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None of the above, continue with my search. WebSphere Application Server is built on open standards and helps you deploy and manage applications ranging from simple websites to powerful on-demand solutions. Product downloads from Passport Advantage Online are available only to customers who have ordered the product. You can also try out the latest Liberty fix pack from WASdev. Looking for updates? For more information For detailed information about supported platforms and system requirements, see the WebSphere Application Server detailed system requirements. For information about installing the product, see the product documentation:.

Downloading and assembling the product To access the IBM Passport Advantage Online website, you must have an IBM ID that is associated with the site number that was assigned to your company when you ordered the product. To download only the required parts, select Required in the Include field. Download individual parts To download individual parts, in the Search your entitled software field, enter the part numbers, which are in lists that follow. You can search for multiple parts at a time by separating the part numbers with a comma.

Click Download to download your selected parts. Individual part numbers by component. Installation guides and tools Use these tools to get started with the product. Note: Liberty follows a continuous delivery process. These V9. Neely loved colored pencils and paint and dabbled in other mediums. Watercolors later became her favored medium. Neely attended Northern Arizona University to study elementary education, but changed her major after an old friend from Girl Scout camp introduced her to art classes. Courtesy images.

Neely and Rantz had since stared making Christmas cards together. Impressed by the quality of their illustrations, a neighbor introduced them to Conrad J. Storad, who helped set up a meeting with a publisher. He did the majority of the landscapes, and I did the animals. Neely even borrowed a taxidermied javelina from her then-brother-in-law to get the nose, teeth, and hair right.

After a falling out with the publisher, the pair decided not to pursue similar work. Still, after arriving back in Prescott, she brought her portfolio to Arts Prescott. In the interim, a close friend fell ill, and she stepped back to help take care of her. In , Neely and Rantz divorced.

She founded Spirit of Delight the following year and started branching out. She returned to the cooperative and eventually started marketing her cards to local stores. Spirit of Delight is her primary job, and holiday cards — especially around Christmas — are her bread and butter and for at least half of her plus designs. Javelinas and other Southwestern animals sell especially well. Mice do not. Her characters have emotions, feelings, and personalities. Visit her online at BethNeelyArt. James Dungeon is a figment of his own imagination.

And he likes cats.

1960 – 2012

Contact him at JamesDungeonCats Gmail. News From the Wilds Weather Average high temperature: Native bees, such as this Anthophora species, are hatching out of their nests now as the first flowers appear. Photo by Ty Fitzmorris. By Ty Fitzmorris n most years February in the Mogollon Highlands of Arizona is still a very quiet time when mammals, birds, reptiles, insects and plants remain quiescent, waiting for the combined cues of increased daylength and higher temperatures to end their winter diapause and begin searching for mates and food.

But for now, the uplands remain relatively quiet, leaving the naturalist to search for hints of spring. Bird migrations begin to pick up steam now, as overwintering species such as Northern Goshawk. Other species migrate through our region to points nearer to the north, while the last of the migrants will include the neotropical migrant warblers who have spent the winter in the rainforests and dry forests of Central America, and will breed and nest here.

The overwintering waterfowl on Willow and Watson Lakes, as well as the many smaller bodies of water, will stay in our region for a while yet, since they need to wait for the lakes to the north to thaw before migrating. A very small number of insects and their relatives begin to wake from their short winter torpor in February.

Small longhorn bees, iridescent mason bees, and early bumblebee queens all can be seen at these blooms during sunny spells. In fact, many will loft up to a thin band of the atmosphere called the Aeolian Zone, which wavers around 25, feet in altitude. February can bring amazing storms, and holds the record for both the most snowfall in a month and the highest rainfall in a hour period. In high desert, such as the Mogollon Highlands, the abundance and distribution of water is the single greatest predictor of all activity in the wilds. He can be reached at Ty PeregrineBook Company.

