the road, steadycam shot Rush hour on the road.

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Stopper in city. Environmental pollution. Congested roads. Silhouette of male walking in garage and lifts up the hat in front of headlights - feet close up Diffused background with blurring lights of cars on the road of a big city.

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City Road Traffic at Night. Time Lapse. Car traffic on evening bridge Use crosswalk sign with cars going by in back Dirt Road At Night 2 Night drive car in motions on the country road.

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Car in motions. View from inside car. Dirt Road At Night Bright car headlights in clouds of dust at night Beautiful night city view. Do they work? Are they clean?

Are they aligned? Out of line headlights are less effective and can dazzle oncoming traffic.

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Always turn on your headlights as soon as the sun goes down. Dipped headlights are usually good enough for night time driving in towns and cities.

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Sometimes, it will be necessary to turn on your high beam headlights on dark roads. However, these lights should only be used when there are no cars approaching.

If an approaching car dazzles you with their full headlights, you can avoid the dazzle by looking down towards the verge of the road. Slow down and pull in if it is safe to do so, and always look out for pedestrians or cyclists approaching. Rural roadways located in Chino Hills and in Riverside and San Bernardino also are places where drivers would be at risk. The auto club's testing measured the distances at which modern headlights illuminate non-reflective objects on both low-beam and high-beam settings. McKernan said the results were paired with guidelines issued by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.

Most automotive headlights "fail to light the full distance necessary for a driver to detect an object or obstacle in the roadway, react and come to a complete stop," the research center found. The research center compared the performance of three types of headlights: halogen, high intensity discharge and light-emitting diode.