Visit: Maverick Mountain Trail, No. Most Peregrines are monogamous from year to year, with both partners migrating independently back to previous nest sites, and beginning courting and mating once there. This species is named for its extraordinary migrations, which can lead some individuals to migrate from Chile to Greenland. Visit: Miller Creek Trail, No. These small hawks. Some Mergansers are beginning their northward migration, while others stay and raise their young in rivers.

Visit: Tin Trough Trail, No. Young Pronghorn are able to walk after only about an hour and can outrun a human when they are several days old. Pronghorn typically give birth to twins who will remain in the center of their herd for several months. Visit: Mint Wash Trail, No. Their breeding season continues through this month. Honeybees are native to Europe and are unlike most of our native bees in that they are social and live in massive hives of up to 80, individuals.

North America is home to roughly 4, species of native bees, most of whom are either solitary or seasonally social, and so remain inactive during the winter. Some of these birds have been blown by storms, while others are simply exploring potential habitat. The small planet closest to the Sun is at its highest in the morning sky. Look for what looks like a bright star just above the rising Sun in the east, about an hour before sunrise. Visit: Aqua Fria National Monument.

I entered a couple of competitions for an art gallery about four years into it through the Professional Picture Framers Association. They were literally portable altars. Ida said that if I wanted to do the. And you won the competition. Part of the prize was getting to do a collaboration with Larson-Juhl on a frame collection. You hear about people winning contests like this, but what was the actual followup? They contacted me with regard to which collection I might work on. The collection I used for the piece I won the contest with was made in France. It was really cool to sit in on a marketing meeting via Skype.

There was a lot of Skype. They also discussed the launch of collections coming up this year.

What If Life Did Not Originate on Earth?

I worked with Paula, who works with the factory in Indonesia. I still got to see their facility in France though. It was very educational seeing that facility. Anyway, once I visited the Atlanta factory, it was pretty constant communication. What was the design process itself like? After that point, the decision is whether to start completely from scratch or to use part of a design they already have. So, as far as considerations go, it was style, then once we settled on gilded, it was picking out sizes. As far as my involvement, I was just giving input and working with one main designer, Paula Jackson.

Another part of the process was coming up with the name of the collection. That was really cool. The line itself is supposed to be from that time period, but how many people know what happened that year in the United States, let alone Europe? It was like opening a box of treasure.

bryans betrayal shrew company book 3 Manual

Once things were complete, I got to create a display for the annual convention which happened in Las Vegas in late January. We went around about that, too. Initially, they sent four images and asked for my input. During the course of all of this, Paula had been posting images to a private board on Pinterest, and there was this detail of Josephine, of the coronation, that was just beautiful.

I said yes, yes, yes. Even that part was indicative of how all of this went — it was a lot of back and forth, truly a collaboration. Throughout the process, Russell pointed out how much work this was and what I was really getting out of it. I really think it was a privilege to be involved in it. It was kind of neat to see how Paula navigated all of that, though, how you can work with that and work through it.

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Another surprise was where some of their test markets were. Photo by Rich Charpentier. Which one is more esthetically appealing? Taking a step back from all of this and taking a wider view, why are frames important, anyway? So, frames are a structural thing and an esthetic thing. What I really enjoy is. The club meets a. I kept telling Lisa Zander program coordinator and collections manager at the Natural History Institute about a natural history book club I was part of at a local park in Indianapolis.

I wanted to do something like that here. She ran into someone else, Susie Percy, who. It made sense to me. I want people to see their facility, the things they do there, the free lectures, and the whole library they have. I was a master naturalist in Indiana, and we try to take advantage of all the free things at Prescott College. What do you hope to get out of the book club? Welcome: Patricia Fiedler - Photographer Now accepting new member applications. We moved to the area because of the wildlife.

Everyone is welcome. Why read about natural history? We need more viewpoints than the typical, one-sided news stories we see. Find out more Marilyn McCarthy. In the future we hope to do more Robert Blood is a Mayer-ish-based of that. Contact to-month book club. We hope to him at BloodyBobby5 Gmail. Pretty nifty, huh? Anyway, I just found out about this amazing digital oracle called Google who names these things?

Here are some recent highlights. He has lotsa bills and no sense. By Paolo Chlebecek he lesson: Four days of walking and looking at tech can be wearing but rewarding. Naturally, my crew and I enjoyed it immensely. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Most people just call them drones. Rather, it has a separate computing system to get you from a set point to another. There is no licensing category from the FAA, but the company is working closely with them to carve out a new segment just for them. Theoretically, it could lose up to four props and still safely get you to your destination.

It only has a 23 minute runtime as of now, but it can go up to 60 mph, making it perfect for cross city or suburb to work commutes. If you like wine, this next innova-. The amazing little box is similar in concept 10 a Keurig. It prepares one serving of one on the spot for you. This could eliminate the need to have any wine cellar or even a wine fridge. It even cleans itself between servings.

I tested it, and it tasted great. Leave it to the French to come up with such an amazing wine product. The website EBlocker.

breaking rules, redefining genre, stuffed full of awesome

It blocks all ads, stops all trackers, hides your IP — and lets. I tested it on random sites like Amazon and others and it actually works. So how does this work, functionally speaking? I plan to be one of the U. This device could help us retain some of it, at least. Wave hi when you see him or contact him at Paolo PaoloTek. By Delisa Myles o many faces. So many dances. So many memories and emotions whirling around in the past and present. The reunion, held Nov. Alumni performed, took and taught workshops, and got to boogie altogether in an epic dance party with live music from Moving Edge Ensemble.

Throughout the weekend, I was impressed by the amazing range of approaches to dance that were shared. It was inspiring to see the diverse directions dance training at Prescott College has spanned out to. The common thread I felt was that we are all continuing to learn what we have inside and hone our ways to move the inner into the outer world. There was a strong intent to listen to the intricacies of our own body as well as provide opportunities to connect with each other.

That has been the unfolding beauty of teaching dance at Prescott. Photo by Edica Pacha. College, to be a support and witness to so many people doing brave, true, wild and wonderful artistic and healing work through dance. All the workshops and performances were open to the public, and it was rich to have a full circle of community support from people we have cultivated relationships with in our extended dance community.

Movement is an important and often under-.

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  • Sharing that expression and receiving support within our community is yet another layer of sustenance. The creation and appreciation of all kinds of artistry is food for our souls. Stay tuned to Moving Arts. Find out more and contact her at FlyingNestStudio. Com, DelisaMyles.

    Com, and Info FlyingNestStudio. As the sponge grows and develops its glass. Consider celebrating … Feb.

    Saving Soren

    Many become eventual inmates of this glass prison when they grow too big to leave the arabesque matrix. Ranging in size from 4 to 18 inches in length, they are voracious predators, and have been known to eat any and all aquarium mates while in captivity. Each eye is capable of seeing in trinocular vision, meaning that even if the shrimp loses an eye, its depth perception is not impaired. Also, the visual information is processed by the eyes themselves and not by the brain as in humans. Remarkably swift, a strike from the fore-claws of a Mantis Shrimp is unlike any known animal.

    Following Fabian

    The blow of this animal has been likened to a. This doubles the impact of the strike, hitting the prey with the claw, and with a follow-up snap of the shock-wave. Often audible underwater, this phenomena can also produce sonoluminescence, or a quick blink of light formed by the imploding cavitational bubbles. Currently, he illustrates books for Cody Lundin and Bart King. SWC Tempe E. See pp. Community Nature Study Classes New to the area or just have an interest in learning more about the amazing nature that you enjoy in Prescott? Every Tuesday and Thursday in February Details and registration at highlandscenter.

    Sign up for Spring Camps! COM A bee lands on a Manzanita. Photo by Mara Kack.